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Polluters in Androscoggin County, Maine
Lewiston Landfill28282,631.02
Auburn Landfill28281,771.41
Morin Brick Company (Auburn)1825172,266.93
Pioneer Plastics Corporation1867665,780.67
Masonite Corporation1160257,755.75
Mid Maine Waste Action Corporation1020330,142.53
Dingley Press, The915111,865.03
Tambrands Inc83733,142.06
Quality Egg Of New England, Llc-Decoster7147,404.49
Pike Industries Inc - Poland728122,125.54
Philips Elmet76344,446.68
Bates College76079,011.68
Saint Marys Regional Medical Center75087,036.36
International Paper - Auburn72098,528.94
Central Maine Medical Center629115,276.20
Boralex Livermore Falls6161,563,001.61
Mpac (Maine Poly Acquistion Corp)5108,225.62
Pike Industries Inc - Lewiston55142,226.92
General Electric Company55487.00
Formed Fiber Technologies52063,790.00
Performance Product Painting5626,275.74
Jones And Vining Of Maine227,574.00
Falcon Shoe Manufacturing Co.227,071.00
Johns Manville Corporation114,256.00
Auburn Manufacturing Inc.11400.00
Cf Wells111,296.00
Enefco International, Ltd.1115,294.00