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Polluters in Berkshire County, Massachusetts
Adams Landfill28283,699.33
Adams Laundry & Dry8234,979.00
Adams Memorial School7140.00
Adams Plunkett School7280.00
Ah Rice Corporation72126,000.00
Berkshire Community7350.00
Berkshire Concrete5100.00
Berkshire Concrete Corporation5521.00
Berkshire Eagle660.00
Berkshire Gas North Adams5308,000.00
Berkshire Gas Pittsfield52512,000.00
Berkshire Medical Center89986,843.00
Berkshire Mill Apartments5516,000.00
Browning Ferris Industries5150.00
Ceemi-Doreen Street8224,000.00
Ceemi-Woodland Road8224,000.00
Cheshire Dump2828248.32
Cole Avenue Dump2828462.26
Commonwealth Sprague57519,171.00
County Concrete Corporation5250.00
Crane & Company Inc832180,002.00
Crane & Company Inc810144,321.00
Crosby Elementary School845793.00
Curtis Fine Papers844306,502.00
Drury High School7280.00
Eco/Pittsfield Llc1784207,648.87
Egremont Landfill282817,024.81
Egremont Landfill28282,051.99
Electronic Concepts Inc7126198.00
Elm Street Dump2828475.72
Excelsior Printing550.00
Excelsior Process & Engraving5200.00
Fox River Paper Company8218718,954.00
General Electric Company560588.00
General Sand & Stone664,000.00
Gl&V Impco-Jones Inc5100.00
Gl&V Usa Inc552,000.00
Great Barrington Landfill2828422.54
Hancock Landfill282815,117.89
Herberg Middle School837844.00
Hillcrest Hospital86415,077.00
Hinsdale Transfer Station Ts Since 198028281,135.66
Holland Company Inc73314,005.00
Hoosac Water Quality District8221,338.00
Kimball Farms5102,000.00
Kimberly / Clark Landfill282821,955.73
Lamson & Goodnow Man5258,000.00
Lane Construction Co83622,000.00
Lane Construction Co88960,542.00
Lane Construction Corporation52516,000.00
Lee Landfill2828517.11
Lee Landfill28282,051.99
Lee School District5102,000.00
Lenox Landfill28281,265.11
Macdermid Graphic Arts1230,341.00
Mass College Of Liberal Arts63716,000.00
Maxymillian Technologies Incorporated5516,000.00
Maxymillian Technologies Incorporated550.00
Minery Dump28282,051.99
Miss Halls School6172,000.00
Modern Aluminum Anod811015,024.00
Modern Aluminum Anodizing5400.00
Monument Mt Regional62210,000.00
Morningside School525986.00
Morrison Berkshire5250.00
Mount Everett School5206,000.00
Mra Laboratories7351,701.00
Mra Laboratories Incorporated7706,950.00
Mt Greylock School District61814,000.00
Mw Custom Papers, Llc - Laurel Mill1190359,954.02
Mw Custom Papers, Llc - Willow Mill11149322,636.02
New Marlborough Landfill28281,265.11
North Adams Regional Hospital8879,555.00
North Adams Sanitary Landfill282826,251.43
North Berkshire Vocational School5254,000.00
Old Stone Mill5252,000.00
Oldcastle Architectural Pdts8275262,878.00
Otis Landfill2828380.42
Pittsfield Cemetery7140.00
Pittsfield Generating9313533,366.00
Pittsfield High School8702,993.00
Pittsfield Landfill282843,079.30
Pittsfield Municipal Landfill550.00
Pittsfield Sand & Gr61156,000.00
Pittsfield Wwt Plant550.00
Powder Shield Technology7491,190.00
Reid Middle School8461,368.00
Royal Cleaners & Launderers5102,000.00
Royal Plating & Poli550.00
Rus Of Pittsfield54522,000.00
Savoy Landfill2828574.75
Schweitzer Mauduit9267688,537.00
Schweitzer Mauduit88821,954.00
Sheffield Landfill282816,920.73
Silvio O Conte Middle School7280.00
Specialty Minerals111486776,261.15
Stetson Sanitone Cleaners550.00
Stockbridge Landfill2828261.43
Taconic High School81014,861.00
Treet Cleaners5100.00
Verizon New England Incorporated5150.00
Wahconah Regional High School5250.00
Warren Farms Landfill2828447.44
Westfield Paper Co Landfill28282,983.77
Williams College893486,545.00
Williams Elementary Sch - Pittsfield52554.00
Williamstown Schools5100.00
Windsor Landfill282813,938.74
Ymca Pittsfield550.00