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Polluters in Flathead County, Montana
Flathead County Solid Waste District3436124,777.55
Columbia Falls Aluminum1217028,432,684.00
Plum Creek Manufacturing Lp Colmb Fls9848,040,500.00
Stillwater Forest Products7164,000.00
Jtl Group - Kalispell62058,000.00
Mountain View Pet Crematory660.00
Plum Creek Sawmill At Evergreen6274,686,000.00
Hillside Crematory660.00
Johnson Mortuary660.00
F.H. Stoltze Land And Lumber Co627456,000.00
Great Northern Bark - 302761862,000.00
Nupac, Inc - A Division Of Helena Sand & Gravel52118,000.00
Partners In Wood550.00
Mcelroy And Wilken278,000.00
Klingler Lumber254,000.00