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Column information
Polluters in Coos County, New Hampshire
Androscoggin Valley Hospital6668.00
Berlin Landfill28281,231.37
Colebrook Landfill28281,499.58
Errol Landfill2828981.09
Fraser N.H. L.L.C. Gorham Paper Mill110.60
Fraser Nh Llc484102,137,252.85
Groveton Paper Board, Inc35197598,208.12
Mount Carberry Landfill28282,239.51
Pittsburg Landfill2828151.06
Psnh - Lost Nation Station182513,003.25
Tillotson Rubber Corporation39154820,893.88
Town Of Stark Landfill2828735.21
Wausau Papers Of Nh Inc41266425,840.60
Weeks Medical Center9910.88
Whitefield Landfill2828244.32
Whitefield Power & Light Company3339904,777.18