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Polluters in Litchfield County, Connecticut
Kimberly-Clark Corp6216284,806.00
Waste Management Of Ct Inc612149,296.00
G L C Associates726129,593.00
Coats North America721893,022.00
Whyco Finishing Tech,Inc.106273,818.00
Eyelematic Mfg Co74472,432.00
Fm Precision Golf Mfg Corp63019,222.00
Conarc Inc.129,490.00
Ppg Architectural Finishes Watertown119,440.00
Braxton Mfg. Co. Inc.117,972.00
Henlopen Manufacturing Co Inc6127,038.00
Fuelcell Energy Inc.341,186.00
Summit Corp. Of America361,020.00
Torrington Co. Standard Plant341,000.31
Winsted Precision Ball Co.11604.00
Canaan Landfill2828377.96
North Canaan Landfill2828297.54
Kent Landfill2828197.38
Minteq/Specialty Minerals Inc.3459.00
Bristol Babcock Inc.110.03