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Column information
Polluters in Moffat County, Colorado
A1 Laundromat & Fs Dry Clnr11484.20
Argali Exploration Company1017100,924.55
Blue Mtn2828198.56
Btu Empire Corp - Craig Area Mine2233,120.00
Chevron Usa - Duncan 1-64432,589.76
Chevron Usa - Duncan B #104435,355.36
Chevron Usa - Duncan B #114434,694.02
Chevron Usa - Duncan B #54417,106.27
Chevron Usa - Duncan B #9224,196.20
Chevron Usa - Duncan B-111116,400.33
Chevron Usa - Duncan Unit 1 #44431,701.56
Chevron Usa - Duncan Unit 2 #24416,753.83
Chevron Usa - Duncan Unit 2 #44429,110.36
Chevron Usa - Duncan Van Schaik 1-3 & 1-2215,353.65
Chevron Usa - Dyer B #24417,106.27
Chevron Usa - Dyer C #24417,106.51
Chevron Usa - Dyer C #34410,897.77
Chevron Usa - Van Schaik Unit #44426,680.04
Chevron Usa - Van Schaik Unit #54432,641.59
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan 1-1223,760.25
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan 1-2444,442.84
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan 1-34430,162.14
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan 1-54430,311.79
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan 2-1334,441.29
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan 3-1336,708.07
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan 3-24414,756.20
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan 3-34441,037.10
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan A-3333,871.20
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan B-124532,797.63
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan B-2334,393.80
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan B-3443,928.60
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan B-6222,699.00
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Duncan B-8446,628.60
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Dyer C-1444,915.40
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Hiawatha B-14410,547.80
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Hiawatha B-34427,985.10
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Van Schaick 1-1337,676.20
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Van Schaick A-34430,542.40
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Van Schaick A-44410,042.60
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Van Schaick A-56660,529.74
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Van Schaick A-64427,560.42
Chevron Usa, Inc. - Van Schaick B-3447,504.60
Chevron Usa, Inc. -Duncan Vanschaick #1335,147.80
Chevron Usa, Inc. -Duncan Vanschaick 1-2449,936.00
Chevron Usa, Inc. -Duncan Vanschaick 1-34447,957.35
Colowyo Coal Co22210,059,600.00
Combined Resources Corp6673,292.00
Craig Solid Waste Disposal Site28281,238.72
Custom Energy Construction Inc Buck Peak81067,680.23
Dinosaur Landfill2828981.09
Dinosaur National Monument28286,569.06
Elk Springs2828324.45
Encana Oil & Gas (Usa), Inc -Sand Hills910123,615.78
Energy Reserves Gp28281,069.83
Ensign Operating Company71481,334.60
Fleischli Oil Co2828,831.76
Grant Mortuary66864.00
Grynberg Petroleum Co228,175.02
Grynberg Petroleum Company Sugar Loaf66788.80
Grynberg Petroleum Company Blue Gravel444,344.00
Isg Resources, Inc.(Was Pozzolanic Intl)22275.00
Jetta Operating Co., Inc. Craig 1-77726,290.31
Journey Operating Llc1321147,879.59
Journey Operating, Llc - Sandhills Lease665,482.74
Kaiser Francis Oil Co2210,541.20
Kaiser Francis Oil Co2210,802.83
Koch Exploration Co Llc - Walker 12-56987,338.02
Koch Exploration Co Llc - Walker 3-161867,578.07
Kum & Go287,644.32
Kum & Go286,898.04
Kum & Go287,079.57
Lafarge West, Inc. - Bunn Ranch Pit24111,431.16
Loyd'S Cleaners11807.00
Massadona N28281,069.83
Maybell Enterprises210127,898.74
Maybell Landfill28286,024.17
Merrion Oil & Gas - Nightingale No. 12223,552.98
Moffat County Landfill44254,991.40
Moffat County Road Department22795,637.94
Monument Oil Co Go Fer Foods Of Craig285,422.43
Nance Petroleum Corp - Blue Gravel Facil8946,386.60
Nance Petroleum Corp - Kowach #1-933174,258.98
Nance Petroleum Corp - Noland #1-15910110,398.59
Nance Petroleum Corp - Voloshin-Morton #2252,039.63
Northern Lights Pet Crematory661,920.28
Paladin Energy - Federal #28-111110,140.20
Paladin Energy - Federal #28-32221,000.74
Paladin Energy - Federal #28-72217,493.92
Patina Oil & Gas - Mcintyre 1-32211,897.07
Questar E & P-Jacks Draw 166610,540.00
Questar Gas Management - Avalanche101139,088.41
Questar Gas Management - E Hiawatha C.S.1134785,413.78
Questar Gas Management Co21225,579.40
Questar Gas Management Co42459,472.60
Questar Gas Management Co263145,772.57
Questar Gas Management Co E.Hiawatha43070,285.00
Questar Gas Management Co Sand Hill558,812.94
Questar Gas Management Co Sugarloaf9944,921.89
Questar Gas Management Co. - Lion C.S.7767,298.82
Questar Gas Management Company12781,219,214.96
Questar Gas Mgmt Co W Hiawatha Comp Sta1129270,321.71
Questar Gas Mgmt Co Pwfc Northside 13423,879.45
Questar Pipeline Co State Line Comp Sta71826,925.15
Questar Pipeline Pwfc Southside 2/Musser7897,542.00
Rocky Mountain Natural Gas-Blue Gravel2324,096.48
Rocky Mtn Nat Gas - Blue Gravel1022140,304.90
Rocky Mtn Natural Gas Co5946,278.44
Rocky Mtn Natural Gas Co Bluegravel Sta224,001.00
Texaco E&P Inc Iles Four Bear Sta1210,360.00
Texaco E&P Inc Maudlin Gulch6184,460.04
Thomas Op Co - Clark Millicent2212,443.50
Thomas Op Co - Harry Ptasynski 12220,034.20
Thomas Op Co - Harry Ptasynski 22213,745.94
Thomas Op Co - Powder Wash Station81160,093.69
Three Sons Llc22400.00
Trapper Coal Mine2828324.45
Trapper Mining Inc7373,441,438.99
Trevenen Oil Distributing21711,714.07
Trevenen Oil Distributing2610,700.55
Tri State Generation Craig8340964,797,114.67
True Oil Llc - Bta Federal #12-337828,534.15
True Oil Llc - Caddis Federal 33-97720,203.99
Umetco Minerals Corp22143,840.10
Western Gas Resources - Evans 24-282221,814.65
Western Gas Resources - Evans 44-292218,569.08
Western Gas Resources - Federal 1-23-332213,263.63
Western Gas Resources - Federal 1-43-321110,220.20
Western Gas Resources - Smith 1-352238,163.07
Western Gas Resources Inc Sand Wash Sta813122,766.55
Weston Oil Co3311,300.00
Westport Oil And Gas Company2211,621.01
Wexpro - East Hiawatha Mosu (Tank 344)2232,395.39
Wexpro - East Hiawatha Mosu (Tank 779)33115,860.21
Wexpro - East Hiawatha Mosu (Tank 923)2292,785.07
Wexpro - Powder Wash (Tanks 356 & 357)2214,178.01
Wexpro - Powder Wash Unit (Tank 1475)2233,088.72
Wexpro - Powder Wash Unit (Tank 300)2215,775.67
Wexpro - Powder Wash Unit (Tank 315)2212,600.44
Wexpro - Powder Wash Unit (Tank 329)2215,966.59
Wexpro - Powder Wash Unit (Tank 353)117,220.14
Wexpro - Powder Wash Unit (Tank 422)2213,866.52
Wexpro - Powder Wash Unit (Tank 438)2225,311.42
Wexpro - Rabbit Mountain (Tanks 869 & 872268,840.22
Wexpro - Sugarloaf Scrubber (Tank 168)1158,101.16
Wexpro Co Ace Unit 8 Wellsite6640,004.43
Wexpro Co Hiawatha Oil Field71855,360.00
Wexpro Co Powder Wash Waterflood Area6614,986.00