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Polluters in Lea County, New Mexico
200tph Rock Crusher No17170.00
457 Compressor Station510231,281.40
Alisha Booster Station51198,600.00
Anderson Ranch Compressor Station620180.00
Anderson Ranch Station330.00
Anderson Ranch Station366,200.00
Antelope Ridge Compressor Station550.00
Antelope Ridge Compressor Station5553,826.00
Antelope Ridge Gas Plant5100.00
Antelope Ridge Gas Plant14221678,860.00
Antelope Ridge Lp Compressor Station51074,048.00
Apex Compressor Station520292,420.00
Bagley Compressor Station58143,640.00
Bell Lake 2 Well #612120.00
Bell Lake Compressor Station522207,900.00
Bell Lake Compressor Station5100.00
Bilbrey Compressor Station550.00
Bj Services Unichem Div.8163,900.00
Bough 153 Station550.00
Bough Compressor Station550.00
Bright Compressor Station550.00
Bs Wtr Inj St, Lovington770.00
Buckeye Compressor Station6120.00
Buckeye Compressor Station (Formerly Natural Gas 16337897,333.40
Caprock Compressor Station1544743,640.00
Caprock Pump Station517174,683.00
Caviness Ranch Compressor Station550.00
Cement, Acid& Sand Plant No. 107-R34242,446.12
Chiso Bcd Compressor Station5150.00
City Of Lovington Landfill2828324.45
City Wells Remediation Site7719,280.00
Comanche Compressor Station5100.00
Compressor Station550.00
Compressor Station #167171191,635,830.00
Compressor Station No139611196.00
Cone & Jaw Crusher360.00
Cottondraw Compressor Station515458,200.00
Crossroads Compressor Station330.00
Crouch Tank Battery390.00
Cunningham Station461433,245,297.60
Da Compressor Station51827,460.00
Denton Plant161281,012,468.80
Double 'X' Compressor Station56130,400.00
Dustbuster Tank Battery No. 20546180.00
East Maljamar7280.00
East Vacuum Liquid Recovery152481,171,840.00
Eddins Walcher Co.11250.00
Eddins Walcher Co.661,500.00
Epperson Booster14280.00
Ethan North Lovington Unit7170.00
Eunice A Compressor Station141825,038,780.00
Eunice B Compressor Station55102,960.00
Eunice Compressor Station7340.00
Eunice Dehydrator Station511118,680.00
Eunice Gas Plant154768,734,390.83
Eunice Gas Plant156164,695,424.00
Eunice North Compressor Station154223,034,856.40
Eunice South Compressor Station (Originally A Gas 16513136,967.97
Federal E No15527,900.00
Geronimo Compressor Station550.00
Gladiola Compressor770.00
Golfcourse Compressor Station14952,741,720.00
Grama #1 And Booster Compressor Station5100.00
Grama Ridge550.00
Grama Ridge Compressor Station5200.00
Grama Ridge No1 Compressor Station520108,720.00
Gramma Ridge Booster Station550.00
Grobe Compressor Station520185,948.60
Hat Mesa Compressor Station51138,760.00
Hobbs / Lea County Landfill28289,326.63
Hobbs Blend Plant46116.40
Hobbs Booster Station152330.00
Hobbs Gas Plant5116,660.00
Hobbs Nng Redel Compressor Station6120.00
Hobbs Plant5230.00
Hobbs Station7210.00
Hobbs Station3521,240.00
Jal Compressor Station5100.00
Jal No. 3153516,867,037.02
Jal No. 4151634,944,420.00
Jal No1220.00
Jal Pumping Station15141169,632.20
Jay Booster Station510115,440.00
Joy Compressor Station510184,830.00
Kemnitz Compressor Station1491708,640.00
Kemnitz Compressor Station725342,540.00
Kemnitz Wolf Compressor Station550.00
Lea No19 Compressor Station550.00
Lea Refinery201371,165,690.05
Lea Station Tanks31230,440.00
Lee Compressor Station523121,840.00
Lee Gas Plant154360.00
Linam Ranch Gas Plant163874,965,720.00
Livingston Rdg Compressor Station5430.00
Livingston Ridge364,980.00
Lovington Booster Station521293,260.00
Lovington Compressor Station5548,280.00
Lovington Station8160.00
Lusk Plant14691,322,700.00
Lynch Booster Station15132552,800.00
Lynch Station128,794.90
Maddox Station42621,087,286.53
Maduro Federal No1j Tank330.00
Maljamar Booster Station1452606,340.00
Maljamar Compressor Station618343,920.00
Maljamar Gas Plant163056,106,520.00
Mca Tank Battery #21577184,978.00
Mcdonald Compressor Station6120.00
Monument Compressor Station151713,071,760.00
Monument Compressor Station15963,280,220.00
Monument Hcl Plant580.00
Monument Lat Compressor Station510132,760.00
Monument Plant156428,033,738.20
Myers Langlie Tank Battery360.00
Natural Gas Processing770.00
Nbr Bootleg Compressor Station533157,140.00
North Compaction Plant513183,030.00
North Hobbs Nib114,580.00
North Hobbs Tank Battery No. 033051013,460.00
Oil Center Compressor Station1571880,840.00
Ojo Chiso No3 Compressor Station5519,456.00
Paducah Compressor Station55128,240.00
Page Compressor Station5525,900.00
Permian Basin Tank Battery110.00
Permian Tank Battery3120.00
Pipeline Deep Fed #2b Tank Battery440.00
Pipeline Deep No1330.00
Pitchfork Ranch Delivery Point3918,400.00
Pitchfork Ranch Primary Compressor Station5591,420.00
Pitchfork Ranch Secondary513124,200.00
Pure Gold Compressor Station6100.00
Quail Compressor Station14682,770,100.00
Ranger Lake Compressor Station550.00
Rattlesnake Compressor Station5100.00
Red Tank Compressor Station5100.00
Red Tank Dehy/Compressor Station53240,584.80
Roline Compressor Station550.00
Saunders Plant153623,813,550.60
Shoebar Compressor Station550.00
Shoebar Compressor Station550.00
Shoebar Compressor Station510154,800.00
Siete Compressor Station550.00
Skaggs-Mcgee Compressor Station1557221,556.00
South Hat Mesa Compressor Station14136594,500.00
South Hobbs Injection Station515142,800.00
State 35 Compressor Station15109130,960.00
State Comm 23-1550.00
Tank Batteries120.00
Tank Battery7200.00
Teague Switch Compressor Station52246,209.20
Texaco Bilbrey550.00
Thomas State No1 Tank Battery330.00
Townsend Remediation Site550.00
Triste Low Pressure Compresser5563,360.00
Triste Station525140,132.00
Vaca Compressor Station5100.00
Vada Compressor Station3854,760.00
Vada Compressor Station (No Longer A Gas Plant)15338983,607.09
Wantz Compressor Station624166,060.00
Warren Mckee Compressor Station14140.00
West Eunice557,120.00
Wonton Booster Station5557,760.00
Wt-1 Compressor Station161491,805,520.00
Zia Booster5552,480.00