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Polluters in Union County, New Jersey
Acupowder Intl;. L.L.C.12502.00
Advance Foils, Inc.3194,860.00
Andre Originals Manufacturing Company72555,920.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co., Bayway Plant Wharf.44120.78
Bayway Chemical Plant Of Infineum Usa91764,008.30
Bayway Refinery275489,125,011.17
Belting Industries Co Inc584,680.00
Beseler Co Charles-Beseler Corp.392,040.00
Blue Blade Heat Treating Co22500.00
Citgo Petroleum Corporation1481297,783.00
Cogen Technologies Linden Venture, L.P.8951,481,491.00
Continental Airlines Inc10108,617.58
Cosmair Cosmetics Corp.33514.00
County Of Union77825,780.00
Dock Resins Corp20264,372.00
Durex Inc.384,320.00
Duro Bag Manufacturing3122,220.00
Ef Kenilworth, Inc.715368,420.00
Electrum Recovery Works12255.00
Eto Sterilization Inc24920.54
Garwood Paperboard - Div. Of Millen Ind. Inc.73570,160.00
General Motors Linden Assembly71202,218,480.00
Gmtg Linden Assembly815102,250.00
Gulf Oil L.P., Linden Terminal112366,267.00
Honeywell Gni106647,453.00
Howard Press Inc31113,660.00
Howard Press Inc. 1101/1107 Division31412,600.00
Infineum Petroleum833414,780.00
Infineum Usa Lp - Bayway Chemical Plant7230114,640.00
Inter City Tire394,100.00
Interbake Foods, Inc.7191133,340.00
International Paint Inc.177017,022.00
Joint Meeting Of Essex And Union Counties7138732,720.00
Karnak Corp.12500.00
Kean College Of New Jersey715921,120.00
Lallypak Inc32127,940.00
Linden City Sanitary Landfill282818,460.40
Linden Compressor Station724479,540.00
Linden Generating Station461441,416,262.79
Linden Roselle Sewerage Authority75923,500.00
Linden Station - Buckeye Pipe Line Co., L.P.4571,184,540.00
Lucent Technologies Inc.7117188,660.00
Merck & Co., Inc. - Rahway, New Jersey19179157,395.64
Mobil Oil Linden Terminal815123,719.09
Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center72824,320.00
Mulberry Metal Products, Inc.3222,080.00
Newark International Airport1324,480.00
Novartis Pharmaceuticals335,159.00
Nyp Corp.1217,615.00
Overlook Hospital32521,600.00
Paramount Metal Finishing Co Inc3412,200.00
Plymouth Printing Co, Inc.72523,000.00
Purepac Pharmaceutical Company53422,280.00
Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority7101244,200.00
Reheis Inc.12326.00
Ronald Mark Associates Inc.118.30
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.116828,371.56
Schering Corporation8172100,312.00
Schering Corporation-Union11119174,916.00
Solar Compounds Corp.341,850.00
St Linden Terminal, Llc114125,640.00
St Linden Terminal, Llc723207,320.00
St Linden Terminal, Tanker Berth.4422,210.88
Stamplus Mfg Inc115,000.00
Summit Property Company L.L.C.7107190,620.00
Sun Chemical Corporation72115,250.00
Synray Corporation84217,730.00
The Egl Company, Inc.43112,685.00
Ticona L.L.C.1210.00
Ticona L.L.C.1210.00
Trinitas Hospital Jersey Street3127,540.00
Trinitas New Point Campus3157,240.00
Trinitas Williamson Street54524,200.00
Tuscan/Lehigh Dairies79594,040.00
Tycom Telecommunications (Us) Inc.110.20
U.S. Gypsum Co.221.01
Union County Resource Recovery Facility36109722,170.00
United States Gypsum Company7189907,420.00