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Polluters in Fremont County, Colorado
Acorn Petroleum Inc. - Canon City21016,533.80
Aquila, Inc. - W.N. Clark Station9275,901,665.93
Canon City2828324.45
Canon City Solid Waste Disposal Site28282,100.93
Castle Concrete Co. - Holnam Pit2467,519.94
Castle Concrete Co. - Table Mnt Quarry22167,420.00
Cemex -- Florence Terminal221,720.00
Charles Anthony Funeral Home Royal Gorge66969.00
Coal Creek28281,069.83
Coaldale Area Landfill28281,069.83
Colo Dept Of Corrections - Ctcf,Cta61862,768.48
Colo Dept Of Corrections - Eccpc654105,942.86
Colorado Quarries Inc - Mica Lode Quarry2221,548.35
Colorado Quarries Inc - Mica White2215,098.31
Colorado Quarries Inc Canon City Yard62283,508.37
Colorado Quarries Inc Mica White2237,620.00
Colorado State Penitentiary272767.03
Compact Ceramics Llc221,110.00
Cotopaxi Area2828324.45
Cotopaxi Solid Waste Disposal Site2828297.54
Cotopaxi Swds28286,569.06
Cotter Corp2425,128.65
Cotter Corp Canon City Mill7113772,823.48
Cotter Corp-Cancelled 12/05/012439,404.76
County Rd 11228281,069.83
Damon / Penrose Landfill2828222.97
Dfc Ceramics710723,146.19
Diamond Shamrock #6792817,539.40
Diamond Shamrock No 11752814,607.27
Double S Enterprises2236,528.32
East Canon2828324.45
Energy Fuels Coal Inc Southfield Mine2235,180.00
Evergreen Oil Company #034 (Lnj #76)288,617.51
Florence Fed Correctional Inst / Unicor61563,878.64
Florence Sand & Gravel2893,146.12
Florence Solid Waste Disposal Site28281,038.24
Florence Swds2828324.45
Fremont Cnty229,420.00
Fremont Co Landfill2828324.45
Fremont County Board Of Commissioners2433,400.00
Fremont County Board Of Commissioners2219,600.00
Fremont County Iron Mountain Road2218,460.00
Fremont Paving & Redi Mix Inc210182,815.03
Fremont Paving & Redi Mix Inc2249,840.00
Fremont Paving & Redi-Mix - Florence S2439,297.76
Fremont Paving & Redi-Mix, Inc.2257,089.90
Fremont Sanitation District226,639.00
Front Range Aggregates - Parkdale Quarry28406,443.72
Gasamat Oil Corp Of Colorado (#180)51841,876.37
Holcim (Us) Inc. Portland Plant171166,538,607.93
Holt Dixon Funeral Directors66207.76
Howard Area Landfill2828198.56
Humane Society Of Fremont Cnty55437.45
J&J Materials - Ary Airport Pit61699,498.77
Kimmick Oil Co Inc2415,850.66
Kimmick Oil Co., Inc.248,407.39
Lafarge West, Inc. - Penrose Pit24208,822.95
Lindner Chevrolet Olds & Cadillac4156,099.45
Loaf N Jug Inc No 542813,270.00
Murco Wall Products231,489.79
New Florence Dump28281,069.83
New Method Laundry & Cleaners11968.40
Peak Printing112,000.00
Peerless Tyre Co Inc21047,366.83
Persolite Products Inc Persolite Plt6127,953.74
Pester Marketing Company285,423.27
Pete Lien & Sons Dba Trans-Colo Concrete2217,397.72
Pioneer Sand Co Inc. - Hart (Heart) Pit2281,155.20
Pioneer Sand Company Inc225,043.12
Portec Inc4910,767.76
Ranch Land, Llc - Rock Pit #12243,740.00
Rocky Mountain Asphalt - Coyote Ridge24426,806.18
Rocky Mountain Materials & Asphalt Inc2220,804.00
Rocky Mountain Materials & Asphalt Inc22208,018.20
Rocky Mountain Materials & Asphalt, Inc.24104,600.00
Royal Gorge Mining Co Sawmill28286,569.06
Seifert Trucking - Tallahassee Pit227,499.24
Star Oil Co229,784.40
Starika Inc288,279.01
Summit Brick & Tile 8 Mile Mine224,753.84
Summit Brick & Tile - Beaver Creek Mine227,488.40
Summit Brick & Tile - Cherokee Clay Mine223,480.00
Summit Brick & Tile - Patton Clay Mine2210,200.24
Summit Brick & Tile Co - Stocks Mine229,119.58
Tezak Heavy Equipment Co Inc28269,778.39
Tezak Stone & Aggregate Supply Inc2443,027.09
Thermo Fluids, Inc.11635.05
Twin Landfill Corp - Phantom Landfill77132,174.50
U.S. Marble Company6147,677.30
Valco Inc269,844.80
Western Nutrients Co2223,477.44
William J Phillips Dba Hardscrabble Llc2234,766.14