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Polluters in Hampden County, Massachusetts
1350 Main Street7218,000.00
380 Union St Properties Llc73510,000.00
Adhesive Applications Inc-Dielectric127213,218.00
Aerospace Support550.00
Agawam School System7142,000.00
Agawam School System7140.00
Agri Mark Inc848164,325.00
Ahearn Landfill2828268.00
Ameresco Chicopee Energy, Inc550.00
American Electric Cable5151,000.00
American International College6174,000.00
American Lithography Corporation5534,000.00
American Saw & Manufacturing1127539,911.00
Ampad Corporation5200.00
Ampad Corporation5856,284.00
Ashley School770.00
Associated Electro Mechanics Inc627249.00
Astro Chemicals Inc.1212819.00
At&T Springfield7142,860.00
Atlas Founders Incorporated66421.00
Avery Dennison Corporation6603,929.00
Banas Sand & Gravel8222,000.00
Basf Corporation59510,082.00
Bassette Printers51012,000.00
Bay State Gas Co5102,000.00
Bay State Gas Company7420.00
Bayer Corp. Plastics Tech.1283.00
Baystate Medical Cen8155165,986.00
Beaudoin Village5200.00
Belmont Laundry611364.00
Berkshire Asphalt Co83716,000.00
Berkshire Industries5202,232.00
Berkshire Power Llc1772384,794.30
Birchland Park School7420.00
Blandford Demolition Landfill28281,235.73
Blandford Landfill2828448.10
Bondi'S Island Landfill7737,191.00
Buckeye Pipe Line Company Lp5304,760.00
Burt'S Furniture770.00
Cabotville Industrial Park61618,000.00
Caraustar Industries5609,320.00
Cascades Diamond Incorporated854118,160.00
Ceemi-West Springfild Station52181504,513.40
Center Cleaners & La776,000.00
Chemi Graphic Incorporated96618,320.00
Chestnut Park Assoc5108,000.00
Chestnut Street School5200.00
Chicopee Bowe School5100.00
Chicopee Bowie School5100.00
Chicopee Comp High S5156,000.00
Chicopee Concrete Sv64232,000.00
Chicopee Electric Light86942,335.00
Chicopee High School5304,000.00
Chicopee Housing Authority7280.00
Chicopee Housing Authority7280.00
Chicopee Provision Company7630.00
Chicopee Sanitary Landfill812995,400.00
Chicopee Selser School5100.00
Chicopee Streiber School5102,000.00
Churchill Coatings71444,001.00
City Cleaners Incorporated5150.00
Classical High Condominiums554,000.00
Columbia Manufacturing Incorporated86032,205.00
Commerce High School6336,000.00
Commonwealth Packaging Corp6212,109.00
Conn Valley Block Co5150.00
Construction Service8812,000.00
Construction Service8812,000.00
Converse Middle School5150.00
Corex Products Inc552,000.00
Cowing School770.00
Custom Marble Design550.00
Cw Realty Company61218,000.00
Danaher Tool Group1115217,499.00
Decorated Products76322,000.00
Don Roy'S Auto Body Inc51521.00
Dow Jones & Company Inc55510,000.00
Duggan Apartments5300.00
Duggan Middle School7420.00
Durham Manufacturing Co52036,511.00
East Longmeadow High7492,000.00
East Longmeadow Landfill282831,413.10
East Longmeadow Landfill282843,886.23
East Longmeadow Mountain View7210.00
Eastern Cast Hardware51010,000.00
Eastern Etchng & Manufacturing911057,934.00
Eaton Global Hose (Fka:Dana Corp.)82222,705.00
Eco/Springfield Llc1787283,940.31
Eh Friedrich Co554,000.00
Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation1491125,155.05
F&D Tool Company Inc5100.00
Facemate Corp82978,340.00
Fausey Elemtary School7140.00
Flair Cleaners5560.00
Fleming Industries552,000.00
Forest Park Middle School6186,000.00
Fort Meadow School550.00
Fountain Plating Company96131,558.02
Fp Mcnamara Rubbish Removal Incorporated550.00
Franklin Avenue School550.00
Freedman School5100.00
Friendly Ice Cream5406,000.00
Gas Recovery Systems - Chicopee728114,000.00
General Cleaners Of Holyoke550.00
General Dynamics Aviation Services5255,200.00
General Electric International81842,000.00
German Gerena School7280.00
Governors America Corp.112.43
Granville Landfill282821,587.53
Grasso Landfill28288,102.20
Hampden Animal Facil6110.00
Hampden Fence Supply5302,000.00
Hampden Landfill28288,550.80
Hampden Papers Inc711214,536.00
Hano Document Printe5254,868.00
Hasbro Games88483,313.00
Hazen Paper Company8223161,366.00
Hba Cast Products Company62113,420.00
Heatbath Corporation683378.00
Hercules Inc726311,032.00
Highland Laundry Co5150.00
Hillcrest Park Cemetary7280.00
Holiday Cleaners550.00
Holland Landfill28281,076.97
Holyoke Animal Hospital550.00
Holyoke Card Company714714,373.00
Holyoke Community College8862,000.00
Holyoke Gas & Electric Department832486,000.00
Holyoke Geriatric56534,000.00
Holyoke Hospital88642,178.00
Holyoke Landfill28286,549.97
Holyoke Mall At Ingleside51512,000.00
Holyoke Soldiers Home54524,000.00
Holyoke Tire & Auto550.00
Holyoke Water Power Company7513716,113,699.51
Holyoke Wwt Plant7771,590,243.00
Hp Hood Inc6166,508.00
Indian Orchard Elemetary School5100.00
Indian Orchard Mill5204,000.00
Industrial Etching5104,000.00
International Metal Products554,000.00
International Paper62222,160.00
James Austin Company7234,873.00
Jen-Coat Inc53532,000.00
John R Lyman Co6162,000.00
John S Lane & Son Inc811488,392.00
Junior High School5150.00
Juniper Park School7140.00
K And M Electronics78319,830.00
Kelly School Holyoke5200.00
Kensington School5100.00
Kimball Companies The550.00
Kimball Condominiums5106,000.00
Knowlton Disposal Landfill28281,652.46
Laminating Coating Technologies Inc82126,492.00
Lane Construction Co86076,862.00
Le Belcher Incorporated5520,000.00
Longmeadow High School54010,000.00
Longmeadow Williams5208,000.00
Longview Fibre Co64413,465.00
Ludlow Industrial Realties844100,000.00
Ludlow Landfill2828586.83
Ludlow Senior Center5100.00
Ludlow Textiles Company Inc72858,000.00
Luster On Products69631.00
Lyman Terrace5150.00
Lynch Middle School5150.00
M.T. Sullivan Landfill28286,549.97
Ma Ang 104 Fighter Wing92827,200.00
Ma Monson Developmental Center735148,000.00
Maaco Auto Painting51016,000.00
Marcus Printing Company5100.00
Mary M Lynch School5100.00
Mass Mutual Insurance89653,483.00
Mastex Industries Incorporated5250.00
Mckinstry Incorporated5251,460.00
Memorial School6116,000.00
Memorial School7140.00
Mercy Medical Center84540,228.00
Mestek Incorporated513516,000.00
Mile Tree664,000.00
Minnechaug High5156,000.00
Mittinague School660.00
Monarch Place550.00
Monson Junior & Senior High School5102,000.00
Monson Landfill28281,235.73
Monson Small Animal Clinic5100.00
Mount Tom Box Co Inc55274.00
Mullen Testers6110.00
National Metal Finishing, Inc6268,343.00
New England Custom Coaters6258,100.00
New England Etching711212,641.00
Noble Hospital71260.00
Northampton Landfill28284,914.14
Northeast Seat Company667.00
Nova Chemicals Inc875123,937.00
Nu Visions Mfg. L.L.C.114.00
Old Colony Envelope51542,000.00
Olympic Manufacturing Group7356,249.00
Omniglow Corporation93829,770.00
Our Lady Of Elms College7352,931.00
Our Lady Sacred Heart5100.00
Package Printing Co5404,000.00
Palmer Foundry Incorporated52523,245.00
Palmer High School7560.00
Palmer Landfill28281,923.33
Palmer Landfill282831,413.10
Palmer Landfill28286,549.97
Palmer Old Mill Pond School7350.00
Palmer Paving Corp116734,815.56
Palmer Paving Corporation118953,364.52
Palmer Wwt Plant7210.00
Park Cleaners Inc5102.00
Park View Specialty Hospital65154,090.00
Pioneer Valley Plating550.00
Plastic Packaging Company52020,000.00
Poly Metal Finishing1016512,300.00
Polymer Injection Molding5302,315.00
Pottenger School5150.00
Powder Mill Middle School5100.00
Pratt & Austin Company Inc5100.00
Profiles Inc550.00
Providence Hospital63440,000.00
Putnam Vocational High School79110,000.00
Quarryhill Comm School550.00
Randolph Prods. Co.364,060.00
Rathbone Precision Metals7379,646.00
Rb Enterprises778,000.00
Reeds Landing5852,452.00
Republican Company T51105,537.00
Rinker Matls - New England Pipe7140.00
Riverview Apartments5250.00
Robinson Gardens5150.00
Rock Tenn Company51308,000.00
Roma Marble Inc6710,023.00
Rotadyne Decorative Technologies5407,286.00
Russell Demolition Landfill28281,235.73
Samuel Bowles School5100.00
Savage Arms Incorporated7354,000.00
Sisters Of Providence5200.00
Smith & Wesson88952,430.00
Smith Avenue School5150.00
Smurfit-Stone Container Corp62752,000.00
Solutia Incorporated1825942,347,026.30
South Campus Group Llc88115,245.00
South Hadley Wwtp5151,327.00
South Middle School5156,000.00
Southampton Road School5100.00
Southwick Tolland Rhs7210.00
Southworth Company5100.00
Southworth Company61717,613.00
Springfield Cemetery7280.00
Springfield Civic Center5150.00
Springfield College57527,200.00
Springfield Industrial Center61244,000.00
Springfield Landfill2828348.04
Springfield Landfill2828348.04
Springfield Landfill28281,235.73
Springfield Landfill28281,235.73
Springfield Landfill28286,549.97
Springfield Library & Museum51014,000.00
Springfield Municipal Heating Plant74224,000.00
Springfield Municipal Operations Center5150.00
Springfield Priority Mail Processing Cen770.00
Springfield School Department550.00
Springfield Sheraton5250.00
Springfield State Of7280.00
Springfield Technical College87112,000.00
Springfield Wastewater Treatment Plant74913,480.00
Springfield Wire Inc62613,080.00
Sprint Communications7282,964.00
Standard Plating Incorporated770.00
Stanley Cleaners5150.00
Star Press770.00
Stony Brook Energy Center81591,634,094.00
Storms Forge Incorporated7172,945.00
Strathmore Paper Co Landfill282831,413.10
Suddekor L.L.C.66146.00
Sullivan Paper Company812744,685.00
Tatham School7140.00
Ted Ondrick Company Llc87832,483.00
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Station 26179140,452.00
Texon Usa830230,668.00
Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control Center550.00
Titeflex Corporation829837,447.00
Toepfert Apartments5200.00
Top-Flight Golf Company8226145,637.00
Totsy Manufacturing550.00
Trident Alloys Inc550.00
Tyco Healthcare Ludlow822531,518.00
U S Tsubaki Inc Automotive Division6373,694.00
U.S. Air Force Westover Joint Arb123.00
Unifirst Corp81699.00
Unifirst Corporation520442.00
Universal Plastic Corporation555,120.00
Us Postal Service6128,000.00
Us Postal Service Vm550.00
Us Tsubaki Incorporated6176,676.00
Utility Mfg Co550.00
Valley Plating Incorporated5251,220.00
Verizon Massachusetts (Springfield)5154,315.00
Vertis Inc95375,678.00
Vision American Saw Llc550.00
Wales Dump282811,472.37
Wales Landfill282810,299.91
Washington Street School5100.00
West Springfield Housing5100.00
West Springfield Senior High School74910,000.00
Western Bronze Incorporated550.00
Western Mass Hospital68711,956.00
Western Mass Rendering Co Inc7216,000.00
Westfield Coatings Corporation1125335,195.00
Westfield Electroplating Co8159,385.00
Westfield Gage Company Incorporated72114,054.00
Westfield Grinding Wheel6615.00
Westfield High5156,000.00
Westfield State College882144,560.00
Westfield Twiss Street Sanitary Landfill550.00
Westfield Vocational High School5100.00
Westover Air Reserve Base926958,984.00
Westover Job Corps Center6214,000.00
Westside Finishing77771.00
White Street School5100.00
Wilbraham Demolition Landfill2828374.76
Wilbraham Industrial Park662,000.00
Wing Memorial Hospital7490.00
Wizard Auto Body Incorporated552,000.00
Woodland Elementary7140.00
Wrap Arounds Incorporated515500.00
Ymca Of Greater Springfield6120.00
Ymca Westfield7280.00
Zielinski Ash Land Application2828201.63