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Polluters in Hudson County, New Jersey
Owens Corning Kearny Plant42422568,430.37
Frutarom Incorporated834674,820.00
Hudson Generating Station8224670,615,435.59
Elementis Specialties1020997,200.00
Kearny Generating Station46200913,551.39
Pechter'S Baking Company7179134,680.00
Stevens Institute Of Technology711819,960.00
Cognis Corp.97725,788.00
Engelhard Corporation5718,900.00
Bayonne Generating Station866672,057.00
Caschem Inc.106529,217.00
Summit Plaza Total Energy Plant764264,260.00
Jersey City Medical Center756230,560.00
Cunningham Graphics, Inc.65384,360.00
Daily News Lp33013,740.00
North Bergen Piece Dye Works, Inc.3297,480.00
Coastal Oil Of Ny Inc102788,188.00
Universal Folding Box Co. Inc.62559,880.00
Occidental Chemical Corporation72530,380.00
Command Web62414,340.00
Bayonne Hospital32234,500.00
W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn., Grace Const. Prod.6221,000.00
Northeast Auto-Marine Terminal31712,040.00
Amerada Hess Corp-Bayonne111681,286.76
Dower Finishing & Research Co., Inc.3166,640.00
Amerada Hess - Edgewater Terminal121525,310.27
Brunswick Hot Mix Corp. T/A Weldon Asphalt Co313168,500.00
St. Mary'S Hospital3138,580.00
Columbia Terminals Inc.6124,971.00
St. Francis Hospital31211,180.00
Bowne Business Communications31229,260.00
New Jersey City University31218,140.00
Gsf Energy, Llc710123,660.00
Ag Fluoropolymers Usa Inc. - Bayonne Site368,485.00
River Terminal Development Co351,720.00
Metallix Inc.24415.00
Alpha Metals2443,080.00
Franklin Burlington Plastics Inc.3337,007.00
S&W Waste Inc3390.00
Sterile Technologies, Inc13276.80
Chambord Prints Inc.1327,800.00
Nicholas Galvanizing123.00
Gac Kearny Inc.120.93
Clean Earth Of North Jersey Inc.2242.00
Importers Service Corp2226,460.00
U.S. Castings Corp.1183.00
Kuehne Chemical Co. Inc.115.00
Kenrich Petrochemicals Inc.110.20
Campbell Foundry Co.1145.00
Acrilex Inc.11250.00
Kearny Smelting & Refinishing11500.00