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Polluters in Washington County, Rhode Island
American Power Conversion Corp.110.28
Anvil Intl. Inc.231.50
Arch Specialty Chemicals, Inc.566,195.80
Block Island Power Co.1414176,920.80
Brookwood Laminating, Inc.91095,971.00
Brown & Sharpe Inc.11139,137.00
Carbon Technology Inc.81023,560.00
Ceimic Corp.101119,413.00
Champlins Marina And Resorts Inc5540,022.00
Charbert Inc. Div. Of Nfa51198,267.00
Coastal Plastics, Inc.55296.40
Custom Design Incorporated55278.00
Darlington Fabrics Corp. (Beach St.)7746,719.40
Darlington Fabrics Corp. (Canal St.)819220,697.02
Dewal Ind. Inc.22724.00
General Dynamics Electric Boat Corp.5530.47
Greene Plastics Corp.81932,348.70
Griswold Textile Print, Inc.7139,976.00
Hometown Properties Inert Landfill2828413.40
Hopkinton Sanitary Landfill2828261.43
Icon International, Inc.7131,872.00
J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc.232980,632.43
Jbs Cleaners112,781.80
Kenyon Industries, Inc.1422709,956.00
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.56371.00
Modine Mfg., Co.101216,991.00
New Annex Plating Inc.551,501.00
Palisades Ltd.6186,161.00
Pier Cleaners117,003.00
R.I. Port Authority Steam Plant(Closed)55272,469.00
R.I. Wiring Services, Inc.333,590.00
South County Hospital72414,992.00
Stanley-Bostitch, Inc. (Nk)6111,132.00
Suburban Cleaners Inc.6618,060.80
Toray Plastics (America) Inc.3612,340.00
Westerly Hospital6738,287.12
Westerly Slf & Ts28281,084.75