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Polluters in Hartford County, Connecticut
Algonquin Windsor Locks Llc9401,171,703.00
Amerada Hess Corp-Wethersfield1440138,975.00
Anocoil Corp.222,437.00
Associated Spring2420.00
Atofina Chemicals Inc. Atoglas Div.118,000.00
Barnes Aerospace Windsor Div.114.00
Belden Brick Co151569,025.08
Bristol Landfill28283,623.55
C R R A / Mid-Connecticut321573,299,576.01
Canton Village Construction Co62440,630.00
Capitol District Energy Center630489,916.00
Citgo Petroleum Corp63064,224.00
Colt'S Mfg. Co. Inc.12500.00
Comasec Safety Inc6621,200.00
Component Tech. Inc.1115,515.00
Conn Dept Corr / Hartford Ccc6604,802.00
Conn Dept Of Transportation612080,580.00
Conn Education Assoc Inc6121,356.00
Conn Natural Gas Corp642410.00
Connecticut Spring & Stamping Corp.117,568.00
Corbin Russwin23505.00
Deburring Labs. Inc.114,712.00
Demming Road Landfill28281,137.44
Dur-A-Flex Inc.223,643.00
Dynamic Gunver Technologies66380.00
East Hartford Demolition Landfill2828925.75
Electrocal, Inc.222,809.00
Engelhard Corp.1217,320.00
Ensign-Bickford Co.1230.00
Firestone Building Products Co72515,105.00
Ge Co.111,040.00
Glastonbury Landfill2828490.60
Goodrich Pump & Engine Control Sys. Inc.233,290.35
Hamilton Standard Div Utc6361,904.00
Hamilton Sundstrand Corp9209162,332.77
Hampton Landfill28288,693.71
Har-Conn Chrome Co.119,141.00
Hartford Courant Co6301,240.00
Hartford Hospital/Newington6122,972.00
Indalex Inc.364,024.00
Itw Converted Prods.122319,469.00
Jacobs Vehicle Systems, Inc74384,733.00
Kamatics Corp.129,100.00
Lesro Industries Inc63048,972.00
Locknetics Security Eng.110.10
M D C /Hartford Wpcf6126168,252.00
M. Swift & Sons Inc6846,554.00
Manchester Landfill28286,656.85
Marlborough Landfill2828352.46
Martin Cabinet Inc61242,986.00
Metal Finishing Techs. Inc.4595,779.90
Metalform Co. Inc.115,900.00
Minnesota Methane Llc612121,672.00
Nelson Heat Tracing Sys.110.80
Norfolk Landfill Transfer Station Since 19952828461.64
Northeastern Shaped Wire Inc.11250.00
Nutmeg Chrome Corp.110.04
Ogden Martin Systems Of Bristl3468841,718.78
Olson Brothers Co.121.00
P-Q Controls Inc.12116.00
Peter Paul Electronics Co. Inc.11887.00
Pratt & Whitney Div Utc10188765,876.00
Pratt & Whitney Div Utc7158178,787.00
Preferred Fixtures6308,036.00
Pro Line Printing Inc63093,648.00
Radcliff Wire Inc.1111,366.00
Reflexite Corp.222,026.10
Rollprint Packaging Prods. Inc.11479.00
Rowley Stamp & Stamping Corp.1112,843.00
Scapa Tapes N.A.3410,025.00
Sousa Corp.1210.00
Stanadyne Corp.2261,130.00
Stanchem Inc.346,533.00
Stanley Hardware Div6305,860.00
Stanley Tools Div75694,473.00
Suffield C&D Landfill & Transfer Station2828285.32
Supreme Lake Mfg. Inc.1111,983.00
Taylor & Fenn Co.36517.39
Technical Coatings Laboratory L.L.C.51025,119.00
The Hartford Steam Co6114348,730.00
Theis Precision Steel Corp.3315.00
Tilcon Connecticut Inc61812,176.00
Tilcon Connecticut Inc.110.10
Tilcon Connecticut Inc.110.10
Torrey S. Crane113.86
Trans Flex Packagers Inc6184,254.00
Utc Fuel Cells L.L.C.225.10
Valspar Corp.110.08
Vyncolit North America, Inc987143,488.00
Wasley Products Inc71429,578.26
Windsor / Bloomfield Landfill28285,950.89
Windsor Airmotive1111,772.00