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Polluters in York County, Maine
Maine Energy Recovery Company29671,734,350.78
Biddeford Landfill28281,190.14
Saco Landfill28287,307.49
Pratt And Whitney1667132,951.58
Cyro Industries1230251,401.69
Prime Tanning Co.1129266,413.20
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard1161601,598.82
General Dynamics Armament Systems93186,694.78
Spencer Press Of Maine Inc.917200,259.95
Westpoint Stevens Inc874182,736.24
Genest Concrete Works Inc - Sanford73327,013.78
Southern Maine Medical Center77317,989.21
Pike Industries Inc -South Berwick (Ibm)6615,412.60
Hussey Seating Co61712,916.58
F R Carroll Inc62497,458.22
Lavalley Lumber Co Llc624201,470.03
Dayton Sand And Gravel Co Inc629182,417.59
Pike Industries Inc - Wells6764,675.43
Interstate Brands Corporation5878,428.49
Fiber Materials Inc.23419.10
Metso Paper Usa Inc.2210.00
Avx Tantalum Corp.110.33
Intelligent Controls120.10
Southern Maine Specialties110.00
Sprague Sanford Inc.111,088.00
Sermatech International, Inc.11800.00
Lyn-Flex Industries116,000.00
Millrock Inc1112,994.20