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Polluters in New Haven County, Connecticut
Agc Inc.348,826.00
Allegheny Ludlum Corp7164153,542.00
American Electro Prods. Inc.121.90
Ametek Specialty Metal Prods. Div.3538,981.00
Ansonia Copper & Brass Inc.3664.00
Ansonia Copper & Brass Inc.115.00
Bae Sys. Inertial Prods. Inc.111.00
Bic Consumer Prod. Manu. Co.97695,205.00
Blakeslee Prestress Inc6183,164.00
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.99926.75
Byk-Chemie Usa Inc.481,532.00
Caap Co. Inc.33471.00
Carlon Rubber Products Co.113,308.00
Circuit-Wise Inc.359,150.00
Conn Container Corp61836,514.00
Crompton Manufacturing Co Inc17256798,904.00
Ct Acquisitions Llc Dba Danver7732,310.00
Cuno Inc61873,052.00
Cuno Inc.124,706.00
Current Inc.224,337.00
Cytec Industries Inc183981,890,595.00
Deitsch Plastic Co. Inc.886,783.00
Dne Sys. Inc.114.10
East Shore Water Pollution2323117.43
Electric Cable Compounds Inc.2359.00
Exmet Corp.111,270.00
Eyelet Crafters Inc.1210,892.00
Eyelet Design Inc.126,588.00
Fibercote Inds. Inc.361,303.50
Flexcon Co. Inc.242,040.41
Getty Terminals Corp.6123,065.00
Guilford Gravure Inc63013,650.00
Gulf Oil L.P.1266454,403.00
H Krevit & Company Inc.117.00
H.B. Ives Co. (Harrow Products)662,532.64
Honeywell Fire Sys.110.23
Hubbard-Hall Inc.8164,088.00
J.E.M. Inc.6422,706.00
Kerite Co.2212.00
Kurt Weiss Greenhouses Of Ct66013,558.00
Macdermid Inc.22251.00
Magellan Terminals (Formerly Williams Energy)13127226,995.20
Magellan Terminals (Formerly Williams Energy)209255,932.65
Marlin Firearms Co.115.00
Meriden Landfill282813,179.82
Microtech Inc.110.36
Mid State Medical Center64210,012.00
Milford Automatics Inc.127,469.00
Milford Barrell Co.332,263.00
Milford Power Co Llc630205,982.00
Miller Co.220.07
Mirror Polishing & Plating Co. Inc.12255.00
Morganite Crucible Inc.11238.50
Morris Landfill2828419.51
Mossberg & Sons Inc. O F881,344.87
Motiva Enterprises Llc121021,519,029.00
Naugatuck Wpcf % Usfilter Ops629956,422.00
New Haven Landfill28282,174.96
New Haven Terminal Inc.718114,428.00
New Haven Terminal, Inc6909,828.00
Ogden Projects Of Wallingford1541432,612.95
Phoenix Soils Llc71963,475.09
Porce-Len Ltd. Llc445,507.80
Pratt & Whitney36252.00
Pse&G New Haven Harbor Station5410411,039,256.82
Quebecor,Northeast Graphic Inc6144488,114.00
Romatic Mfg. Co.1215,592.30
Saint-Gobain Ppl Corp10116306,985.00
Sargent Manufacturing Co.668,668.20
Schick Mfg. Inc.3413.01
Simkins Industries Inc.23291,058,604.20
Somers Thin Strip786138,386.00
St Raphael, Hospital Of684128,534.00
Suzio York Hill Cos.110.20
Tech Circuits Inc.239,254.20
Thermospas Inc.2254,141.00
Tilcon Connnecticut Inc.110.10
Turbine Components Corp.Site 1,2 & 412255.00
Tyco Electronics Waterbury1110.00
U.S. Repeating Arms Co. Inc.110.09
U.S. Surgical Corp./Tyco Healthcare Group225,450.00
Ulbrich Stainless Steels112,688.00
Uretek Inc.3313,904.00
Von Roll Isola Usa Inc6627,210.00
Waterbury North Landfill282814,372.19
Waterbury Plating Co.11250.00
Waterbury Rolling Mills23210.45
Woodbridge Landfill2828305.29
Yale New Haven Hospital770.61
Yale University Central Power Plant2793187,118.20
Yale University Sterling Power Plant24120843,770.00