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Column information
Polluters in Jefferson County, Colorado
10th & Harlan282831,413.10
32nd & Teller282831,413.10
52nd & Upham S W D S2828348.04
54th & Harlan Sigman Meat28286,549.97
56th & Pierce282831,413.10
56th Ave 1 / 4 M W Of Sheridan2828348.04
64th & Mcintyre2828348.04
64th W Of Kendell28281,235.73
7-Eleven #32695282,487.20
7-Eleven #32809285,452.64
82nd & Indiana282831,413.10
A1 Auto & Metal Stripping22177.94
A1 Organics Lost Antlers Composting Fac3382,755.58
A1 Stop Laundry & Clnrs11181.58
Aa Laundry And Cleaners112,421.00
Abra Auto Body & Glass4414,969.39
Abra Autobody Wheatridge154,552.31
Ace Furniture & Cabinet Refinishing243,199.22
Advanced Furniture Restoration252,493.10
Advanced Surface Technologies, Inc.554,769.00
Aggregate Industries - Morrison Quarry434393,904.66
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.21433,869.87
Aggregate Industries- Wcr, Inc. - Golden2410,550.00
Alden Enterprises Inc.2815,261.15
All Star Auto Body152,070.06
All States Cremation Ser Inc661,280.00
Alpine Printing Inc1911,629.50
Alpine Station #421018,356.18
American Ecological28286,549.97
Amoco Gas Sta No 215062415,124.51
Amoco Gas Sta No 3201421027,519.02
Amoco Gas Sta No 369662420,165.55
Amoco Gas Sta No 37002819,649.55
Amoco Gas Sta No 54872822,531.48
Amoco Gas Sta No 85822819,649.55
Amoco Gas Sta No 86112827,509.37
Amoco Gas Sta No 86352825,151.42
Amoco Oil Co. #134632823,579.46
Amoco Oil Co. #135462823,579.46
Andersons Mountain Market21215,572.45
Applewood Auto Body Inc113,560.00
Arvada Dump282831,413.10
Arvada Shops 66th & Indiana2828348.04
Aspen Leaf Dry Cleaners11860.80
Aspen Mortuaries - Lakewood Crematory551,144.72
Asphalt Paving Co295,178.25
Asphalt Paving Co Eldridge St Plt111,811.70
Asphalt Paving Co Ralston Quarry23276,335.10
Autosport Body Shop Inc112,460.00
Ball Aerospace & Technolgies Corp447,867.40
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp920410,764.00
Bandimere Speedway1244,226.26
Bear Creek Auto Body152,181.31
Beasleys One Hour Clnrs11968.40
Bel Simms Cleaners11242.10
Benders Nu Look Cleaners117,868.25
Bennetts Pit Bar B Que6625,982.58
Bfi Waste Systems Of North America Inc1820197,617.24
Bfn Industries, Llc53514,015.75
Bobs Auto Body & Paint142,978.74
Bonney Resevoir Nw Site #1 & 328286,549.97
Bradley Petroleum Inc21028,639.44
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4032824,538.70
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4052827,786.04
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4222825,203.04
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4502829,115.46
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4802810,040.18
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4822846,828.37
Brads Conoco282,908.13
Brial Inc. Dba Majestic Cleaners111,452.60
C.F. Maier Composites Inc - See 059/13182412,638.48
Cardinal Clnrs11538.80
Cars Collision Center 20141,984.48
Centennial Graphics112,448.00
Ceramed Corp66151.00
Chad H Corp Dba Ramsey Auto Body4119,707.11
Chelsea Cleaners111,573.65
Chos Corp11726.30
Christopher Dodge Inc5144,009.47
Christopher Dodge World225,853.21
Church Ranch22308,400.00
City Of Lakewood2105,328.97
City Of Westminster - Municipal Services102244,056.85
Classic Honda Inc1157.60
Clear Creek Collision Center4113,887.70
Clydes Auto Body31421,534.77
Coal Creek Conoco283,432.12
Cobe Cardiovascular Inc4858,770.20
Cobe Sterilization Services, Inc.2621,486.00
Coloradan Deluxe Dry Cleaners11726.30
Colorado Collision Repair152,372.27
Colorado Lace113,389.40
Colorado Plasticard Inc4437,351.00
Colorado School Of Mines282831,413.10
Colorado Steel Inc4239,385.13
Columbine Laundromat & Dry Cleaning11605.25
Conocophillips Company - 27063732711,866.10
Conocophillips Company - 27063812811,108.55
Conocophillips Company - 27064982839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065062816,758.60
Conocophillips Company - 27065202839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065232817,836.41
Conocophillips Company - 27065242852,576.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065302846,004.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065322829,474.33
Conocophillips Company - 27065352849,290.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065372832,860.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065402839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065482839,342.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065522839,299.10
Continental Cleaners1111,860.00
Continental Clnrs1110,652.40
Coors Brewing Co Endline Plt1125,820.00
Coors Brewing Co Valley Complex161011,488,856.87
Coors Ceramics Company Structural Div631405,075.87
Coors Land28286,549.97
Coorstek, Inc72361,771.75
Coorstek, Inc.113137,616.90
Coorstek, Inc. Clear Creek Valley1232134,556.20
Coretec Denver Inc.110.50
Corner Cleaners Inc.11605.25
Cornerstone Cleaners111,089.45
Costco Wholesale #67631247,380.18
Costco Wholesale Corporation2847,175.00
Cotter Corp Schwartzwalder Mine2472,966.16
Country Cleaners115,260.00
Cozy Clnrs111,452.60
Deacon'S Cleaners11968.40
Decals Inc1812,254.07
Denver Brick Co2411,586.08
Denver Brick Co2223,839.68
Denver Water77159,196.80
Denver Water - Kendrick Pump Station61216,050.54
Designer Marble Dba Benray Designer Marb4810,705.80
Diamond Shamrock #116721018,945.66
Diamond Shamrock #114621033,805.09
Diamond Shamrock #11482815,427.52
Diamond Shamrock #40442822,337.94
Diamond Shamrock #40452825,972.69
Diamond Shamrock #11182818,341.41
Diamond Shamrock #11632821,280.29
Diamond Shamrock #11852822,947.90
Diamond Shamrock #11882839,573.16
Diamond Shamrock 6542822,033.19
Diamond Shamrock 6702825,326.23
Diamond Shamrock No 11502823,665.15
Diamond Shamrock No 11772822,712.23
Diamond Shamrock No 1178288,937.03
Diamond Shamrock No 11792817,162.10
Diamond Shamrock No 11802814,908.28
Diamond Shamrock No 11812820,171.70
Diamond Shamrock No 6282835,634.01
Diamond Shamrock No 6582815,652.77
Diamond Shamrock No 6902820,143.93
Dilligaff, Inc. Dba Perry & Terry Auto B154,409.06
Dillon Companies Dba King Soopers Inc21044,548.18
Dillon Companies Inc. Dba King Soopers D2826,199.40
Dillon Companies, Inc. Dba King Soopers2848,704.90
Dillon Companies, Inc. Dba King Soopers2846,004.00
Dirk Larson2420,060.37
Discount Gas And Convenience Store287,196.34
Dons Auto Body151,759.01
Driskill Clnrs11538.00
E Of Sheridan & S Of Ralston28281,235.73
Englewood Fed Correctional Inst / Unicor61523,747.09
Equilon Enterprises Llc2810,846.55
Equilon Enterprises Llc21024,570.06
Equilon Enterprises Llc3918,741.04
Equilon Enterprises Llc21015,906.96
Equilon Enterprises Llc21011,070.43
Equilon Enterprises Llc3914,755.33
Equilon Enterprises Llc2821,156.02
Equilon Enterprises Llc2819,649.55
Equilon Enterprises Llc2828,544.25
Equilon Enterprises Llc2913,705.17
Equilon Enterprises Llc2819,636.45
Equilon Enterprises Llc289,824.78
Equilon Enterprises Llc Sta No 1802813,545.40
Evergreen Analytical Laboratory11182.00
Evergreen Autoworks112,240.00
Evergreen Landfill28286,549.97
Evergreen Mem Park Inc7122,826.44
Evergreen Oil Co Loaf N Jug No 8321018,977.38
Evergreen Oil Co. #016 Loaf'N Jug #8921029,304.55
Evergreen Oil Co. #046 Loaf'N Jug #8121035,660.70
Evergreen Oil Co. #048 Loaf'N Jug #9021028,585.07
Evergreen Oil Company #001 (South Deli)2106,619.71
Evergreen Oil Company #002 (Little Log)2106,990.59
Evergreen Oil Company #010 (Kittredge)284,880.18
Evergreen Oil Dba Loaf 'N Jug #462814,091.31
Evergreen Veterinary Services55195.44
Exempla Lutheran Medical Center61233,275.09
Farm Crest Milk Store 15279,599.88
Farm Crest Milk Store 162810,152.27
Fits Industries Dba Mtn High Cleaners117,263.00
Foothill Dry Cleaners111,453.00
Foothills Landfill282817,628.21
Fredee, Inc. Dba Dry Cleaning Station11726.30
Furniture Refinishing Inc33654.01
G.B.C. Inc333,079.34
Gambro Bct Inc.113,040.00
Gas 4 Less2823,265.07
Gas 4 Less2811,095.45
General Services Administration62411,708.28
Genesee Food Store285,514.97
Gigantic Cleaners11941.50
Gigantic Cleaners #2111968.40
Gigantic Clnrs No 8 James & Son Inc111,089.45
Gold Label Clnrs111,682.60
Golden Bead Ent Dba Apple Cleaners111,089.45
Golden Coin Op Laundry & D Cln11484.20
Goltra Casting Co22897.05
Graf Cleaners114,420.00
Grand Oak Antiques & Refinishing3317,134.00
Graphic Packaging International, Inc.21138,468.40
Great Western Inorganics Inc101411,627.60
Gung Ho Cleaners111,936.80
H Lari Corp Dba Shop N Save289,169.79
Hanks Auto Body227,043.98
Hanks Auto Body West5514,978.52
Harlan Investment Inc - 1st Ave Lakewood287,008.34
Hazen Research, Inc22490.00
Hershey Foods, Inc.710125,694.50
Hill Petroleum2623,782.86
Hoflin Publishing156,590.33
Honeywell, Inc. (Was Allied Signal)2423,629.00
Hopsin Cleaners, Inc11484.20
Hoxie Hos Farm28281,235.73
Hwy 93 Landfill28286,549.97
I / 76 Landfill282831,413.10
Industrialex Manufacturing, Corp.82541,100.67
Inland Paperboard And Packaging Inc72137,972.67
Inspiration Pt28281,235.73
James Oil Company284,147.74
Jeffco Schools - Arvada Bus Terminal15312.94
Jeffco Schools - Bear Creek S. Tr. Ctr.15578.83
Jefferson Cnty Co2101,890.81
Jefferson Cnty Schools Warren Tech142,042.00
Jefferson Co Fairgrounds2828348.04
Jino Corp Dba One Hour Martinizing11968.40
John H Harland Co1713,196.28
Johns Manville International72488,656.00
Jrs Columbine Conoco31123,501.72
K&G Store2811,789.73
King Soopers2845,848.95
Kipling C Store286,222.36
Kittredge Auto Rebuilders114,860.03
Kwik Dry Clean Super Center111,210.50
L & H Auto Body31316,201.20
Lafarge West, Inc.245,630.00
Lafarge West, Inc. - Bluestone S&G Pit212320,697.18
Lafarge West, Inc. - Spec. Agg. Quarry13491,362,160.61
Lake Plaza Clnrs11726.30
Lakewood Brick & Tile Co1820143,964.64
Landmark Lincoln Mercury493,467.63
Larrys Amoco No 966362511,439.81
Level 3 Communications, Llc125.53
Leyden Rd Landfill28286,549.97
Littleton Auto Body Inc182,230.80
Lochwood Clnrs11726.30
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company44111199,108.54
Lookout Youth Detention Center4817,320.10
Luby Chevrolet Co31214,145.98
Lucky Cleaners11484.20
Lucky Mart, Inc.21039,456.88
Maaco Auto Painting No 2164413,843.64
Maaco Auto Painting_& Body Wrk4413,221.65
Mahnke Auto Body Inc337,903.36
Mahnke Collision Center187,008.25
Majestic Cleaners111,748.50
Marilyns Clnrs111,694.70
Marshdale Park Site282831,413.10
Master Valet Clnrs11403.50
Mayfair Cleaners - Ken Caryl111,211.00
Mcpeek Cleaners111,513.13
Meadowlark Cleaners11968.40
Medved Auto Plex (Medved Chevrolet)145,617.91
Midwest Machine Products Inc62415,904.98
Mission Trace Cleaners11605.25
Mmi Etoh Inc116,120.00
Morse Evergreen Auto Body Inc31013,150.15
Mountain Cleaners121,126.30
Mountain Valley Clnrs111,089.45
Mr. C'S Cleaners Inc.111,634.18
N Of 52nd Ave282831,413.10
N Of 56th Ave 1 Bl W Of Sher28281,235.73
N Side 56th Ave East Of Fento282831,413.10
Nw Of W 1st Ave & Sheridan B28281,235.73
Oberon Equipment Co Dba O'Brien Conoco143,900.00
Olde Ventures Llc21019,659.45
Papillon Graphics26607.05
Parfet Clay Pits2828348.04
Peerless Tyre Co Inc2813,649.89
Peerless Tyre Co Inc21018,100.06
Peerless Tyre Co Inc 8032810,678.01
Peerless Tyre Co Inc 8092810,992.31
Peerless Tyre Co Inc 9182817,282.59
Permagreen Products2231,560.00
Pester Markeing Co2924,235.53
Pester Marketing Co2824,509.54
Pester Marketing Co2820,540.33
Pet Cremation Services, Inc.83216,417.46
Petroleum Wholesale Inc Sunmart 50221023,642.38
Pietros Quality Clnrs11968.00
Pine Junction28286,549.97
Pine Ranch Assoc Dba Crystal Lake Resort61138,290.50
Pioneer Sand Company - Leyden Pit2592,760.00
Plains End, Llc13131,392,080.69
Premiere Cleaners111,750.00
Prestige Imports41212,135.66
Public Service Co - Arvada Service Cntr11520.00
Public Service Co - Kipling Service Cntr11520.00
Public Service Co Deer Creek Sta665,817.00
Public Service Co Leyden Sta1017159,665.00
Public Service Co Lookout Center6121,894.00
Pynergy Llc (Was Conoco Inc #0694)2819,649.55
Q & Q Cleaners11968.40
Quality Metal Products, Inc3524,500.00
Quick Save Food Mart2822,374.29
Qwest Communications International, Inc28670.73
Qwest Communications International, Inc.281,517.02
Qwest Communications International, Inc.281,119.09
R&R Super Service112,700.00
Rainbow Cleaners11968.40
Ralston Creek282831,413.10
Recuperos, L.L.C.285,279.95
Recuperos, L.L.C.2811,286.07
Recycled Materials Co Inc2424,373.01
Red Carpet Clnrs11968.40
Regional Transportation District3410,009.00
Rex Oil Co21019,723.00
Rex Oil Co12583.81
Rex Oil Co Inc2822,924.48
Rex Oil Company2823,659.20
Rexoco Stores Ltd 292810,243.97
Robinson Brick Co. - Chieftain Clay Mine2231,050.32
Robinson Brick Co. - Flintlock Clay Mine2214,771.41
Robinson Brick Co. - Lariat Clay Mine2211,222.47
Rocky Flats Plant Site Landfill282830,597.84
Rocky Mountain Bottle Co9231,523,452.50
Rocky Mountain Metal Container1272,000.00
Rodenburg Enterprises Llc, Green Mountai2827,140.83
Rooney Road Landfill88146,510.80
Rosa Blanca111,210.50
Rose Cleaners112,421.00
Royal Farm Diary Inc 112811,960.03
Runyan Stevenson Capitol Mortuary771,472.89
Rushton Cremation Services Inc661,716.50
S Side Of 56th & Fenton28281,235.73
Safeway Inc.281,012.01
Safeway Inc.2831,545.60
Schott Electronic Packaging11526.00
Service Oil Company2811,794.63
Signature Cleaners111,452.60
Silco Oil Co285,846.11
Silveroil Co Inc2106,695.08
Sinclair #050142822,055.63
Sinclair #050152827,443.87
Sinclair Sta 05016288,293.87
Sinclair Sta No 050012813,446.31
Sinclair Sta No 050313128,735.76
Sky Cleaners111,210.50
Smart Stop2821,038.12
South Sheridan Conoco282,292.45
Southland 7 11 No 13207142,686.91
Southland 7 11 No 18418289,065.79
Southland 7 11 No 18620286,336.67
Southland 7 11 No 18706286,724.52
Southland 7 11 No 18739288,389.78
Southland 7 11 No 220632810,500.49
Southland 7 11 No 240792811,556.73
Southland 7 11 No 255812810,288.98
Southland 7 11 No 25884284,571.47
Southland 7 11 No 26137287,870.10
Southland 7 11 No 270432811,269.77
Stadia Co Corp342,449.70
Stephen Austin Ent. Inc. Dba Dry Clean S116,536.70
Stevens Aviation Inc246,895.67
Stevinson Dba Mahnke Collision Center41523,900.60
Stonehouse Signs Inc61630,006.10
Stop N Save No 023 (Evergreen Oil)2823,734.71
Suite Success Dry Cleaners111,149.80
Sun Bright Cleaners No G111,428.39
Suncor - 270610231124,145.81
Suncor - 27061352812,292.79
Suncor - 27062062821,673.01
Suncor - 27062112822,775.01
Suncor - 27062122818,795.53
Suncor - 27062432714,992.69
Suncor - 27062452825,793.31
Suncor - 27062952825,976.88
Suncor - 27063062819,883.33
Suncor - 27063112820,462.45
Sundyne Corp31510,210.80
Sung Ae Kim Dba Silverlace Cleaners111,573.65
Sunrise International Inc, Dba Circle S2812,881.12
Sunshine Cleaners113,449.93
Surburban Reddi-Mix Company2430,586.95
Swan Cleaners - Quail St111,210.50
Systems Protective & Technical Coatings221,570.97
Ta Operating Corp. Dba Travel Centers Of2108,961.87
Table Mountain Animal Ctr66420.76
Technicraft Auto Body Dba L & H Auto337,699.39
Tenere Inc7772,160.38
Texas Ind (Txi) Operations Dba Western A636768,030.29
Total Petroleum No 4114559,240.00
Total Petroleum No 412221025,998.97
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #411321018,432.96
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #412021031,176.83
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #4121 / Natural Fuels71624,732.73
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #412421021,277.48
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #41252820,875.76
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #412621031,076.72
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #414821017,550.37
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #41492816,054.26
Trigen - Colorado Energy Corporation27978,925,097.73
Trolander 52nd & Sheridan2828348.04
U.S. Dept Of Energy - Nrel4420.34
U.S. Dept Of Energy - Rfets736616,396.35
U.S. Epa Region 822880.00
Unique Clnrs111,561.55
Usa Cleaners11726.30
Villa Clnrs11360.00
Von Feldt Clnrs Gigantic Clnrs113,632.00
W 20th Ave & Sheridan28281,235.73
W 46th Ave & Harlan St28281,235.73
W 52nd Ave & Reed St2828348.04
W Of Hwy 73 Wlin Cub Creek282831,413.10
Wab Enterprises - Belleview Conoco2811,069.25
Walt Anderson Oil Co222,040.00
Wastequip Mfg Co Dba May Mfg & Distribtg9951,680.00
Westbrook Dry Cleaners & Laundry11242.10
Western Gas & Convenience #1112815,434.61
Westminster - Drinking Water Treatment6628,280.00
Westminster Manufacturing, Llc3342,788.97
Weyerhaeuser Company71111,516.21
White Glove Clnrs11907.88
Winner Foundries & Mfg Co6123,767.20
Wonder Woods Of Colorado Inc3316,845.00
Woodys Of Colorado Inc6627,800.00
Woodys Wood Fired Pizza5516,754.69
Youngfield Cleaners11968.40
Your One Hour Clnrs11484.20