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Polluters in Cumberland County, Maine
Biw Ebmf (Mallet Land Dr)111,029.00
Biw Re: Hardings Plant883103,265.99
Bowdoin College741234,182.66
Brunswick Landfill28283,138.74
Brunswick Naval Air Station7122103,716.91
Burnham And Morrill Co72380,812.46
Commercial Paving Co Inc62095,096.97
Dielectric Comm330.00
Etheridge Foundry And Machine Co563,274.12
Exxonmobil Oil Portland Terminal954201,792.43
Fairchild Semiconductor Corp129041,561.72
First Technology/Control Devices1110.00
Fpl Energy Cape Llc5104,475.68
Fpl Energy Wyman Llc441725,548,263.81
Global Companies Llc92556,089.76
Greater Portland Region Rrf (Nti33063)285122,346.27
Gulf Oil Limited Partnership145297,155.53
Katahdin Analytical Services, Inc.1110,486.00
Long Creek Youth Development Center71321,060.05
Maine Medical Center64428,882.72
Maine Rubber International6714,739.00
Mega Industries (Gorham)113.78
Megquier Hill Farms5623,626.00
Mid Coast Hospital65119,853.36
Morin Brick Company (Lachance Division)151557,525.46
Motiva Enterprises - South Portland1159141,696.58
National Semiconductor Corp899135,133.83
Nichols Portland110.00
Oakhurst Dairy112,001.00
Pike Industries Inc - Portland5575,054.39
Portland Pipe Line Corporation556212,000.00
Regional Waste Systems Inc827804,591.88
Rich Tool & Die333.00
S D Warren Co - Westbrook28707,078,241.22
Sabre Corporation8921,215.08
Sanmina Corp8941,145.84
Saunders Brothers61531,294.84
Sebago Inc - Bridgton673,289.41
Sebago Inc - Gorham5111,423.24
Sebago Inc. (Cumberland)115,035.00
Silvex Inc.33647.00
South Portland Landfill2828154.73
Sprague Energy Corp (Cumberland)127932,834.70
Univ Of Southern Maine At Gorham63021,158.30
Univ Of Southern Maine At Portland65690,498.52
Westbrook Energy Center7204,005.36
Wise Business Forms (Frmly Epx Group)111,068.00
Wolverine (Sebago Mechanic St Westbrook)566,926.26