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Polluters in Coos County, New Hampshire
Fraser Nh Llc484102,137,252.85
Wausau Papers Of Nh Inc41266425,840.60
Tillotson Rubber Corporation39154820,893.88
Groveton Paper Board, Inc35197598,208.12
Whitefield Power & Light Company3339904,777.18
Whitefield Landfill2828244.32
Colebrook Landfill28281,499.58
Town Of Stark Landfill2828735.21
Errol Landfill2828981.09
Berlin Landfill28281,231.37
Mount Carberry Landfill28282,239.51
Pittsburg Landfill2828151.06
Psnh - Lost Nation Station182513,003.25
Weeks Medical Center9910.88
Androscoggin Valley Hospital6668.00
Fraser N.H. L.L.C. Gorham Paper Mill110.60