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Polluters in Burlington County, New Jersey
Afg Industries Inc.; Cinnaminson Plant.7301,610,340.00
American Biltrite Inc.85564,761.00
American Custom Drying1248.00
Atlantic Wood Ind. Inc.121.00
Burlington County Resource Recovery Complex753208,460.00
Burlington Generating Station9192760,174.20
Callahan Chemical Co.61134.00
Chapel 2000 And Beyond Incorporated31011,680.00
Citation Graphics169,080.00
Colonial Pipeline Co. - Pennsauken Junction385,540.00
Color Graphics Inc6136,880.00
Colorite Specialty Resins10190387,962.00
Cvc Specialty Chemicals Inc.44506.00
D.C. Fabricators2220.00
Flexprint, Inc.343,720.00
Fort Dix Landfill141425.77
Griffin Pipe Products Co.11127930,348.00
Hoeganaes Corporation11716397,440.00
Imco Inc.392,280.00
Interstate Storage & Pipe Line Corp.31018,460.00
Kelstar Intl. Ents. Inc.72939,435.00
Landfill & Development Co., Inc.714110,520.00
Lockheed Martin Company63844,140.00
Lumberton Township Sanitary Landfill2828282.55
Mcguire Air Force Base7764182,040.00
National Casein Of Nj12500.00
National Gypsum Company8127365,720.50
New Lisbon Developmental Center749100,860.00
North Hanover Township Slf2828319.17
Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc76461,080.00
Parklands Recycling And Disposal Facility7843,180.00
Parklands Sanitary Landfill28281,691.91
Pemberton Fabricators, Inc.393,380.00
Philadelphia Sign Company41240,061.00
Polyone Corporation12247168,884.85
Rancocas Hospital3228,460.00
Rexam Medical Packaging31646,260.00
Rimtec Corp.36287.00
Sancoa International46726,072.00
Sancoa International3209,000.00
Spec Fab Co11480.00
Stepan Company1211789,445.00
Stonhard L.P.351,237.00
Sybron Chemicals Inc.1773304,400.02
Triune Color Lithographers11334,200.00
U.S. Army Headquarters Fort Dix Ranges11127.30
U.S. Pipe & Foundry Company, Inc.12181508,701.00
Us Army Fort Dix8330104,040.00
Viking Yacht Company8114275,187.00
Yates Foil Usa Inc4520.00