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Polluters in Penobscot County, Maine
Penobscot Energy Recovery Co31851,074,075.00
Georgia-Pacific Corporation3112740,657,367.00
Sawyer Environmental Recovery Facility (Serf)28283,228.78
Lincoln Pulp And Paper Co Inc251174,603,861.86
Great Northern Paper Inc Mill East17713,964,275.21
Eastern Fine Paper Inc17382,384,233.62
Great Northern Paper Inc Mill West177113,081,389.10
Cold Brook Energy Inc103666,409.51
Osram Sylvania Inc. (Penobscot)91738,640.69
University Of Maine Orono861672,989.77
Eastern Maine Medical Center749230,367.41
Wheelabrator-Sherman Energy Co731939,266.61
Indeck West Enfield Energy Center730797,056.43
Lou Silver Inc793,959.19
Maine Independence Station7281,106,308.64
Old Town Canoe72791,289.89
Charleston Correctional Facility76645,699.26
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (41)61616,867.30
Hyponex Corporation61237,467.93
Lane Const Corp Dba Sunrise Matls (47)62445,838.49
Calley & Currier Co6752,407.00
Bangor Mental Health Institute62417,930.07
Perma Treat Corp624131,412.60
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (32)62435,261.34
Northeastern Log Homes61337,694.00
Maine Air National Guard 101st Air67065,770.76
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (37)62241,679.63
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (38)61780,844.31
Old Town Lumber631130,794.37
Lane Const Corp Dba Sunrise Matls (35)61822,016.39
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (12&26)6350.00
Lane Construction Corp - Hermon (Rap)61926,762.75
Webber Tanks Inc. (Brewer)6171,549.16
Exxonmobil Oil Bangor Terminal62937,226.00
Vic Firth Mfg Inc51128,280.59
Bangor Hydro-Electric Co - Medway52045,715.00
Pine Tree Landfill5623,266.00
General Electric Co. (Bangor Florida Ave)3336.00
Eldur Corp.112,364.00
General Electric Co. (Bangor)1112.00