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Polluters in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
Aggregate Inds. Northeast Region Inc.110.15
Aggregate Inds. Northeast Region Inc.110.10
Anheuser-Busch Inc32211652,297.16
Avilite Corporation1156,000.20
Bae Sys. Information & Electronic Sys. Integration220.84
Bae Sys. Information & Electronics Sys. Intergration110.72
Batesville Manufacturing Inc11102281,535.72
Benchmark Electronics-Hudson Div.115.00
Bronze Craft Corp.2319.00
Cirtronics Corp.111.00
Colonial Electronic Manufacturers Inc.1210.00
Crotched Mountain Rehab Center728102,617.50
Electropac Co. Inc.124,256.00
Four Hills Landfill1339360,484.83
Freudenberg-Nok General Ptnr.11499.49
Gl&V Pulp Group Inc.2453.00
Goffstown Landfill28281,954.56
Hampshire Chemical Corp.6113,006.00
Hampton Landfill2828544.66
Hitchiner Manufacturing Company Inc1673181,243.83
Hudson Color Concentrates Inc.120.73
Kalwall Panels & Accessories1472170,760.88
Manchester Landfill28284,045.42
Monadnock Paper Mills Inc29101582,229.20
Morgan Advanced Ceramics12255.00
Nashua Corporation32178543,998.15
New Hampshire Ball Bearings12241.00
New Ipswich Landfill282823,550.06
Nylon Corp. Of America112.00
Osram Sylvania Prods. Inc.223.70
Osram Sylvania Prods. Inc.1150.00
Parker Hannifin Corp. Chomerics Div.225,300.00
Peterboro Basket Company7875,905.05
Pilgrim Foods72781,950.74
Primero Inc.123,750.00
Saint-Gobain Ceramics (Igniter Products)1210.00
Sanmina-Sci Corp. Hadco Corp. A Subsidiary121,258.00
Technical Graphics, Inc3667,024.18
Teradyne Circuits484,695.00
Town Of Walpole Landfill2828272.33
Upaco Adhesive583,831.36