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Polluters in Norfolk County, Massachusetts
A Monti Granite Co Inc770.00
Aa Will Sand & Gravel8168,000.00
Academy Ave School7140.00
Advanced Signing Incorporated5404,714.00
Aggregate Industries1048286,002.94
Aggregate Industries9102110,800.70
Aggregate Industries N.E. Region7916,000.00
Aggregate Industries Northeast86538,000.00
Ainslie Corporation8705,122.00
Albert Basse Assoc Inc550.00
Alcoa Fasteningsystems8716,060.00
Am Steel & Aluminum774,081.00
American London7490.00
American Manufacturing5154,000.00
Analog Devices Incorporated5303,202.00
Animal Rescue League6174,000.00
Anp Bellingham7105293,282.00
Aquinas College At Milton660.00
Ark Les Corporation8302,481.00
Aveni Cleaners550.00
Avon Custom Mixing6860.00
Avon High School7144,000.00
Avon Tape Inc725236,108.00
Babson College512540,902.00
Bae Systems-Ocean Systems51015.00
Baker Brothers Systems5300.00
Barclay House The6176,000.00
Bay Shore Apartments550.00
Bayer Healthcare Llc712619,311.00
Bayer Healthcare Llc7983,844.00
Bellingham Cogeneration1862912,786.57
Bellingham Landfill28283,050.47
Bevilacqua Paving Company7210.00
Bfi Incorporated Of Massachusetts552,674.00
Bfi Randolph Landfill72210,000.00
Bird Incorporated Granular816581,040.00
Bird Incorporated Landfill28285,636.13
Bird Incorporated Roofing8288147,731.00
Bird Machine12117182,985.00
Blh Electronics5102,500.00
Boc Group, Inc.871459,113.00
Boston Offset Gannet5308,392.00
Boston Scientific Corporation8168,000.00
Boston Trailer Manufacturing Company5208,000.00
Brady Enterprises Inc5454,000.00
Braintree Electric9156300,411.00
Braintree Hospital Llc75220,000.00
Braintree Landfill282836,458.37
Braintree Landfill282833,434.19
Braman Screw Machine5150.00
Brookhouse Condominiums899106,000.00
Brookline Housing Authority770.00
Brookline Housing Authority7140.00
Brookline Housing Authority7144,000.00
Brookline Valet Serv5102,000.00
Callahan Company221917,633.00
Camger Chemical1827016,499.00
Canton Bronze Aluminum7494,000.00
Canton Landfill282822,477.67
Capstan Atlantic23732.00
Caritas Norwood Hosp89960,678.00
Castronics Incorporated7350.00
Casual Male Corporation5150.00
Casual Male Corporation61828,000.00
Central Cleaners550.00
Central Cleaners Incorported550.00
Chapman Mfg Co Inc7287,278.00
Charles River Pollution Control5100.00
Chase & Sons Inc71125,100.00
Chelsea Drum Company73510,000.00
Citgo Petroleum Corporation14160197,741.00
Clark Cutler Mcdermo821237,483.00
Clean Harbors Of Braintree116198,617.00
Coca Cola Bottling C52514,000.00
Cohassett Heights Demolition Landfill282811,433.86
Cohassett Landfill28281,250.94
Commercial Sheet Metal85440,095.00
Consolidated Coating79112,673.00
Country Club The774,000.00
Courier Stoughton712634,362.00
Cpc Incorporated57013,090.00
Cumberland Farms Inc87218,916.00
Cuming Corporation57052,000.00
Cw Knight Corporation77718,180.00
Deaconess Glover Hospital66210,041.00
Dean College57518,456.00
Dedham Holiday Inn7420.00
Dedham Landfill28284,438.89
Deer Hill School5104,000.00
Dependable Cleaners550.00
Dependable Cleaners550.00
Dependable Cleaners550.00
Dependable Dry Cleaners5100.00
Dexter Park Apartments5350.00
Douglas Mills Sales550.00
Dover Westwood Landfill28285,332.93
Draper Properties Incorporated85145,212.00
Dresser Flow Control/Masoneilan6814,430.00
Dynagraf Inc5518,000.00
E Parrella Company Inc718575.00
Ea Jones Elementry School7144,000.00
Ec Hilliard Corporation5153,244.00
Electrochem Canton770.00
Emc Corporation76311,516.00
Emerson & Cuming Composite Materials612313,441.00
Emerson & Cuming Specialty Polymers81243,579.00
Exelon Fore River Development Llc7141,820.00
Exelon West Medway Llc813744,000.00
Exhibit Group Giltsp5256,620.00
Express Cleaners558,000.00
Fabreeka International Inc7563,875.00
Factory Mutual Engineering61077,012.00
Fc Phillips Inc5150.00
Feeleys Company Inc5300.00
Flexcon Industries59538,106.00
Formal Wear Manageme5150.00
Foster Southeastern78110,000.10
Fox Hill Village5250.00
Foxboro High School5104,000.00
Foxborough Landfill28281,349.05
Foxborough Realty Associates77018,876.00
Franklin High School6170.00
Franklin Paint Co111216,129.00
Freeport Cleaners5150.00
Fw Olin College Of Engineering550.00
G&L Trilling House554,000.00
Gaf Materials Corp1127657,451.19
Garelick Farms Inc610654,000.00
Gas Recovery Systems Inc - Randolph721185,200.00
General Dynamics C4 Systems82311,000.00
General Dynamics Corporation810214,117.00
Geolabs Incorporated721300.00
George H Dean Company550.00
Goddard Center8896,000.00
Haemonetics Corporation51516,000.00
Healthsouth Braintree Rehab Hospital6214,000.00
Helen H Hansen Elem School550.00
Helix Hitemp Cables52015,960.00
Hilco-The Hilsinger Company5160142.00
Historic Reality550.00
Holbrook Kennedy School5100.00
Holbrook Landfill28281,235.39
Hollingsworth & Vose827497,299.00
Horace Mann School5100.00
Idc Bellingham770.00
Igo Administration Building7140.00
Independent Concrete Pipe8299,000.00
Industrial Heat Treatment8434,000.00
Industrial Precision Coatings Inc6326,000.00
Innovative Membrane924123,857.00
Instron Corporation62820,000.00
Interpolymer Corp.3630.00
Invensys Systems10516118,396.00
J P Dawe Jr Elem School550.00
J&J Corrugated Box Co87187,558.00
Joseph H Gibbons Elem School550.00
Keivan Towfigh5252,000.00
Keyspan Energy-Norwood52514.00
King Philip Regional62410,000.00
Kochman Reidt & Haigh53013,400.00
Lantor Incorporated5452,920.00
Level 3 Communications6261,094.00
Maaco Auto Painting779,600.00
Mass Bay Community College5256,000.00
Mass Lite Division74212,800.00
Mass Wrentham Development Center7136148,329.00
Massachusetts Electric660.00
Massachusetts Electric - Wollaston660.00
Massachusetts Hospital School88518,000.00
Massasoit Community College7140.00
Mbta Quincy Bus Garage6574,000.00
Mci Cedar Junction87886,000.00
Mci Norfolk798174,000.00
Medfield Landfill282833,434.19
Medway Landfill2828318.39
Medway Middle & High School7280.00
Microwave Development7701,387.00
Millis Landfill28281,477.03
Milton Hospital5908,270.00
Milton Landfill28282,986.09
Mini Systems Incorporated7210.00
Mwra Braintree Weymouth85770,244.00
Mwra Brookline Pump520116.00
Mwra Fore River Staging Area7252152,015.00
Mwra Houghs Neck5100.00
Mwra Nut Island Hdwrks87820,450.00
Needham Landfill28281,822.71
New England Sinai Hospital62116,000.00
Newman Building5108,000.00
Niles Company Incorporated, The5104,000.00
Nimrod Press814159,393.00
Norfolk Asphalt Company6490.00
Norfolk Landfill2828244.32
North Randolph Cleaner550.00
Northeast Concrete Products Corp.53014,000.00
Norwood (Pcb) Landfill2828318.39
Norwood Commerce Center8368,505.00
Norwood Landfill2828664.55
Odonnell Middle School5150.00
Old Millis Landfill2828318.39
Onyx Special Services Inc.112.54
Orchard Cove Inc770.00
Organogenesis Inc5601,884.00
Osgood Elementry School6124,000.00
Patriot Ledger The68618,000.00
Perkins Precoat65696,771.00
Pet Memorial Park83012,136.00
Pierce Junior High School550.00
Plainville Generating7770.00
Plainville Landfill8150112,298.00
Plainville Stock Co770.00
Plymouth Rubber Company11223442,201.00
Polaroid Corporation10522289,768.00
Precision Coating Company Incorporated5208,020.00
Proma Technologies8156102,816.00
Putnam Investments5356,000.00
Quality Craft Industries5706,916.00
Quarry Hills7710,938.00
Quarry Hills7562,248.00
Quincy Housing Authority770.00
Quincy Landfill282817,622.78
Quincy Medical Center865156,000.00
Quincy Point Church6272,000.00
Reebok World Headquarters5209,792.00
Regency Park5520,000.00
Reliance Printing Co5558,000.00
Rivkind Associates Inc5158,000.00
Rolls Royce Naval Marine5401,747.00
Rosemary Office Center62120.00
Rosenfeld Concrete Company6164,000.00
Runkle School552,000.00
Sarnafil Incorporated1112567,423.03
Savogran Company107610,871.00
Seach School7140.00
Senior Flexonics Incorporated621526.00
Sharon High School5250.00
Sharon Landfill28281,055.20
Sharon Middle School5100.00
Sharon Middle School5100.00
Sherman Printing Co Inc550.00
Smtc Manufacturing Corporation71542,577.00
South Elementary School550.00
South Shore Hospital811772,831.00
South Shore Plating Company Incorporated7222,000.00
Southeastern Concrete Incorporated8732,218.00
Southwood Community Hospital87112,076.00
Southwood Hospital Landfill282836,458.37
Speedline Technologies552,000.00
Sprague Energy10956,620.08
Sprague Energy Twin5352,678.00
State Street Bank - Westwood714137.00
State Street Bank Square81496,993.00
Std Manufacturing Incorporated5100.00
Stop & Shop Company53024,027.00
Stop & Shop Supermarket770.00
Stoughton High School5204,000.00
Summit Casting Corporation5150.00
Superior Cleaners556,000.00
Taylor School550.00
Tdl Inc7700.00
Tec Mark Plating72841.00
Thermo Iec5552,000.00
Thomas Carrigg & Son8220.00
Tl Edwards Inc8200136,000.00
Tl Edwards Inc8648,453.00
Top Coat Division Of Gaf Materials Corp7672,234.00
Toyota Lift Of Boston735824.00
Transkaryotic Therapies, Inc (Tkt)768584.00
Tresca Brothers Sand & Gravel911728,399.10
Tuthill Vacuum Systems5351,579.00
Twin Rivers Technology8201564,371.00
Tyco Electronics Corp88518,354.00
Tyco Valves & Controls Lp-Wrentham102043,284.00
United Aniline Company7210.00
Unquity Road Dump (Mdc)28282,225.17
Us Coast Guard Buoy5659,842.00
Varney Bros Sand & Gravel8222,230.00
Varney Brothers Sand & Gravel Inc81208,527.00
Verizon Massachusetts550.00
Vernon Towers Associ770.00
Village Cleaners550.00
Wellesley College8173289,441.00
Wellesley Holding Ii5100.00
Wellesley Public Schools5510,000.00
West Elementary School5100.00
Westerbeke Corporation59567,445.00
Westwood Landfill2828318.39
Weymouth Animal Detention Center5100.00
Weymouth Landfill282836,458.37
William I Horlick Company Incorporated5200.00
Wollaston Alloys Inc1140536,623.00
Wollaston Foundry6260.00
Wrentham Steel Products7421,301.00