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Polluters in Litchfield County, Connecticut
North Canaan Landfill2828297.54
Canaan Landfill2828377.96
Kent Landfill2828197.38
Whyco Finishing Tech,Inc.106273,818.00
Coats North America721893,022.00
Eyelematic Mfg Co74472,432.00
G L C Associates726129,593.00
Kimberly-Clark Corp6216284,806.00
Waste Management Of Ct Inc612149,296.00
Fm Precision Golf Mfg Corp63019,222.00
Henlopen Manufacturing Co Inc6127,038.00
Torrington Co. Standard Plant341,000.31
Fuelcell Energy Inc.341,186.00
Minteq/Specialty Minerals Inc.3459.00
Summit Corp. Of America361,020.00
Conarc Inc.129,490.00
Bristol Babcock Inc.110.03
Winsted Precision Ball Co.11604.00
Braxton Mfg. Co. Inc.117,972.00
Ppg Architectural Finishes Watertown119,440.00