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Polluters in Bergen County, New Jersey
Acupac Packaging Inc342,280.00
Adhesive Coatings Inc31211,360.00
Advance Fiber Technologies Corp.31020,700.00
Alpha Industries, Inc.3795,240.00
Amerada Hess - Bogota Terminal172211,430.70
Anchor Concrete Prods.110.10
Applied Graphics Technologies72431,400.00
Bcua Wastewater Treatment Plant791186,300.00
Bergen Generating Station91211,464,520.20
Bergen Regional Medical Center87380,160.00
Bind Rite Graphics61611,880.00
Borden Chemical Inc.246,610.00
Callahan Co. Inc.71352.00
Coates Screen Inc.63418,325.66
Coining Corp Of America236,283.00
Cosan Chemical Corp4414.97
Crest Foam Ind. Inc.11250.00
Crown Finishing Corp.42049,023.00
Curtiss-Wright Corp9922,843.60
Custom Chemicals Corporation139071,540.00
Dicon Techs.1147.00
East Coast Finishing Corp.83338,346.00
Ecce Panis, Inc.65137,320.00
Elektromek Inc.12270.00
Fabrite Laminating Corp221,819.00
Fdu - Teaneck/Hackensack Campus79556,320.00
Fisher Scientific Company105218,646.00
Flexwrap Corp61424,480.00
Garden State Paper Company, Inc.1160.00
General Foam Production116,639.36
General Vy-Coat Llc31822,180.00
Genzyme Biosurgery115.00
Gibraltar Plastics Corporation31328,620.00
Gift Box Corporation Of America5137,020.00
H & S Chemical Co. Inc.1278.00
Hackensack University Medical Center724390,760.00
Hartin Paint & Filler Corp.121,000.00
Hk Metalcraft Mfg. Corp3315.00
Hobby World Development Inc.127,062.00
Honeywell International, Inc.84428,260.00
Howmedica Costeonics Corp22510.00
International Paper Shorewood Packaging Div.94431,340.02
J. Josephson, Inc.129179,502.56
Kingsland Park Landfill292957,714.97
Kms Crossroads, Inc.71462,180.00
Kraft Foods North America, Inc.871137,389.00
Len-Ron Manufacturing, A Division Of Aramis33130,840.00
Lps Industries Inc.364,140.00
Manhattan Prods. Inc.121,731.00
Marcal Paper Mills, Inc.7212364,420.00
Mark-Tex Corp.121,117.00
Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.1210.00
Mm Hackensack Energy33369.26
Mm Hackensack Energy Llc - Balefill Landfill742359,080.00
Mm Hackensack Energy Llc - Kingsland Landfill738261,080.00
North Jersey Media Group3859,600.00
Novus Fine Chemicals115324,464.00
Oakland Boro Sanitary Landfill28281,305.02
Pace Press3179,740.00
Packagemasters, Inc.3936,660.00
Pan Technology75019,202.00
Pfister Chemical Inc84524,833.10
Pictorial Offset Corporation31319,040.00
Pioneer Inds. Inc.2425,800.00
Pioneer Industries, Inc73813,560.00
Polyurethane Specialties Co. Inc.481,384.00
Prime Energy Limited Partnership818523,740.00
Pure World Botanicals Inc.11642.00
Randolph Prods. Co.5104,573.00
Scapa Tapes North America104631,130.00
Scientific Design Co. Inc.121,555.00
Scientific Design Company, Inc.72511,720.00
Screen Reproduction Co., Inc.3613,560.00
Seagrave Coatings Corp94127,129.00
Sika Corp33913,800.00
Sika Corp.474,780.00
Simkins Industries, Inc.770250,500.00
Solgar Vitamin And Herb6357,620.00
Star-Glo Ind. Inc.129,040.00
Stepan Company88166,610.00
Stryker Howmedica Osteonics22500.00
Suffern Plating Corp.123.00
Takasago Intl. Corp. (Usa)1162.00
Timeplex L.L.C.1211.00
Transco Lng Plant - Station 2407116295,020.00
Tunnel Barrel & Drum Co, Inc.5139,240.00
Tunnel Barrel & Drum Co., Inc62520,120.00
Unimac Graphics73272,360.00
Unisource Worldwide62265,620.00
United Wire Hanger Corporation7184112,680.00
Wechsler Coffee Corporation32690,080.00
Westbury Press, Inc.3310,620.00
Weyerhaeuser Company51831,840.00