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Polluters in Gloucester County, New Jersey
Gloucester County29528,983.40
Rambone Landfill28283,514.27
Gloucester County Solid Waste Complex28285,415.61
Solvay Solexis, Inc.25260187,527.40
Valero Refining Co.- N.J.2434614,614,984.60
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.2488187,874.94
Eagle Point Cogeneration Ptnr. (Epcp)21391,954,794.30
Ferro Corporation20187131,092.00
Coastal Eagle Point Oil Company206427,131,063.70
Johnson Matthey Inc.16140168,767.00
Rollins Environmental Services161615,096.47
Mobil Oil Paulsboro Terminal1454189,516.07
Gulf Oil Woodbury Terminal143085,913.00
Logan Generating Plant, L.P.13584,088,902.60
Citgo Asphalt Refining Company12214538,225.14
Geo Specialty Chemicals10114178,225.00
Revere Industries, Llc; Ekco Products Div.9118321,441.00
Garlock Inc.81536,007.00
Gloucester County Utilities Authority858201,180.00
Lilly Inds. Inc89241.00
Repauno Products, Llc845811,850.00
Pseg - National Park Generating Station787,960.00
Rowan University746123,440.00
Exxonmobil Research And Engineering Company787121,820.00
Mickleton Generating Station717106,860.00
R. E. Pierson Construction Company749112,000.00
Wheelabrator Gloucester Company, L.P.747705,180.00
Phoenix Display, A Subsidiary Of Int'L Paper63512,300.00
Emd Chemicals Inc.63112,939.00
Exxon Mobil Corp Paulsboro Facilities Complex6159103,400.00
Superior Barrel & Drum Co., Inc.62012,360.00
Cornell & Company, Inc.6615,540.00
Wastequip / Accurate Industries Williamstown51460,014.00
Shieldalloy Metallurgical451,750.00
Wastequip / Accurate Industries Glassboro4820,600.00
Decorating Resources497,138.40
Colonial Pipeline Company - Woodbury Junction32945,560.00
Mars Graphic Services385,700.00
S C Wood Llc-Woodbury Pumping Facility3355,880.00
Adm Cocoa Products227,490.00
Woodbury - Conocophillips1615,640.00
Huntsman - Ici Chemicals L.L.C.1210.00
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Mickleton11169,191.00