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Polluters in Kent County, Delaware
Bayhealth Med Center Kent General Hosp563898,747.65
Burris Logistics - Harrington118,000.00
Camdel Metals Corporation2825,875.00
City Of Dover - Mckee Run Generating Sta794362,499,687.74
City Of Dover Van Sant Generating Sta499849,334.17
De Solid Waste Authority Sandtown2528616,477.84
Delaware Central #1 Landfill28286,731.06
Delaware State University4935418,567.76
Dentsply Caulk West Plant22500.00
Dover Air Force Base1001044277,423.82
Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex Llc87345121,817.69
Hanover Foods Corporation8213165,382.48
Harris Manufacturing Co Inc3619,724.00
Hirsh Industries127069,597.42
Ilc Dover Inc.7818,440.00
Inland Paperboard And Packaging5114435,320.56
Kraft Foods North America8029021,823.44
Lehigh Valley Dairy111,870.00
Metal Masters Food Service Equipment Co.3420.00
Nrg Energy Center Dover Llc811765,409,966.74
Perdue Farms Inc - Milford78157113,445.11
Playtex Prods. Inc.114.00
Ppg Architectural Finishes Dover2344.00
Proctor And Gamble Dover Wipes Company84450208,025.48
Quality Kitchen Corp112,100.00
Tilcon Delaware - Bay Road4168119,669.25
Tilcon Delaware - Horsepond Road932115,715.66
Trappe Packing Corporation110.00
United States Cold Storage116,138.00
Warren F Beasley Power Station499629,893.08