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Polluters in Morgan County, Colorado
Babcock & Brown Energy - Adena #133469,240.72
Babcock & Brown Energy - Adena #21121,248.67
Bold Petroleum Inc283,379.72
Brady Oil Company222,300.00
Brush Cleaners & Laundromat11508.41
Brush Cogeneration Partners/Colo Power7472,166,932.67
Builders Aggregate Co2283,900.00
Cargill, Inc. - Brush2461,399.98
Colorado Interstate Gas Co Fort Morgan958417,548.60
Conocophillips Company - 27063772823,278.17
Dairy Farmers Of America, Inc.612105,032.01
Dilleys Mobile Premix2219.64
Dorn Ready Mix Portable243,580.00
Excel Corp640267,782.88
Farmland Coop Inc2713,870.71
Fort Morgan Landfill28286,569.06
G&S Svrcs Co Dba Texaco Outpost285,252.98
Green Bros Inc222,681.92
Heer Mortuary & Crematory66228.00
Horizon Co-Op, Inc. - Wiggins21032,649.75
Jacks Bean Co Fort Morgan Main St268,930.00
Leprino Foods_company624143,994.46
Log Lane28286,569.06
Manchief Electric Gen Station 20401,449,859.67
Manchief Power Company Llc11342,233,571.03
Model Cleaners11726.30
Morgan Cty Board Of Cty Commissioners3367,920.00
Morgan Sand & Gravel2222,000.00
Morgan Solid Waste Disposal Site28285,060.76
Public Service Co Pawnee Plt7913042,760,109.67
Public Service Co Roundup Station1225301,389.79
Safeway Inc.2810,416.17
Sav O Mat2847,421.99
Southland 7 11 No 15203285,920.14
Southland 7 11 No 15431285,657.77
Tomahawk Truck Stop21013,453.94
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #41102821,087.99
Ttl/Co Llc Dba Frenz S Sherman Texaco2106,414.25
Walsh Production Inc - Messenger337,759.86
Walsh Production Inc - Sauer1110,137.99
Walsh Production Inc - Shorty #11110,137.99
Walsh Production, Inc.91260,768.91
Western Clean Up Corporation2215,685.00
Western Sugar Co12311,243,215.49
Whitaker Oil Co227,953.52
Young Gas Storage Co Ltd1233545,151.97