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Polluters in Montgomery County, Maryland
Covanta Energy-8309 Tujunga Avenue Corp.510142,200.00
Day, F.O. Bituminous - Piney Mtg1224103,642.00
Dow Jones & Company 67050,005.00
Eu Services 612019,285.00
Mccormick Paint Works Co.12500.00
Miirant Station H624524,262.00
Mirant Mid-Atlantic7532586,515,446.62
Montgomery County Rrf311072,556,913.30
National Institute Of Health6237155,696.08
National Institute Of Standards And Technology684127,482.00
National Naval Medical Center6132141,675.01
Neutron Prods. Inc.11250.00
Northrop Grumman Sys. Corp.128.04
Oaks Landfill220.11
Reproductions - Rickenbacker Drive 69425,813.00
Smith Lithograph915053,892.00
Spirent Communications1211.00
Wabtec Railway Electronics110.40