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Polluters in Warren County, New Jersey
Anchor Concrete Prods.110.10
Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe101571,617,773.00
Basf Corporation1910575,296.83
Basf Corporation9108144,015.00
Bihler Of America Inc116.80
Covanta Warren Energy Resource Co. L.P.1638525,322.87
Ingersoll Dresser Pump11250.00
M & M Mars13349336,624.04
Mallinckrodt Baker, Incorporated20221287,608.00
Orbel Corp.121.50
Oxford Textile Facility99381,095.00
Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc.63013,280.00
Roche Vitamins Inc112331,757,132.00
Tdi Circuitek Div.237,216.00
Unified Environmental Services1611,100.00
Victaulic Co. Of America - Apex Facility23526.00