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Column information
Polluters in Montrose County, Colorado
Base Products2248,753.30
Best Sign Systems, Inc.7222,244.89
Blair Sale Co282,384.15
Blair Sale Co282,371.05
Bradley Petroleum Inc 4122859,562.68
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation7735,335.11
Canyon Cleaners11295.90
Chuck Lorentz55102.90
City Of Montrose8864,334.61
City Of Montrose225,277.90
City Of Montrose Disposal Site28281,069.83
Cotter Corp227,735.62
Delta County Fruitland Pit2413,578.40
Dillon Companies Dba City Market, Inc.21032,130.67
Elam Const Inc Moore Pit2415,000.00
Fruita Consumers Coop Assoc - Nucla173,972.73
Grand View Cemetery612795.60
Intermountain Resources, Llc61245,201.60
Kearns Auto Body Inc5167,344.48
Louisiana Land & Gravel Co - Angie Pit22626,417.08
Maher Area Dump28281,069.83
Maverick Sand & Gravel - Allen Pit24133,770.00
Menoken / Montrose28281,069.83
Milpro Fabric Care Center11968.40
Montrose Cnty2418,871.19
Montrose Cnty2249,050.00
Montrose Co2232,580.00
Montrose Co Disposal Site2828324.45
Montrose County664,568.90
Montrose County Landfill8880,733.40
Montrose Sanitary Office28286,569.06
Montrose Valley Funeral Home/Crematory66563.15
Monument Oil Co Q&T 12810,000.69
Monument Oil Co Q&T Food 2285,942.45
Naturita Disposal Site2828198.56
Naturita Dump28286,569.06
Nick H. Gray - Gray Pit #12457,215.08
Nucla Dump28281,069.83
Nucla Sanitary Landfill28281,069.83
Olathe Disposal Site28281,069.83
Olathe Dump28286,569.06
Old Montrose Dump28286,569.06
Oldcastle Sw Group Dba United Co Of Mesa22106,542.39
Oldcastle Sw Group Dba United Co Of Mesa245,673.87
Oldcastle Sw Group Dba United Co Of Mesa2431,800.00
Oldcastle Sw Group Dba United Co Of Mesa2241,439.84
Paradox Swds2828132.17
Parish Oil Co Inc21023,072.26
Parish Oil Co Inc21023,251.48
Parish Oil Company24400.86
Patrick Shank Dba Ashes To Ashes664,698.78
Peagreen / Montrose28286,569.06
Petro-Mark Corp Montrose, Inc. - Montros21412,506.70
Ponchak Ent Inc Dba Kilbane'S Clnrs111,210.50
Q&T Food Stores Inc286,350.93
Q&T Food Stores Inc289,260.69
Ray Moode Tire & Petroleum Svc Inc2821,522.81
Reams Const Co - Tom Cat Pit2266,873.60
Redvale Area Dump2828324.45
Redvale Sand & Gravel Co, Inc. - Cadgen24114,043.84
Russell Stover Candy6612,200.00
Safeway Inc.2831,545.60
Southwestern Redimix2254,792.06
Stop N Save2813,809.60
Super Mart Convenience Stores #547289,680.68
Supermart Convenience Stores #536288,672.97
Supermart Convenience Stores #53821011,689.27
Sutherland Brothers Inc228,640.00
Transcolorado Gas Trans Olathe Com Sta612203,261.79
Tri State Generation Nucla74996,565,511.86
Umetco Minerals Corp241,545,997.70
Ur Avan28281,069.83
Uravan Swds2828198.56
Van Carum28286,569.06
West End Gravel Co2612,759.90
West End Gravel Co - Weimer One Pit2220,800.00
Western Fuels Co Llc New Horizon Mine22390,420.00
Western Gravel Inc2469,656.00
Western Gravel Inc2259,171.91
Western Gravel Inc28109,421.54
Western Gravel Inc22127,384.50
Western Gravel Inc2491,094.85
Western Gravel, Inc. - North R-32 Pit2246,760.00