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Polluters in York County, Maine
Westpoint Stevens Inc874182,736.24
Southern Maine Medical Center77317,989.21
Pratt And Whitney1667132,951.58
Maine Energy Recovery Company29671,734,350.78
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard1161601,598.82
Genest Concrete Works Inc - Sanford73327,013.78
General Dynamics Armament Systems93186,694.78
Cyro Industries1230251,401.69
Prime Tanning Co.1129266,413.20
Dayton Sand And Gravel Co Inc629182,417.59
Biddeford Landfill28281,190.14
Saco Landfill28287,307.49
F R Carroll Inc62497,458.22
Lavalley Lumber Co Llc624201,470.03
Spencer Press Of Maine Inc.917200,259.95
Hussey Seating Co61712,916.58
Interstate Brands Corporation5878,428.49
Pike Industries Inc - Wells6764,675.43
Pike Industries Inc -South Berwick (Ibm)6615,412.60
Fiber Materials Inc.23419.10
Intelligent Controls120.10
Metso Paper Usa Inc.2210.00
Avx Tantalum Corp.110.33
Southern Maine Specialties110.00
Sprague Sanford Inc.111,088.00
Sermatech International, Inc.11800.00
Lyn-Flex Industries116,000.00
Millrock Inc1112,994.20