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Polluters in Iberville Parish, Louisiana
Dow Chemical Co/La Operations71154427,827,138.93
Entergy Gsi/Willow Glen483098,448,954.68
Georgia Gulf Chem & Vinyls Llc/Plaquemine624415,753,924.01
Atofina Petrochemicals Inc/Cosmar Styrene Plnt194312,432,266.28
Ciba Specialty/St. Gabriel Plant444031,754,384.09
Cora Texas Mfg Inc/Sugar Mill6361,432,000.00
Southern Natural Gas/White Castle Cs675918,000.00
Lig Liquids Co Llc/Plaquemine Gas622878,000.00
Texas Petro Investment Co/Bayou Bleu Fld Prod6143400,000.00
Texas Eastern Transmission, Lp/White Castle Cs516382,000.00
Petro Hunt Llc/Byu Henry Ctl Fac440252,000.00
Air Products & Chemicals,Inc/St. Gabriel894222,557.00
Jp Oil Co/White Castle Fld6244216,000.00
Hilcorp Energy Co/Frog Lake582216,000.00
G & A International/Bayou Sorrel448212,000.00
Lbc Baton Rouge Llc/Sunshine Term16141175,418.01
Hilcorp Energy Co/Nw Bayou Choctaw555172,000.00
Gruy Petroleum Mgmt Co/Bayou Bouillon Pf545158,000.00
Atofina Petrochem Inc/Carville Polystyrene12269145,266.00
Bligh Petroleum Inc/Bayou Choctaw Fld Prod Fac679136,000.00
Pioneer Americas Inc721134,025.00
Oleum Operating Co, Lc/Bayou Des Glaises-Wilbert Mineral B Lease641122,000.00
Petroquest Energy Llc/Eex Corp Pf #1524112,000.00
Air Products & Chemicals,Inc/Dinitrotoluene728102,854.00
La Intrastate Gas Co./Myrtle Grove C.S.31296,000.00
Ineos Fluor Americas Llc/Klea-134a Plant97195,618.00
Carville Energy Llc/Carville Energy Center63576,000.00
Williams Field Services/Choctaw Terminal64566,000.00
Oleum Operating Co, Lc/Byu Henry Fld Pf62666,000.00
Bioproducts Of La Llc/Gulf Coast62053,229.00
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminal Llc/St Gabriel Terminal66536,000.00
Ineos Llc/Ineos Oxide78931,776.00
Plains Marketing Lp/St Gabriel Terminal1526,000.00
Bridgeline Holdings Lp/Tally Ho Cs698,000.00
Noble Energy Inc/State Lease 143714256,000.00
E&E Production Co/Dugas & Leblanc Ltd Et Al #1396,000.00
Shell Pipeline Co Lp/Grand River Barge Loading134,000.00
La Energy & Power Authority/Plaquemine Steam & Diesel Pwr Plt5154,000.00
Air Liquide America Plaquemine Asu112,470.00
Brenntag Southwest Inc. St. Gabriel8161,320.00
City Of New Iberia Dump2828158.89
Polyone Corp.44131.69
Clean Harbors Plaquemine L.L.C.9988.00
Harcros Chemicals Inc.1134.00
Ashland Chemical Co/Plaquemine Methanol Plnt7760.00
Jp Oil Co/Grand River170.00