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Polluters in Nye County, Nevada
A Borasky Excavating22557.83
Action Ready Mix220.00
Action Ready Mix183,710.43
American Borate Company62139,963.57
American Cement And Aggregate65937,542.62
Ash Meadows Llc65330,884.72
Basin Sand And Gravel1598.99
Bolling Construction2152,332.14
Bolling Construction2154,047.03
Cind R Lite Block Company53410,578.95
Cooper & Sons, Inc.214406.62
Deerfield Production Corporation265,094.32
Dept. Of Energy/Central Nevada Test Area110.00
Desert Sand & Gravel Inc1314.00
Double D Nevada Llc114,399.24
Elite Concrete Corp153,792.00
Equatorial Tonopah Inc6370.00
Equatorial Tonopah Inc110.00
Floyd'S Construction Inc17315.84
Foreland Refining Corporation526826.37
Foreland Refining Corporation653488,410.14
Frontier Exploration Company11774.95
Funeral Mountain Ranch281.18
Gabbs Airport Dump2828895.83
Glamis Daisy Mining Co6132,941.80
Jim Wilkin Mining And Trucking Inc61118,759.07
Las Vegas Paving Corporation49819,635.92
Makoil Inc225,863.96
Makoil Inc2311,943.58
Makoil Inc225,494.23
Makoil Inc221,929.33
Makoil Inc245,584.65
Makoil Inc223,573.04
Mud Camp Mining Company Llc64440,125.31
Nye Regional Medical Center5106,810.02
Pahrump Concrete Inc1103,377.11
Premier Chemicals Inc632435,634.42
Road & Highway Builders Llc612677,905.40
Ron Murphy Construction Co, Inc14741.31
Round Mountain Gold Corp6116164,760.83
Sierra Pacific Power Company8186,685.76
Smoky Valley Common Operation5616,022.50
Tonapah Landfill2828884.83
Tonopah Sand & Gravel150.00
Tonopah Sand & Gravel5332,197.61
U.S. Doe Nnsa/Nso Nevada Test Site1110.36
Us Air Force/99abw/Em51461.74
Us Department Of Energy510941,352.29
Us Department Of Energy63340.29
Us Department Of Energy245.80
Us Department Of Energy51429,595.13
Us Department Of Energy550.00
Us Ecology Inc218296,391.62
Vanderbilt Minerals Corp21148.12
Western States Minerals Corporation61316.71
Wulfenstein Construction Co Inc63126,053.63
Wulfenstein Construction Co Inc223214.12