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Polluters in Storey County, Nevada
Tracy Generating Station543335,028,432.77
Rmc Nevada Inc213157,670.86
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc676288,178.39
Sierra Pacific Power Company6403,437,489.05
Alcoa Sierra Micromills63646,974.27
Lockwood Regional Landfill282856,250.23
T E Bertagnolli & Associates6241,729.09
Refuse Inc6216,704.16
The Plum Mining Company Llc6210.00
Trw Vssi62011,741.38
Gopher Construction Inc219810.86
Nevada Thermal Services Llc61819,952.51
Masterfoods Usa A Division Of Mars Inc616138,513.93
Basalite Dayton2168,567.43
Naniwa Energy, Llc613126,649.74
Menezes Brothers Inc290.00
Thermal Remediation Solutions Llc5734,020.33
Menezes Brothers Inc15128.04
Rmc Nevada Asphalt Inc340.00
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc110.00
Eopt Power Group Nevada Inc110.00