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Polluters in Honolulu County, Hawaii
Aes Barbers Point14864,649,974.16
Aloha Petroleum Ltd. Barbers Point Terminal5102,173.73
Ameron Kapaa Quarry8165778,457.65
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.1238,900.00
Bei Hawaii - Barbers Point115.00
Chevron Hawaii Refinery2539710,513,917.11
Chevron Honolulu Terminal Marine628278,491.00
Chevron Marine Mooring Terminal11218,900.00
Conoco Honolulu Terminal6211,074,987.00
Equilon Honolulu Terminal5102,500.00
Hchevron Prods. Co. Honolulu Terminal Transportation510102.00
Heco - Honolulu Generating Station14921,620,999.13
Heco - Kahe Power Plant1721533,117,328.91
Heco - Waiau Power Plant1723314,172,735.53
Kalaeloa Cogeneration Plant82613,543,236.00
Kapaa Landfill2828600.54
State Of Hawaii, Barbers Point Harbor, Barge Wharf44225.42
State Of Hawaii, Barbers Point Harbor, Piers 5 And445,178.98
State Of Hawaii, Diamond Head Terminal, Piers 1 An44126.28
State Of Hawaii, Pier 5.44484.47
State Of Hawaii, Pier 6.4481.12
Tesoro - Campbell Industrial Park, Barber'S Pt. Harbor Loading Facility125695,149,809.83
U.S. Army Schofield Barracks / Wheeler Army Airfield227.00
U.S. Army Schofield Barracks Range Facility11286.00
U.S. Navy Pearl Harbor Naval Complex3615,022.90
Waimanalo Gulch Landfill & Ash Monofill282837,700.64