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Polluters in Storey County, Nevada
Tracy Generating Station543335,028,432.77
Lockwood Regional Landfill282856,250.23
Trw Vssi62011,741.38
T E Bertagnolli & Associates6241,729.09
Masterfoods Usa A Division Of Mars Inc616138,513.93
Refuse Inc6216,704.16
The Plum Mining Company Llc6210.00
Nevada Thermal Services Llc61819,952.51
Alcoa Sierra Micromills63646,974.27
Sierra Pacific Power Company6403,437,489.05
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc676288,178.39
Naniwa Energy, Llc613126,649.74
Thermal Remediation Solutions Llc5734,020.33
Rmc Nevada Asphalt Inc340.00
Rmc Nevada Inc213157,670.86
Basalite Dayton2168,567.43
Menezes Brothers Inc290.00
Gopher Construction Inc219810.86
Eopt Power Group Nevada Inc110.00
Menezes Brothers Inc15128.04
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc110.00