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Polluters in Churchill County, Nevada
A & K Earth Movers Inc52253,405.11
Amor Iv Corp & Stillwater Geothermal57149,644.04
Amor Ix Corporation35151,694.06
Black Mountain Industrial Minerals, Llc225600.38
Brady Power Partners11272.03
Brady Power Partners344,473.80
Caithness Dixie Valley Llc61510,105.37
City Of Fallon Landfill28282,867.27
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc6196.89
Eaglepicher Filtration & Minerals Inc110.00
Estate Of Robert E Cowan220.00
Gemini Incorporated280.00
Glacier Construction11223.38
Gopher Construction Inc614910,983.97
Hiskett & Sons2114,370.85
Kennametal Inc240.00
Kennametal Inc., Advanced Materials Group650241,859.28
L Mackedon & Sons Inc181,684.80
L Mackedon & Sons Inc161,264.20
Moltan Company625149,601.54
New American Tec61260,523.69
Noble Materials Inc6322,960.06
Smi Joist Nevada215204,830.64
T E Bertagnolli & Associates5120.00
U S Naval Air Station Fallon6719,045.16