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Polluters in Barnstable County, Massachusetts
102fw/Sptg-Eso Mass Ang Base794561,946.00
Accurate Plastics In812712,411.00
Acme Laundry Company662,000.00
Acme Laundry Company5100.00
Aggregate Industries8156,000.00
Aggregate Industries6164,000.00
Animal Rescue League7210.00
Associates Of Cape Cod Inc5100.00
Barnstable Grade 5550.00
Barnstable High School550.00
Barnstable Landfill28288,454.14
Barnstable Middle School550.00
Bfi Yarmouth770.00
Bourne High School5106,000.00
Bourne Landfill338824,314.27
Brewster Landfill282815,729.54
Cape Cod Coffee Co7140.00
Cape Cod Hospital715464,000.00
Cape Cod Potato Chips57015,200.00
Cape Cod Ready Mix Inc.110.20
Cape Cod Redi Mix Concrete6310.00
Cape Cod Redi Mix Concrete5200.00
Cape Cod Regional Te5300.00
Cape Cod Times5202,260.00
Chatham Elementry School7210.00
Chatham Junior Senior High School72142,000.00
Chatham Landfill28281,995.05
Dennis Demolition Landfill2828645.11
Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School5252,000.00
Eastham Landfill282825,865.90
Ec Stone School5102,000.00
Falmouth Disposal Area Landfill28281,324.62
Falmouth High School5152,000.00
Falmouth Hospital5256,000.00
Falmouth Ready Mix Inc.110.10
Falmouth Teaticket School550.00
Forrestdale School5104,000.00
Harwich Junior & Sen5150.00
Harwich Landfill28283,348.97
Hyannis Sand & Grave6452,040.00
Hyannis Sand & Gravel6118,000.00
Keyspan Energy Delivery New England79164,914.00
Lawrence Lynch Corp84523,302.00
Lawrence Redi Mix6351,126.00
Lawrence Redi Mix631708.00
Lyle Junior High Sch552,000.00
Ma Army National Guard63112,012.00
Ma Cape Cod & Islands Mental Health Ctr550.00
Marine Biological Laboratory515515,752.00
Mashpee Landfill282827,623.77
Mass Maritime Academy821319,369.00
Mattacheese Middle School5150.00
Me Small Elementry School5152,000.00
Mirant - Canal4934570,525,129.50
Morse Pond School5100.00
Nauset Regional High5154,000.00
Nauset Regional Middle School5154,000.00
Oak Ridge School5100.00
Orleans Landfill Transfer Station Since 19902828513.43
Otis Air Force Base Landfill28281,927.99
Otis Memorial Elemen5102,000.00
Provincetown Landfill28281,635.22
Sandwich High School550.00
Sandwich Municipal Landfill35352,747.26
Sencorp Systems Incorporated5206,456.00
Sentinel Products770.00
Shepley Wood Product63242,724.00
Stony Hill Animal Clinic714192.00
Town Of Truro Landfill/Ts Since 6-30-902828508.14
U.S. Air Force Mass Otis Ang Base 102nd Fighter Wing112.00
Upper Cape Cod Regional Voc School5204,000.00
Us Air Force Cape Cod88148,026.00
Us Coast Guard Eh&S Department742040,094.00
Wellfleet Landfill2828812.80
Wixon Middle School6170.00
Woods Hole Ocean Institute5202,000.00
Yarmouth Sanitary Landfill71418,471.00
Yarmouth Wwtp7218,000.00