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Polluters in Saguache County, Colorado
#122 Roadpit 1 72 N Of 11228286,569.06
Asarco Inc22166,843.35
Baca Grande Slf28286,569.06
Baca Grandee Solid Waste Disposal Site2828297.54
Bonanza Town Site28286,569.06
Center Landfill2828324.45
Center Saguache Landfill2828423.56
Center Swds28286,569.06
Colo Dept Of Transportation241,749.70
Colorado Gravel Products Inc.2428,178.67
Homestake Mining Co Pitch Mine2211,040.00
Marriage Lane2828198.56
Mineral Hot Springs28281,069.83
Pester Marketing Company2811,613.45
Saguache Cnty Ldfl2219,365.60
Saguache Cnty Road & Bridge Dept223,174.93
Saguache Cnty Road Dept2210,500.00
Saguache Co Road & Bridge2261,867.13
Saguache County Dump2828324.45
Saguache County Landfill282876.14
Saguache County Rd & Bridge2267,788.00
Saguache County Solid Waste Landfill2828172.76
Southway Construction Co., Inc.2216,273.66
Villa Grove Solid Waste Disposal Site2828981.09