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Polluters in Bristol County, Massachusetts
Aa Will Materials-Freetown Quarry73534,000.00
Acs Auxiliaries Group71058,600.00
Acushnet Company - Ball Plant Iii58012,795.00
Acushnet Company Plant #210231353,645.00
Acushnet Company-Plant I10181187,956.00
Ad A Day Company Incorporated6517,333.00
Adm Cocoa816830,121.00
Adminstration School Building770.00
Advanced Cast Produc64614,000.00
Aerovox Incorporated51303,485.00
Af Ford Junior High School7144,000.00
Afc Cable Systems770.00
Afc Cable Systems615210,575.00
Aggregate Industries82946,000.00
Aggregate Industries8828,000.00
Albany International5301,560.00
Alberox Corporation61205,421.00
Allegheny Rodney918035,552.00
Allen Avenue School5100.00
Alviti Realty Incorporated5100.00
American Auto Auction778,000.00
American Dryer Corp7420.00
American Insulated Wire1322186,925.10
American Light Fixture7777,179.00
American Seafoods International Llc5304,640.00
Anbar Non Ferrous550.00
Animal Rescue League Fall River5100.00
Animal Rescue League New Bedford5100.00
Argus Reality83154,660.00
At&T Fairhaven5556,639.00
Attleboro High Schoo5300.00
Attleboro Housing Authority5300.00
Attleboro Lfg Utilization Project515188,000.00
Attleboro Water Pollution Control Fac71293,400.00
Auto Finishing Company6372,000.00
Automatic Machine Pr63633,175.00
Avon Zatek7213,740.00
B And F / Bfi Landfill282819,577.39
B&J Manufacturing Co7986,006.00
Babs Foundry Incorporated6639.00
Bacon Felt Company Inc71829,344.00
Baker Mfg Inc550.00
Bay State Crucible81130.00
Bay State Gas Co7280.00
Bay Village550.00
Bayside Laminating525279.00
Berkley Farms550.00
Berkley Landfill28289,904.76
Bfi Fall River Landfill81617,730.00
Bishop Connolly High School82310,000.00
Bishop Feehan High School6128,000.00
Bishop Stang High School774,000.00
Biw Cable Systems72884.00
Biw Cable Systems5306,048.00
Bliss Bros Dairy Inc7140.00
Bmc Durfee High School5150.00
Borden & Remington1211048,637.00
Border City Mill #1884,000.00
Borge Landfill282840,502.10
Boro Sand & Stone Corporation91112,559.30
Bristol Community Co54010,333.00
Bristol Community Co5650.00
Bristol County Jail5306,000.00
Bristol Pacific-Howard Arthur Mills6614,000.00
Bristol Plymouth Regional Tech School81302,164.00
Brittany Dyeing & Printing Corp.9472225,348.00
Bs Realty Ltd Ptr5104,580.00
Carney Bros Construction550.00
Catholic Memorial Home6120.00
Cecil Smith Landfill28285,236.85
Century Llc5510,000.00
Ceramics Process System550.00
Cgi Circuits Incorporated631962.56
Ch Yates Rubber Company75630,000.00
Charlton Memorial Ho8109136,746.00
Chase Street School5200.00
Chf Industries770.00
City Of New Bedford, North Terminal Wharf.44328.28
Clarks Cove Realty6228,000.00
Clean Rentals Inc5455,035.00
Clean Rentals Incorp550.00
Cliftex Corporation51520,000.00
Coaters Inc822527,632.00
Coelho Middle School5100.00
Community Elementary School6220.00
Composite Modules Incorporated56012,911.00
Coyle Cassidy High School7148,000.00
Coyne Textile Servic64116,110.00
Craft Incorporated6262,095.00
Crapo Hill Landfill56532,780.00
Crown Service System83716,320.00
Cs Ashley School5100.00
Cti Cryogenics9934,786.50
Cumberland Eng.24510.00
Dartmouth High School770.00
Dartmouth Landfill28285,433.92
Dartmouth Middle School776,000.00
Dartmouth Power Assocates8151211,071.00
Dartmouth Wwtp55512,000.00
Datel Inc.1112.40
Delkin Superior Dry Cleaners550.00
Depuy Orthopaedics Inc. A Johnson & Johnson Co.1110.00
Depuy Orthopaedics Incorporated61314,998.00
Dighton Industries62134,000.00
Dighton Landfill28283,369.51
Dighton Power Assocates735122,254.00
Dighton Rehoboth Regional High School8246,000.00
Diman Regional Vocational Technical Sch83112,000.00
Doranco Incorporated75610,479.00
Durfee Union Mills73548,000.00
Duro Finishing Inc12308552,786.05
Duro Industries Plant 27185129,107.00
Duro Textile Printer7263169,047.00
Early Learning Center5100.00
Easton Junior High School6188,000.00
Easton Landfill2828535.64
Easton Middle School6124,000.00
Elbe Cesco Unionbook5204,660.00
Elizabeth Hasting Middle School6110.00
Engineered Materials Solutions10147950,864.00
Engineered Yarns Co Div Of Pascale Ind5202,000.00
Epec Incorporated836514,761.00
Ergste Westig Massachusetts, Lp5203,180.00
Erika Realty Trust7212,885.00
Eureka Mfg Company89994,119.00
Fairhaven High School5100.00
Fairhaven Landfill2828700.09
Fairhaven Town Of550.00
Fall River Herald News5100.00
Fall River Ssi5135138,309.00
Falls School5100.00
Fibre Leather Manufacturing1015319,711.00
Filtraion Specialties Inc749932.00
Finberg School5100.00
Forecaster Of Boston5150.00
Fortifiber Corp89332,000.00
Francis J Barresi Heights7140.00
Freetown Elementry School5100.00
Freetown Landfill2828586.38
G&W Foundry Corporat714298.00
Garment Express Inc5253,230.00
Gas Recovery Services Incorporated721302,540.00
General Cable101385,648.00
General Dynamics C4 Systems825114,840.00
General Metal Finish1010414,190.01
George H Potter School666,033.00
Glad Realty61218,000.00
Glines & Rhodes Incorporated7852.60
Global Companies Llc85714,047.00
Gold Medal Bakery612360,376.00
Griffin Street Corporation7146,000.00
Grinnell Mill Realty Trust7140.00
Hallsmith Sysco Food5857,339.00
Harodite Industries Inc822984,641.00
Hathaway Mills Llc6644,053.00
Heat Transfer Products714652.00
Helix Technology Corp721818.00
Henri A Yelle School5150.00
Heritage Heights7210.00
Hill Roberts School5100.00
Homeland Builders76313,726.00
Hub Folding Box Company63142,860.00
Illegal Landfill Site28283,101.73
Independent Nail Company8437,582.00
Infinity Holding Llc86770,001.00
Interplex Etch Logic L.L.C.126.00
Interstate Coffee Se6236,000.00
Isp Freetown Fine Chemicals12244183,580.00
Jc Corrigan Mental Health Center5308,000.00
Jc Penney5150.00
Jefferson Realty Partnership550.00
Jeweled Cross Co7564,000.00
Jms Manufacturing Company5652,060.00
John J Doran School5100.00
Johnson And Wales Inn5304,782.00
Jordan Jackson School5154,000.00
Joseph Demello School556,000.00
Jostens Inc78216,000.00
Justin Clothing Co5106,000.00
Jw Martin School5150.00
Ken-Lac Inc.1151.00
Kilburn Isotronics7931,631.00
Kilmartin Industries555326.00
Kirkhill-Ta Co Haskon Div920796,779.00
Korber Hats Incorporated51016,000.00
L&S Industries Inc550.00
Lally Column Corp774,642.00
Lally Column Corp556,080.00
Larson Tool & Stamping Company7911,548.00
Leach & Garner Company713811,623.00
Lightolier Fall River833146,000.00
Main Street Textile79812,753.00
Main Street Textiles6117,632.00
Mansfield High School5200.00
Mansfield Landfill28284,667.18
Mantrose Haeuser Co78962,643.00
Manufacturers Realty7428,000.00
Marathon Co7352,000.00
Marian Manor Incorporated6120.00
Mason Box Co The5100.00
Mccabe Sand & Gravel Co7181.44
Mello Investment Trust7286,142.00
Mello Landfill282868,382.38
Metalor Technologies Usa1113315,906.00
Metalor Technologies Usa816845,894.00
Metfab Engineering52511,948.00
Mildred Aitkens Elementary School5150.00
Mj Kuss Middle School5152,000.00
Morse Sand & Gravel662,000.01
Morton Hospital Corp89816,430.00
Morton Middle School51512,000.00
Motorola Incorporated5354,208.00
Mt Hope Street Sanitary Landfill55532,997.00
Mustang Partners6120.00
My Bread Baking Co10167112,360.00
N Purchase Cemetary6320.00
Nashawena Mills81616,109.00
Natural Pharmaceuticals Inc10105,328.00
New Bedford / Shawmut Ave Landfill282825,678.56
New Bedford Aj Gomes5154,000.00
New Bedford Carney Academy5250.00
New Bedford City Hall Annex550.00
New Bedford Economic Development5254,000.00
New Bedford High School5152,000.00
New Bedford Keith Junior High School51528,000.00
New Bedford Mcfadden5104,000.00
New Bedford Mt Pleasant5200.00
New Bedford Normadin53510,004.00
New Bedford Pulaski School5408,000.00
New Bedford Regional High School72842,041.00
New Bedford Rehabilitation Hospital63212,000.00
New Bedford Rodrigues Adminstration Bldg52510,000.00
New Bedford Roosevelt Junior High School5200.00
New Bedford Superior770.00
New Bedford Thread Co5100.00
New Bedford Water Po67714,993.00
New England Gas Company81784,188.00
New England Plastic5252,000.00
New England Sterling565114.00
North American Thread85024,689.00
North Attleboro Amvet Elemtry School5200.00
North Attleboro Comm629218,000.00
North Attleboro Middle School5354,000.00
North Elementry School5100.00
Norton Landfill28281,912.31
Norton Paper Company Landfill28289,904.76
Norwell Mfg Company76410,640.00
Notre Dame School5100.00
Nunes Landfill282865,380.87
Old Norton Dump2828324.45
Olin Aegis Incorporated61354,693.00
Oliver Ames High School6120.00
Olsons Greenhouses72844,000.00
Oxford School6114,000.00
Parallax Power Components Aerovox Div.1211,015.00
Paratronix Incorporated553,128.00
Pcl Packaging7988,060.00
Pepperell Mills5150.00
Peter Thacher Middle School7210.00
Petnel Properties Llc7140.00
Pharmasol Corporation713357,654.00
Phoenix Color Corp550.00
Pj Keating Co8136142,000.00
Plating Technology Inc5408,000.00
Point Gloria Trust5100.00
Polaroid Holding Corportion12408539,100.00
Polymetallurgical Corporation81803,327.00
Precise Packaging Incorporated5105,360.00
Presidential Heights550.00
Prime Laminating776,000.00
Professional Contract837743.60
Purity Services Inc5658,000.00
Quaker Fabric Corp Of Fall River- N8847,510.00
Quaker Fabric Corporation826969,531.00
Quaker Fabric Plant550.00
Quaker Fabric Plant J668,400.00
Quality Concrete6226,000.00
Qualters Middle School5100.00
Quantum Catalytics Llc616600.00
Quebecor World Rpc723368,754.00
Raynham Sanitary Landfill353594,573.57
Raynham Taunton Greyhounds550.00
Re Smith Printing5358,100.00
Reed & Barton Silver1024662,290.20
Reflek Corporation6274,000.00
Regency Towers I5200.00
Rehoboth Landfill2828435.12
Revere Copper Products619382,050.00
Rex Cut Products Incorporated7210.00
Reynolds Dewalt Printing Inc5256,000.00
Riverside Cemetary770.00
Riverside Manufacturing Co5207,982.00
Robbins Co595533.00
Robbins Manufacturing Co Inc550.00
Rolands Tire Service550.00
Roma Color Inc6534,866.00
Roosevelt School5100.00
Rosemar Silver Company610712,438.30
Roth Tec Engraving Corp7121,295.00
Rotundo Precast Incorported59028,922.00
Ryan Iron Works Incorporated550.00
Sagamore Mill #1774,000.00
Satkin Mills660.00
Sea Watch Internatio552,000.00
Sea Watch International Ltd7144,285.00
Seekonk High School6128,000.00
Seekonk Landfill2828393.38
Shane Realty Trust662,000.00
Shawomet Gardens76316,000.00
Shepard Clothing Co5510,000.00
Silver City Aluminum57023,899.00
Slade Laundry Inc52510,000.00
Slade School5100.00
Somerset High School7280.00
Somerset Junior High School5150.00
Somerset Operations Inc (Nrg Energy)7923012,638,954.54
South School5100.00
Southeastern Regional Voc High School716812,000.00
St Annes Hospital85040,000.00
St Anthony Schools550.00
St Gobain Performance Plastics5405,608.00
St Lukes Hospital815046,022.00
Stafford Place Condominiums770.00
Standard Times5555,200.00
Star Holdings Lp525202.00
State Road Cement Block5100.00
Stern Leach Company66730,215.00
Stern Leach Company828617,935.00
Stevens Service Corp7147,347.00
Stillwater Fasteners5400.00
Stone Container Corp64130,000.00
Stonehill College62212,000.00
Studley School7210.00
Sturdy Memorial Hosp611458,921.00
Sullivans Ledge Landfill282818,974.84
Sun Chemical Corporation7144,000.00
Superior Court Building7144,000.00
Swan Finishing Company10244340,024.06
Swan Finishing Company881,984.00
Swank Incorporated67429,136.00
Swank Incorporated8161,092.00
Swansea Brown Elementary School662,000.00
Swansea Case High School7140.00
Taco Inc8503,054.00
Tamer Industries Incorporated76317,200.00
Taunton Catholic Middle School7144,000.00
Taunton Landfill28284,149.82
Taunton Landfill Gas829122,252.00
Taunton Municipal Light - Cleary Flood49278770,127.82
Taunton State Hospit54046,000.00
Taunton Stove Company Incorporated7282,156.00
Tech-Etch Incorporated5105,881.00
Teknor Apex Company11217299,068.00
Texas Instruments Inc93731,119,640.60
Tillotson Complex992153,638.00
Tillotson Rubber Company61110,038.00
Tilly Realty71412,000.00
Timbacc Realty Inc81513,661.00
Titleist & Foot Joy81237,768.00
Titleist & Foot Joy Worldwide545197.00
Titleist Bldg C711218,941.00
Tobey Realty550.00
Tweave Incorporated519012,026.00
Tyco Electronics810620,802.00
Umass Dartmouth8188275,780.00
Umass New Bedford55514,000.00
Union Energy Corporation515190,000.00
Us Assemblies-New England6264,892.00
Usgen New England Incorporated82722111,901,170.97
Valentine Tool & Stamping Incorporated52510,000.00
Verizon Massachusetts5201,160.00
Verizon Massachusetts5202,480.00
Vh Blackinton & Company91813,285.00
Wading River Pumping Station5154,000.00
Wakefield Engineering51155,285.00
Walter A Furman Co7919,180.00
Walton & Lonsbury Incorporated6362,001.00
Wampanoag Mill664,000.00
Wamsutta Middle School550.00
Waters Technology Corporation11420140,114.33
West Street Wtp5200.00
Westend Laundry Inc550.00
Westport Landfill2828461.64
Whaling Mfg Company Inc550199.00
Wheaton College8179106,840.00
World Color Book Ser617358,377.00
Ymca Of New Bedford7140.00