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Polluters in Passaic County, New Jersey
Accurate Folding Box Company, Inc.3832,160.00
Alfred Heller Heat Treating Co.33330.00
Allied Manjufacturing Inc.110.19
Alpha Processing Co. Inc.76935,370.00
Arrow Group Industries,Inc.112142,272.00
Ashland Specialty Chemicals36971.00
Chase Facile Inc.83044,702.00
Clifton Adhesive Inc.668,362.00
Comus Inernational2335,738.10
Congress Ind. Inc.5116,640.00
Crown Roll Leaf, Inc.10120151,030.00
Custom Laminations121,000.00
Dikeman Laminating Corp.124,230.00
Empire Inds. Inc.11900.00
Fabricolor Mfg. Corp234.00
Fisk Alloy Wire Inc.115.00
Fujinon Inc110.75
Galaxie Chemical Corp.1210.00
Givaudan Fragrances Corp.1111.00
Hawthorne Prints, Inc.71551,340.00
Hercules Industries Inc.6214,380.00
Heterene Chemical1120.00
International Paper - Shorewood Packaging31522,900.00
It Corp552,458.00
Itt Avionics 79640110.04
Kearfott Guidance & Navigation Corp.73649,680.00
Kirker Enterprises Inc.471,171.00
Kramer Chemicals Inc.66943.00
Lamart Corporation106173,195.00
Little Falls Alloys Inc.115.00
Mercury Plastic Bag Co.3912,240.00
Mona Inds. Inc.612795.00
Moreng Metal Prods. Inc.1212,000.00
Morton International94124,495.00
Mykroy/Mycalex Ceramics1215.00
North Jersey Development Center73969,440.00
Okonite Co.115.00
Pan Technology74939,060.00
Passaic Engraving Co. Inc.110.87
Passaic Pioneer Properties Co.71910,640.00
Passaic, County Of, Board Education3192,740.00
Poly Molding Corp.3137,240.00
Ppi-Time Zero, Inc.41734,260.00
Preakness Health Care Center33912,060.00
Recycled Paperboard, Inc. Of Clifton751127,320.00
Reeves International, Inc.33526,020.00
Saddle Mountain Llp75054,160.00
Safas Corp.12541.00
Sandy Alexander, Inc.71870,540.00
Scher Chemicals Inc.11250.00
St. Joseph'S Hospital And Medical Center75031,220.00
Stone Industries Inc. - Asphalt Plants32351,700.00
Swepco Tube Corp.111,067.00
Thompson Printing Company3414,820.00
Tilcon-Totowa Hma Plants32534,360.00
Township Of Wayne113,080.00
Unifoil Corp.4149,360.00