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Polluters in Suffolk County, Massachusetts
1010 Massachusetts Avenue Llc5100.00
1415 Hyde Park Avenue Llc550.00
226 Causeway Street7350.00
330 Beacon Condo Trust6214,000.00
38 Chauncy Street Llc664,000.00
55 Holding Court Llc552,000.00
55 Summer Llc6160.00
600 Washington Street5156,000.00
A Shapiro Boston Incorporated7148,000.00
Ab & W Incorporated770.00
Abraham Lincoln School550.00
Aggregate Industries Northeast89322,000.00
Aggregate Industries Northeast93712,805.30
Aldrich Cleaners550.00
Allegiance Telecom Incorporated550.00
American Airlines520856.00
American Archtec Iron6175,368.00
American Red Cross770.00
Anthonys Pier Four5250.00
Armstrong Pharmaceuticals Inc71683,520.00
Arthur Blank & Company5512,000.00
Ashmont Tailor & Cleaners550.00
At&T Broadband-Roxbury Facility510420.00
Aw Perry Inc662,000.00
Aw Perry Incorporated550.00
Aw Perry Incorporated6124,000.00
Baker Cleaners551.00
Baker Square Condominium554,000.00
Barry Controls9226142,434.00
Bay State Paper Co10188774,739.07
Beacon Capital Partners770.00
Berklee College Of Music7428,268.00
Beth Israel Deaconess Med Ctr - West786400.00
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center6264,000.00
Bha Archdale84522,478.00
Bha Beech Street83841,888.00
Bha Bromley Heath Tmc79819,584.00
Bha Camden Street664,400.00
Bha Charlestown55022,000.00
Bha Eva White5200.00
Bha Franklin Hill6164,000.00
Bha Lenox Street63432,072.00
Bha Mary Ellen Mccormick720311,684.00
Bha Maverick Development72110,462.00
Bha Mission Hill52011,888.00
Bha Old Colony Development77022,818.00
Bha Orient Heights71472,824.00
Bha Roslyn Apartments550.00
Bha South Street62824,526.00
Bha Whittier62824,063.00
Bha-Franklin Field81277,684.00
Biltrite Corp.11930.00
Bl Makepeace Incorporated770.00
Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Massachusetts7310.00
Boston Convention & Exibition Center550.00
Boston Fire Department5150.00
Boston Gas Company63049,293.00
Boston Herald5108,000.00
Boston Landfill / Un. Of Mass28281,260.16
Boston Medical Cente71190.00
Boston Museum Of Fine Arts51562,696.00
Boston Park Plaza Hotel811033,176.00
Boston Police Department-Headquarters7350.00
Boston Properties Incorporated7564,116.00
Boston Public Health-Long Island88960,500.00
Boston Sand & Gravel911320,919.10
Boston Ship Repair Incorporated5510,000.00
Boston University Medical Campus65231.00
Boston University Physical Plant8502437,239.00
Boston Water & Sewer Commission550.00
Boston Water And Sewer Commission550.00
Boston Wharf Company772,000.00
Boston Wharf Company552,000.00
Boston Wharf Company6682,000.00
Boston Wharf Company552,000.00
Boston Wharf Company772,000.00
Boston Wharf Company772,000.00
Boston Wharf Company774,000.00
Boston Wharf Company7144,000.00
Boston Wharf Company770.00
Boston Wharf Company770.00
Boston Wharf Company554,000.00
Boston Wharf Company7144,000.00
Boston Wharf Company770.00
Boston Wharf Company552,000.00
Boston Wharf Company772,000.00
Bowne Of Boston Inc51608,000.00
Boyd Smith Incorporated51520,000.00
Braemore Apartments5152,000.00
Brigham & Womens Hospital712617,347.00
Brighton Marine Health5107,616.00
Budget Rent A Car5900.00
Bunker Hill Communit85323,068.00
Burtman Iron Works51024,585.00
Calender Linen552,000.00
Camelot Company The74220,000.00
Capitol Circuits51706,000.00
Cargo Trex N Building 13550.00
Carney Hospital56024,000.00
Castle Square Apartments5100.00
Castle Square Associates7210.00
Castle Square Associates7210.00
Castle Square Associates7140.00
Channel Center-Parcel 67560.00
Charles River Publishing5708,000.00
Chelsea Clock Company7490.00
Chelsea Landfill2828318.39
Chelsea Sandwich Llc918668,281.00
Chelsea Soldiers Home57518,000.00
Childrens Hospital61207,341.00
Childrens Hospital Boston550.00
Chiofaro Company884737.00
City Cleaners Incorporated550.00
Classic Cleaners Inc550.00
Cliflex Bellows Corporation81231,573.00
Coastal Cement Corpo770.00
Coastal Oil Of New England813713,742.00
Coastal Oil Of New England82355,484.00
Cole Hersee Company75640.00
Comcast Of Boston7141,800.00
Comm Of Mass-Linderman Building550.00
Comm Of Mass-Mccormack Building550.00
Congregational House5152,000.00
Congress Street Associates7210.00
Conoco Phillips Company1448978,735.00
Continental Cleaners550.00
Cottage Cleaners5150.00
Crescent Avenue Realty Trust550.00
Crown Service System86512,590.00
Damrell Ewer Partners Llc776,000.00
Dana Farber Cancer Institiute798191.00
Dimock Community Hea61830,000.00
Dollar Rent A Car550.00
Doubletree Guest Suites7492,000.00
Durant Paint Company550.00
E Ciardi Company Incorporated5204,000.00
Economic Development661,600.00
Emery Worldwide550.00
Emmanuel College71752,000.00
Equity Office Properties At Russia Wharf5154,000.00
Exelon New Boston Llc392391,282,876.92
Fairmont Copley Plaza5208,000.00
Falvey Finishing Company6101,600.00
Farnsworth Fibre Corporation5152,000.00
Faulkner Hospital887132,004.00
Federal Express5150.00
Federal Metal Finish7770.00
Fenway Parkside Lp6610,000.00
Fidelity Engineering550.00
Fidelity Properties5156,000.00
First Church Of Christ Scientist813225,538.00
First Electronics Company515558.00
Fishery Products International51350.00
Fleet Center, The7528,619.00
Flint Cleaners5100.00
Forest Hills Crematory6120.00
Forsyth Dental Center7634,044.00
Franciscan Childrens Hospital6664,000.00
Frankies Cleaners5100.00
Gardner Street Landfill770.00
General Mills Bakeries & Foodservice62114,000.00
Genzyme Corporation8202,470.00
Gf Revere Incorporated552,000.00
Gillette Company The9156748,140.00
Global Petroleum Corp.7139,864.00
Global Revco Terminal1218851,834.00
Global South Terminal L.L.C.6125,870.00
Globe Newspaper Company826272,222.00
Glyptal Inc515534,930.00
Goddard House6128,000.00
Graphic Arts Finshers Inc7422,454.00
Greyhound Lines Incorporated6410.00
Gulf Oil Lp Chelsea15268155,546.00
Hallet Street Landfill2828566.58
Hampden Automotive8726,076.00
Hans Cleaners550.00
Harbor Point51050.00
Harbor Towers I & Ii64933,440.00
Harvard Longwood Campus6719,423.00
Harvard Medical School770.00
Harvard Vangard Medical Associates7420.00
Hawthorne Place Condomidiums5100.00
Hebrew Rehabilitation Center62120,000.00
Hoffman Building774,000.00
Houghton Chemical Company1921511,190.00
Hurley Cleaners552,000.00
Irving Oil Terminals816978,156.00
Jamaicaway Tower51018,000.00
Jet A Way61136,000.00
Jewish Memorial Hospital5508,000.00
John Hancock Financial Services Inc728308.00
John Hancock Mutual52017,240.00
John Hancock Tower6174,697.00
Kayem Foods, Inc53511,126.00
Keyspan Energy Delivery Cp Lng81126,009.00
Ladies Garment Center770.00
Lafarge North America88756,000.00
Leggat Mccall Properties5200.00
Lemuel Shattuck Hospital711244,000.00
Lincoln Property Company7350.00
Logan International Airport550.00
Ma Turnpike Authority550.00
Ma Turnpike Authority550.00
Ma Turnpike Authority550.00
Ma Turnpike Authority550.00
Ma Turnpike Authority550.00
Maaco Auto Painting51520,000.00
Mass College Of Art810616,000.00
Mass College Of Pharmacy & Health Servic51510,000.00
Mass Eye & Ear Infir6315,620.00
Mass General Hospital89212,000.00
Mass General Hospital62116,060.00
Mbta Albany Street Bus Garage7126200.00
Mbta Charleston Yard620115,600.00
Mbta Oper Cont Center5104,000.00
Mbta Orient Heights Carhouse7631,160.00
Mbta South Bay Maintenance5802,000.00
Mbta South Boston Power83016,000.00
Mbta South Station51016,000.00
Mdc Charles River Dam5508,000.00
Medical Area Total Energy93623,749,870.00
Mercantile Wharf Building51510,000.00
Merck Boston Research Center7140.00
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company550.00
Mission Main Develop770.00
Morgan Services Inc6176,000.00
Mspca Hospital5204,000.00
Multiprint Inc52510,000.00
Mwra Caruso Pumping5150.00
Mwra Central Maintenance Facility5250.00
Mwra Chelsea Creek8717,525.00
Mwra Columbus Park8586,536.00
Mwra Commercial Poin5200.00
Mwra Deer Island755282,838.00
Mwra Delaurie Pump Station8454,550.00
Mwra Fox Point Cso5150.00
Mwra Hyde Park Pump5250.00
Mwra Ward Street8376,547.00
Neponset Avenue Landfill28282,414.12
New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc5552,410.00
New Commonwealth Center550.00
New England Baptist Hospital88762,141.00
New England Casket Co711967,365.00
New England Home For Little Wanders662,030.00
New England Medical Center Hospital55518,000.00
New Model Cleaners554,000.00
North Revere Landfill28281,260.16
Northeastern University89661,560.00
Northgate Recycling6652,000.00
Northwest Airlines7320.00
Novelty Bias Bind Co5102,000.00
One Federal Street Building5200.00
One Lincoln Street550.00
One Post Office Square550.00
One Price Dry Cleaners550.00
Pepsi Cola Bottling5250.00
Perkinelmer Life Sciences Inc71895,501.00
Pillsbury Bakeries62112,000.00
Planned Parenthood7420.00
Poorvu Schlager Associaties5100.00
Quinzani Bakery Inc61712,000.00
Qwest Communications7350.00
Reit Management & Research Inc550.00
Ritz Carlton Hotel62712,940.00
Ritz Towers-Boston Commons74944,000.00
Riverway At Mission Park550.00
Rowes Wharf Condominium5250.00
Royal Label Company5550.00
Salvation Army6110.00
Sarni Original Dry Clean5106,000.00
Schrafft Center550.00
Second Street Associates550.00
Servolift Eastern Corporation91516.25
Signs By J Incorporated7142,000.00
Simmons College62710,169.00
Skychefs Vmf5400.00
Somerset Condominium770.00
South Bay Landfill28281,260.16
South Boston High School778,000.00
Sparkle Cleaners5100.00
Specialty Aluminum Incorporated5402,519.00
Spectacle Island Landfill2828641.33
Sprint-Boston Esolutions7281,577.00
St Elizabeths Medical Center619689,423.00
St Johns Seminary7280.00
St Marys Women & Infants7144,000.00
State Coat Front5152,000.00
State Street Bank550.00
Stearns Building550.00
Steel Art Co5305,626.00
Steinert Hall Building5100.00
Stop & Shop Company6491,850.00
Suffolk County Court62216,000.00
Summit Press Inc5152,000.00
Sunray Cleaners550.00
Synthon Ind Incorporated7914,000.00
Teradyne Inc9318,000.00
Teradyne Inc93210,000.00
Teva Pharmaceuticals Usa5300.00
Thomas Strahan Inc5152,000.00
Timilty School550.00
Town Of Bourne C&D Landfill & Msw Transfer Station28282,529.57
Tremont House Hotel6220.00
Trigen Boston Energy81573,223,500.00
Trigen Boston Energy Corp85810,000.00
Trigen Boston Energy Corp770.00
Tst 125 High Street Llc7140.00
Tufts University Boston Campus61222,387.00
Umass Boston Campus5702,000.00
Umass Medical School Jamica Plain78462,000.00
Umass Medical School Mbl550.00
Unifirst Corporation8552,907.00
United Airlines52020,268.00
United Auto Company Inc5150.00
United States Gypsum8296165,765.00
Us Air5150.00
Us Airways - Hanger6578,320.00
Us Barnes Bldg8534,254.00
Us Coast Guard51200.00
Us Postal Service Vm5253,335.00
Us Trust550.00
Us Va Medical Center819021,109.00
Usda Human Nutrition555359.00
Va Boston Healthcare System829230,523.00
Vencor Hospital Boston6170.00
Verizon Massachusetts5251,830.00
Verizon Massachusetts520940.00
Verizon Massachusetts5555,040.00
Verizon Massachusetts5201,020.00
Verizon New England7141,313.00
Verizon Wireless550.00
Village Forge Inc770.00
Vins Cleaners552,000.00
Wang Center6110.00
Warren Prescott School550.00
Washington Management Corporation7280.00
Wentworth Institute63623,660.00
West Roxbury Crushed Stone81532,000.00
Westin Hotel Copley5300.00
Whitmor Company Inc550.00
Whittemore Wright Company5152,845.00
Williams Communication7280.00
Winthrop Printing Company63640,000.00
World Trade Center7214,009.00
World Trade Center West Office Building770.00
Xo Communications Incorporated55348.00
Zoo New England51109,200.00