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Polluters in Multnomah County, Oregon
Oregon Steel Mills, Inc.492564,040,475.04
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc.501781,305,741.89
Esco Corporation56246927,580.88
Dynea Overlays, Inc.69161776,663.06
Gunderson, Inc.4367683,807.66
Freightliner Llc4962588,461.33
Owens-Corning Corporation71300409,084.31
Cascade General, Inc.69130344,639.14
Chevron Products Company67656340,510.69
Crown Cork & Seal Company (Usa), Inc.4658286,452.84
Bp West Coast Products, Llc1545183,872.57
Northwest Pipe Company4157165,234.37
Chevron Products Company1959159,747.10
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P71158110,458.79
Mutual Materials Co151591,766.80
Equilon Enterprises Llc64290,412.68
Riverwood International, Inc.5510787,540.94
Esco Sauvie Island282861,118.69
Imacc Corporation131338,094.23
Nabisco Biscuit Company6313838,024.82
Oregon Health Sciences University8513736,939.06
Esco Corporation4310134,246.55
Boeing Company (The)454818,320.27
Shore Terminals Llc618618,308.14
Intelicoat Technologies, Llc479117,009.61
Rodda Paint Co.71416,973.00
Sapa Inc. Coatings Div.3612,802.00
Container Management Services Llc434610,705.70
Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc. Plant #21248,176.80
Portland Willamette41428,039.27
Malarkey Landfill28287,661.26
St Johns Landfill557,018.40
Dura Industries, Inc.887,006.64
Lacamas Labs. Inc.595,910.00
Columbia Steel Casting Co. Inc.365,441.00
Hercules Incorporated621164,393.19
Camco Mfg. Inc.123,945.00
Imperial Paint Co. Inc.443,944.00
Univar Usa Inc. (Foremerly Vopak Usa Inc.)7143,933.00
Ford Cleaners113,600.00
Welded Tube Co. Of America (Dba Ltv - Copperweld)233,522.00
Pcc Structurals Inc. Large Parts Campus482,755.00
Miller Paint Co. Inc.221,961.00
Tarr Inc.10201,942.69
Reynolds Metals Company612051,694.40
Airport Cleaners111,625.00
J. R. Simplot Co. Rivergate Terminal121,457.00
Gatx Tank Storage Terminals Corporation8621,325.63
Tie'S One Hour Dry Cleaning111,272.00
Drew Paints Inc.221,265.00
H G Lavelle Landfill28281,260.16
Lsi Logic Corp.231,250.00
Ash Grove Cement Company42901,008.15
Busybee Cleaners111,001.00
Elf Atochem North America, Inc.6397969.63
Mt Tabor Cleaners Inc11948.00
Wacker Siltronic Corp.24935.00
43 & K Cleaners & Laundromat11924.00
Cherry Park Cleaners11924.00
Madrona Hills Dry Cleaners11884.00
Abe'S Cleaners11871.00
John'S Landing Cleaners11870.00
Moore'S Quality Cleaners11869.00
Tosco Portland Terminal611840.10
Cambridge Fine Cleaners11825.00
Tip Top Cleaners11816.00
Five Star Cleaners11804.00
Forest Cleaners11800.00
Cleaning Bar The11780.00
Alpenrose Dairy11750.00
Wash World Dry Cleaning & Laundromat11720.00
Five Star Cleaners11684.00
T.S. Cleaners11670.00
Halsey Cleaners, Inc11650.00
Abe'S Broadway Cleaners11636.00
Catrick Cleaners Inc11600.00
Shamrock Laundry & Dry Cleaning11590.00
Imperial Cleaners11585.00
Lee'S One Hour Dry Cleaners11585.00
Sylvan Cleaners11570.00
Certi-Clean Dry Cleaners11559.00
Gateway Cleaners11520.00
Country Club Cleaners11504.00
Borden Chemical Inc.12500.00
Flint Ink N.A. Corp.12500.00
Quadra Chemicals Western Inc. - Portland12500.00
Alpine Cleaners11490.00
Young'S Cleaners11468.00
Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc.6295467.07
Daisy Cleaners & Laundry11456.00
Swiss Cleaners11456.00
Hayden Island Dry Cleaners & Laundromat11432.00
Levine'S Cleaners, Inc11420.00
Auditorium Cleaners11418.00
Highland Cleaners11418.00
Cedar Mill Cleaners11416.00
Sparkle Cleaners11407.00
Barnes Quality Cleaners11400.00
Division Cleaners11390.00
Norge Cleaners West11390.00
No. 1 Usa Dry Cleaners11390.00
Five Star Cleaners11384.00
Kanto Corp.24381.00
Alpine Dry Cleaners - Summit11380.00
Family Dry Cleaners11351.00
Evergreen Cleaners11348.00
Magic Cleaners11348.00
Best Cleaners11348.00
Beau Brummell Drive In Cleaners11342.00
Dry Cleaning Station11342.00
Coin Laun-Dry11322.00
Gresham Cleaners11308.00
Sun Brite Clothing Care11300.00
New China Laundry & Dry Clnrs11299.00
Cox'S Dry Cleaners11296.00
Hi Tech Cleaners & Laundry11270.00
Pearl District Dry Cleaners11264.00
Red Door Dry Cleaners11260.00
Cameo Cleaners11253.00
Aviation Exteriors Portland Inc.11250.00
Courtesy Cleaners11247.00
Black'S Dry Cleaners & Laundry11247.00
Clackamas Cleaners11247.00
Ho'S Independent Cleaners11240.00
Obrist Troutdale Landfill2828218.80
Hillsdale Cleaners11210.00
Abrahams Fabric Clinic11209.00
Speedy Bright Cleaners11207.00
A-1 Cleaners11200.00
Mastercraft Cleaners11195.00
Eastmoreland Cleaners11189.00
Fashion Cleaners11187.00
Velvatone Laundry & Cleaners11184.00
Fox Cleaners11180.00
45th Ave Cleaners11180.00
Malarkey Roofing Company4142173.86
Gabriel Park Cleaners11171.00
Glisan Cleaners11171.00
Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation40117164.30
Cascade Dry Cleaners11160.00
Pilgrim Dry Cleaners11160.00
University Cleaners11150.00
Hillison Cleaners11144.00
R & S Tailors & Cleaners11144.00
Parkway Cleaners11140.00
J.C. Cleaners11140.00
Stewart'S Dry Cleaners Inc11133.00
Royal Cleaners11120.00
Downtown Cleaners & Tailors11120.00
Franz Bakery6195115.15
Columbia Laundry & Cleaners11102.00
Astro Cleaners11100.00
Cascade Corp.1196.00
Raleigh Hills Ii1190.00
B & F Cleaners1188.00
Hollywood Cleanery1184.00
Hood Center Cleaners1168.00
Artistic Cleaners & Drapery1160.00
Springdale Cleaners1156.00
Elk Cleaners & Laundry1150.00
Graphics Arts Center4112240.97
Fashion Care Cleaners1140.00
Sunny'S Dry Cleaners1132.00
Rockwood Plaza Cleaners1125.00
World Trade Center Cleaners1120.00
Crystal Cleaners1120.00
Clines Cleaners1116.00
Hickory Springs Of California, Inc.398115.61
Freightliner Corporation6128.97
East Side Plating #5225.00
Owens Corning112.70
Galvanizers Co.111.00
Precision Equipment Inc 120.06
Glacier Northwest Inc. Front Ave. Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Glacier Northwest Inc. Troutdale Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Symphony Dry Cleaners110.00
Myers Container Corporation44490.00
Industrial Chrome Plating 110.00
Columbia American Plating110.00
Oregon Plating110.00
Blitz-Weinhard Co.39390.00
Linnton Plywood Association841000.00
Max Dry Cleaners110.00
Best Cleaner110.00
College Square Laundry & Clnrs110.00
Leininger Polishing And Plating110.00
Walnut Park Cleaners110.00
Glisan Street Cleaners110.00