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Polluters in Flathead County, Montana
Flathead County Solid Waste District3436124,777.55
Columbia Falls Aluminum1217028,432,684.00
Plum Creek Manufacturing Lp Colmb Fls9848,040,500.00
Stillwater Forest Products7164,000.00
Johnson Mortuary660.00
Mountain View Pet Crematory660.00
Plum Creek Sawmill At Evergreen6274,686,000.00
Hillside Crematory660.00
Jtl Group - Kalispell62058,000.00
F.H. Stoltze Land And Lumber Co627456,000.00
Great Northern Bark - 302761862,000.00
Nupac, Inc - A Division Of Helena Sand & Gravel52118,000.00
Partners In Wood550.00
Mcelroy And Wilken278,000.00
Klingler Lumber254,000.00