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Polluters in Umatilla County, Oregon
2 Hour Cleanery1190.00
Best Cleaners11275.00
Fleetwood Travel Trailers Of Oregon, Inc4450,621.80
Hermiston Generating Company, L.P. And P21441,076,293.27
International Paper Company791660.00
J.R. Simplot Company4112116,390.48
Kinzua Resources, L.L.C.832470.00
Lamb-Weston, Inc.40401,336.64
Liberty Cleaners & Laundromat11174.00
Lippert Components Inc.4439.26
Milton / Freewater Landfill28283,430.16
Northwest Pipeline Corp.49118824,763.61
Pendleton Landfill28287,786.76
Pilot Rock Landfill2828461.64
Rahns Sanitary Landfill2828396.28
U.S. Army Umatilla Chemical Depot3315.00
Umatilla Butte Landfill28282,595.59
Umatilla Depot Landfill28283,583.27