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Column information
Polluters in Clackamas County, Oregon
A-1 Cleaners1160.00
Abe'S Royal Cleaners11360.00
Alpine Cleaners110.00
Anna'S Place Cleaners11440.00
Blue Heron Paper Company985971,854,122.84
Bright Cleaners11105.00
Canby Cleaners Inc11456.00
Canby Station Cleaners11650.00
Carlton Company Inc12284.46
Carousel Laundry & Cleaners, Inc11876.00
Cascade Cleaners110.00
Chris & Jessie'S Family Cleaners11390.00
Classic Cleaners & Draperies111,632.00
Cook'S Cleaners11256.00
Diana'S Cleaners11390.00
Doncasters - Ped Mfg. Ltd.361,255.00
Dravon Medical112,000.00
Eagle Foundry Co.562,351.72
Excello Products Inc110.00
Fred Meyer, Inc.62214103.66
Gem-Top Mfg., Inc.11115,995.11
Gina'S Cleaners, Inc1153.00
Glacier Northwest Inc. Oregon City Ready-Mix Plant110.00
Johnson Controls Battery Group Inc.12101.72
Kruse Cleaners1120.00
Lake Oswego 1 Hour Cleaners11469.00
Lee'S Sunnyside Cleaners11296.00
Main St Cleaners11429.00
Mcclure Industries, Inc.394149,355.09
Meridian Square Cleaners11700.00
Midway Cleaners110.00
Miles Fiberglass & Plastics, Inc.414917,893.55
Miles Fiberglass & Plastics, Inc.414945,495.32
Milwaukie Cleaners11100.00
Northwest Pipeline Corporation64125669,024.57
Oeco L.L.C.123.47
Oregon Cutting Systems 110.00
Pbdc Of Lake Oswego Inc110.00
Pcc Structurals Inc. Small Structurals Business Operation3122,265.00
Perfecto Dry Cleaners& Laundry11588.00
Prestige Cleaners111,815.00
Riverside Cleaners11810.00
Robinwood Cleaners & Draperies110.00
Rosewood One-Hour Dry Cleaners11190.00
Rossman'S Landfill Inc28282,354.51
S.R. Smith, Inc.71069,623.20
Safety-Kleen Sys. (714801)129.00
Shaw'S Fiberglass And Plastics, Inc.2959,821.00
Star Bright Chrome Plating110.00
Surgichrome Inc 110.00
Swan Cleaners11200.00
Swan Cleaners & Tailors1190.00
Technical Finishes Coatings110.00
Thomas Joseph Personalized Dry Cleaning11192.00
Tik Tok Cleaners11276.00
Tomorrow Cleaners1170.00
Top Dry Cleaners1160.00
Valet Cleaners11253.00
Webster Cleaners1145.00
West Linn Paper Company712621,317,310.86
Westlake Cleaners11268.00
Westwood Cleaners & Coin Laundry Llc11147.00
York International Corporation43430.00