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Polluters in Livingston Parish, Louisiana
Bercen, Inc. Southern Div.11637.20
Bp America Prod/Lockhart Crossing Cf # 16197120,000.00
Delta Environmental Products,Inc61587,550.00
Denbury Resources Inc/Lockhart Cross Wilcox Cf3590656,000.00
East Jordan Iron Works734256,010.00
Griffin Industries, Inc6182,000.00
Plains Marketing Lp/Lockhart Crossing1310,000.00
Shaw Sunland Fabricators Inc.6810,886.00
Starling Inc.227,824.00
Stratco Operating Co/Weyerhaeuser 19 #1 Pf41348,000.00
The Shaw Group/Sunland Fabricators132250,000.00
Tmr Exploration Inc/ Lvg Wxi Ra Su Lb63038,000.00
Union Pacific Res/Livingston Central31634,000.00
Waste Management Of La, Llc/Woodside Landfill3545395,535.27
Weyerhaeuser Co/Holden Sawmill & Log Process52081,150,000.00