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Polluters in Somerset County, Maine
Boralex Athens Energy55622,996.96
Carrier Chipping Inc551,588.42
Cianbro Fabrication And Coating Corp2215,807.00
Cianbro Fabrication And Coating Corp61941,663.28
Cousineau Wood Products63990,055.92
Crossroads Landfill617302,051.77
Dirigo Dowels Inc662,989.31
Edwards Systems Technology91739,338.29
Irving Tanning Co.1056705,529.29
Madison Paper19342,386,443.91
Mattingly Products Co Inc71525,775.66
Moose River Lumber Company Inc720226,451.49
Norridgewock Landfill & Transfer Station28282,142.86
Pike Industries Inc - Anson5535,467.21
Pike Industries Inc - Fairfield511151,771.58
Sappi - Somerset4311916,424,015.86
Sas Pittsfield, Inc.2211,877.00
Solon Manufacturing Co Inc612103,512.08