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Polluters in Middlesex County, New Jersey
Adm Corporation74759,400.00
Aes Red Oak Power Generating Facility731291,800.00
Air Prods. Polymers L.P.1213184,254.00
Akcros Chemicals America124813,370.00
Akzo Nobel Chemicals12120166,038.00
Alpha Associates Inc63866,325.00
Amerada Hess - First Reserve Terminal1629181,695.76
Amerada Hess Corp., Perth Amboy Terminal Wharf.556,238.03
Amerada Hess Corp., Second Reserve Terminal, North55772.54
Amerada Hess Corporation-Port Reading Refiner24952,316,849.65
Amerada Hess State St. Terminal22180.00
Amerchol Corporation73025,522.00
Armkel, Llc.37716,900.00
Ashland Distribution Co.147310,440.00
Basf Corporation - South Brunswick Plant8252212,688.00
Blonder Tongue Labs.124.57
Bound Brook Plant Union Carbide Corp.2258.16
Bp Products North America Carteret Terminal732147,652.00
Calpine Parlin Llc750145,600.00
Cary Compounds Llc2421.00
Chevron Products Company141191,126,500.50
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Water Treatments Inc.5104,093.00
Colgate Palmolive Company612616,440.00
Colonial Pipeline Company - Linden Junction333105,040.00
Compac Ind. Inc.85559,563.00
Cook - Douglass Campuses78682,860.00
Cosmed Sterilization12340.00
Crest Foam000.00
Crompton Corporation8303193,051.00
Cytec Inds. Inc.2420,814.00
Degussa Corporation916954,537.00
Delphi Energy & Chassis Sys.223,412.00
Delta Graphics52111,000.00
Dow Jones & Company, Inc.710723,580.00
Du Pont Parlin Plant146812,250.00
E. R. Squibb & Sons Inc.12119294,010.00
Ecolab Inc.1120.00
Edgeboro Disposal Sanitary Landfill282830,284.87
Edison Generating Station7211775,380.00
Edison Township Sanitary Landfill2828215.53
Elmo American Production Co.12193.00
Engelhard Corp74530,440.00
Englert, Inc.82051,108.00
Ferro Corp.120.04
Ferro Corporation1314361,484.00
Ferro Industries, Inc.114973,040.00
Fibrenetics Inc.112,656.00
Firmenich Inc.1213.00
Flint Ink North America Corporation32713,820.00
Fluid Ink Tech. Inc.1210.00
Fmc Corp. Chemical R&D Center86378,760.00
Ford Motor Company Edison Assembly Plant18432741,024.33
Gentek Building Products15101180,223.00
Gerdau Ameristeel - Sayreville111032,705,087.00
Gerdau Ameristeel-Perth Amboy13961,748,461.00
Hatco Corp.813381,518.00
Henry Heide, Inc.3915,100.00
Hercules, Inc.9302508,281.50
Honeywell Nmd5137,979.00
Hummel Croton Inc3311.00
Impact Unlimited, Inc.6284,360.00
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.787133,240.00
International Processing Corporation3712,600.00
Jersey Cooperage Company, Inc4920,276.60
John C. Dolph Co.95414,230.00
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Prods. Co. - North Brun15454.00
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals Llc7155281,960.00
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals, Llc.11104885,468.50
L. A. Dreyfus561100,700.00
Lps Industries Inc.352,940.00
Main Tape Company32512,040.00
Marisol Inc187726,506.00
Mark Lighting Fixture Company32120,700.00
Mcua Landfill Gas Utilization Project714326,560.00
Middlesex County Landfill74155,700.00
Middlesex Generating Co21218,289.23
Mielach Company31619,200.00
Minteq Intl. Inc.115.00
Mobil Chemical Co. Edison Research Lab.5104,887.00
Mobil Chemical Company12160131,206.00
Mohawk Laboratories Of New Jersey36640.00
Motiva Enterprises Llc - Sewaren Terminal1481748,751.40
New Brunswick Plating Inc.122.00
New York Times, The32826,680.00
Newark Morning Ledger Co3269,960.00
North Jersey Energy Associates7181,910,840.00
Northeast Products Company313670,880.00
O'Brien Biogas Iv Llc738156,660.00
Ohm Laboratories Inc. - Black Horse Lane32917,340.00
Ohm Laboratories Inc. North Brunswick Facilit3332,500.00
Olbrys Sanitary Landfill282832,089.92
Old Bridge Chemicals Inc85650,242.01
Oxford Instruments111.66
Perry Technology31026,020.00
Perth Amboy Tire383,160.00
Phoenix Container, Inc.12162103,573.00
Pmc Specialties794,990.00
Pq Corporation74027,360.00
Pride Solvents & Chemical Co. Of Nj1515219.00
Procedyne Corp.37240.00
Quality Wallcovering Inc3561,446.00
Rbh Dispersions115.00
Recycle Inc3535378,473.18
Rhodia, Inc.117993,641.06
Richmond Ind. Inc11500.00
Ronpak, Inc.61311,260.00
Russell-Stanley Corporation1198172,646.00
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey7290548,820.00
Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.849940,320.00
Sayreville Generating Station (Jcp&L)42150495,380.62
Sc Wood Llc-Woodbridge Pumping Facility71057,920.00
Sewaren Generating Station473381,209,537.63
Shorewood Packaging Corporation21850,123.26
Silgan Containers Corporation890127,440.00
Silver Line Building Products Corporation83052,844.00
Silver Line Building Products Inc52122,400.00
Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals42918,331.00
Spray-Tek, Inc.37014,200.00
St. Peter''S Medical Center78381,120.00
Sta-Seal Industries Inc- Edison3819,400.00
Sunoco Inc (R&M) Piscataway10112,747.09
Sunoco P M&T Piscataway Terminal1832,540.00
T/A Vct/Qualteq Division31622,100.00
The Procter & Gamble Mfg Co6377,640.00
The Sherwin-Williams Company,Con-Lux Facility163545,724.10
Transfer Print Foils, Inc.1112686,414.00
Tyco Adhesives - Betham Div.1236199,109.00
U.S. Fuji Electric Inc.241,730.00
Union Carbide Corporation1032695,429.12
United Steel Deck42224,427.00
Usa Detergents Inc.1272.00
V & S Amboy Galvanizing, Llc6127,385.00
Van Waters & Rogers Inc.12662.00
Vanguard Research Inds. Inc.112.00
Webcraft, Llc.55653,760.00
Werner Generating Station781529,280.00
Woodbridge Developmental Center745164,260.00
Ziegler Chemical & Mineral Corp34415,600.00