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Polluters in Denver County, Colorado
7-Eleven #32810287,012.65
910 Generation Company6632,657.63
A Better Body Shop4154,638.36
A&E Tire5879,178.11
A&K Auto Works Inc3106,091.04
A&W Auto Body Inc4157,344.98
A-B Petroleum, Inc. #3321026,924.70
A-B Petroleum, Inc. #342827,760.13
A-B Petroleum, Inc. #352827,875.03
A. R. Wilfley And Sons, Inc.442,186.27
Ab Hirschfeld Press Inc71465,651.91
Ab Petroleum #192106,788.21
Ab Petroleum Inc No 212812,431.62
Ab Petroleum Inc No 222814,344.17
Accu-Type Inc2171,314.09
Accurate Screen Printing169,073.00
Acme Foundry Inc615597.60
Adams Artistic Finishes2102,431.61
Adams Mark Hotel Denver915224,566.23
Adams Mcclure31048,864.62
Adams Mcclure112,379.40
Aden Suede & Leather Co11807.00
Afgo Laboratories Inc22358.05
Aggregate Industries - Stapleton Rm2415,323.00
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.6826,064.00
Aggregate Industries - Wcr, Inc.-Bannock2427,854.74
Airport Auto Body, Inc. - Wheeling St113,200.00
Akorn Roller Inc Of Co443,237.00
Alameda Ornamental Iron463,896.81
Alcorn Furniture Services Inc.2511,898.50
Aliya Llc11900.80
Allied Trades Inc Dba Allied Steel Co222,244.00
Alsco Denver Industrial661,319.00
Amcor Pet Packaging4415,908.00
American Web Inc21035,873.15
Amoco Gas Sta No 1200121012,977.52
Amoco Gas Sta No 20302813,099.70
Amoco Gas Sta No 21152819,649.55
Amoco Gas Sta No 21442819,649.55
Amoco Gas Sta No 37042819,649.55
Amoco Gas Sta No 54742811,121.65
Amoco Gas Sta No 85892815,130.15
Amoco Gas Sta No 86092822,007.50
Amoco Gas Sta No 8629289,825.00
Anemas Auto Body Inc159,885.90
Anemas Auto Body Inc142,730.16
Angelica Corp668,113.60
Ardco Corp919153,690.47
Ars Inc221,600.00
Arts Auto Body3612,893.22
Aspen Cleaners111,573.65
Aspen Graphics, Inc.1712,769.18
At&T - Ncc West61838,760.00
Atlas Metal & Iron Corp2257.50
Auraria Higher Education Ctr44260.00
Auraria Printing112,000.00
Austin Hardwood Of Denver22120.00
Avis Rent A Car System, Inc. - Dia2103,616.90
B & R Screen Graphics Inc4730,066.00
Backer Rod Mfg.22842.92
Band-It/Idex, Inc.61510,274.00
Bartlett Oil Co Inc2101,850.80
Bear Valley Conoco286,929.74
Bears Car Wash & Detail Ctr282,724.74
Belaire Clnrs (Cannata Corp Dba)111,748.50
Best Dry Clnrs11484.20
Best Way Printing222,338.60
Bonnie Brae Cleaners112,905.20
Bonnie Brae Conoco284,768.29
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4043319,344.00
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4082730,860.70
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4092839,639.48
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4102829,502.25
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4112810,835.22
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4652826,633.84
Bradley Petroleum Inc No 4862815,180.13
Brannan Sand & Gravel925443,617.28
Brass Hanger111,210.50
Brinker International Macaroni Grill669,129.20
Brite Line Technologies Inc5527,158.70
Brothers Bbq33608.00
Bubbles Cleaner11605.25
C & B Cleaners113,273.21
C&M Press Corp2169,282.44
Campus Cleaners11968.40
Capital Cleaners11363.15
Capitol Hill Conoco287,348.93
Caraustar Industries Inc.51583,111.09
Cargill Health & Food Techs.12331.00
Cargill, Inc.113,160.00
Carousel Clnrs112,156.00
Carpenter Company Inc116,200.00
Caterpillar Inc6105,416.99
Cendant Rental Car Group - Dia281,610.95
Central Body & Truck Repair Sawaya Body3316,626.30
Central Denver Iron Works Inc3310,649.76
Century Graphics Ltd15468.50
Chart Storage Systems - Denver, Inc4651,594.34
Chemical & Metal Ind Inc11120.00
Cherry Clnrs112,421.00
Cherry Creek Auto2210,758.40
Cherry Creek Cleaners116,536.70
Cherry Creek Collision Inc113,960.00
Cherry Hills Clnrs111,620.00
Childrens Hosp74420,206.44
Chimill Corp61039,475.00
Circle Drive Conoco299,706.92
City & County Of Denver3116,653.10
City & County Of Denver Osage Complex2102,213.32
City & County Of Denver Police Dist #2272,043.77
City & County Of Denver Cherry Creek29469.62
City & County Of Denver Wastewater Mgmt28965.11
City & County Of Denver - Dia1148175,185.57
City & County Of Denver - Jail Facility63634,980.33
City & County Of Denver - Roslyn1126128,406.58
City & County Of Denver - Stapleton1112,920.00
City And County Of Denver11540.00
Co. Collision Center Dba Perry + Terry C226,162.50
Coffee For A Purpose, Inc.2218.11
Colo Dept Of Corrections - Drdc & Dwcf612102,461.60
Colorado Conoco Ii288,003.92
Colorado Container Corp7811,984.30
Colorado Crematory Svc Hampden Mem6125,841.20
Colorado Industrial Painting Inc161744,983.20
Colorado Kenworth - Sandown223,120.00
Colorado Kenworth Inc4255,798.87
Colorado Lace116,052.50
Colorado Mental Health Inst At Ft Logan6106,282.00
Colorado Paint Co6643,391.00
Colorado Petroleum, Inc247,851.75
Colorado Rockies Baseball Club61015,370.02
Colorado Serum Co6124,323.26
Conagra Flour Milling Company430167,263.88
Conocophillips Company - 27063752839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 2706378288,082.52
Conocophillips Company - 270637921015,514.46
Conocophillips Company - 27064922839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 27064992826,199.40
Conocophillips Company - 27065082822,924.48
Conocophillips Company - 27065092839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065142839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065162839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065172826,199.40
Conocophillips Company - 27065182839,432.00
Conocophillips Company - 27065432839,299.10
Conocophillips Company - 27065462816,511.25
Conocophillips Company - 27065472826,199.40
Container Industries Inc5142,640.00
Continental Airlines111418,690.62
Continental Cleaners112,421.00
Continental Cleaners118,473.50
Cook Street School Of Fine Cooking6618,829.20
Coors Distributing Co11960.00
Corona Dry Clnrs11605.00
Costco Wholesale #44331249,354.35
Country Club Furniture Shop Inc113,370.50
Crawford Printing Ink Inc142,514.38
Crest Auto Body_& Service Inc558,874.00
Crossfire Graphics, Inc.1913,555.83
Crystal Cleaners111,452.60
Cw Fentress J H Bradburn & Assoc442,143.00
Cyclo Manufacturing Co7106,645.00
D&C Auto Body & Paint4118,747.90
Data Documents1336,408.16
Decorative & Coating Systems Inc3126,049.93
Denver Autobody & Paint Inc41513,876.85
Denver Bumper Works Inc667,633.01
Denver City & Cnty Envir Ser Div243,508.80
Denver Coca Cola Bottling Co354,062.18
Denver Dumb Friends League6615,167.94
Denver Food Sys6635,997.00
Denver Health & General Hospital94522,865.19
Denver Intl Airport Fuel Facility2226,036.41
Denver Metal Finishing44233.93
Denver Museum Of Nature & Science6248,339.32
Denver Post Corp3870,856.65
Denver Public Schools Vehicle Maint.221,825.07
Denver Public Schools - Bus Facility222,744.17
Denver Water - Marston Treatment Plant71420,717.95
Denver Water - Westside Complex353,681.59
Denver White Gmc Inc141,586.65
Denver Zoological Gardens662,901.78
Dependable Clnrs & Shir Laudry No 22111,210.50
Dependable Clnrs & Shirt Laundry Inc111,210.50
Dependable Clnrs And Shirt Laundry No 2113,631.50
Dependable Clnrs No 14114,357.80
Dependable Clnrs No 24113,631.50
Dependable Clnrs_no 12112,353.75
Diamond Paint & Autobody223,208.61
Diamond Shamrock #111161420,584.61
Diamond Shamrock #4087 Dba Tpi Petroleum21022,498.46
Diamond Shamrock #40922923,518.92
Diamond Shamrock #6612825,688.51
Diamond Shamrock No 11412832,426.71
Diamond Shamrock No 64621015,429.84
Dilley Graphics Inc8185,965.19
Dillon Companies Dba King Soopers21044,698.80
Direct Press112,000.00
Distinctive Image Enter. Dba Touchstone112,421.00
Dobbs International Services6611,069.85
Dollar Rent A Car Systems (Was Trynd)2119,676.73
Dps Abraham Lincoln665,900.80
Dps East High663,872.40
Dps Gove663,872.40
Dps Henry662,769.90
Dps Hill Jr665,163.20
Dps Kennedy664,425.60
Dps Martin Luther King664,241.20
Dps North High666,085.20
Dps Opportunity664,978.80
Dps South High664,425.60
Dps Thomas Jefferson664,610.00
Duffy Crane & Hauling, Inc314278.65
Earl Scheib Inc165,273.34
East Baltimore Bakery Of Denver1173,660.00
Eastmoor Auto Body5167,291.59
Eastwood Printing & Publishing Co521134,841.23
Easy Way Cleaners113,934.13
Eaton Metal Products Co81041,211.00
Eighth & Downing Conoco2812,497.11
Encore Draperies Inc112,905.20
Entenmanns Oroweat Foods Co61521,266.60
Enterprise Leasing Co Of Denver28533.36
Equilon Enterprises Llc2812,051.72
Equilon Enterprises Llc21013,190.39
Equilon Enterprises Llc2811,855.23
Equilon Enterprises Llc2819,125.56
Equilon Enterprises Llc (Was Texaco)2818,339.58
Equilon Enterprises, Llc2831,493.02
Equilon Llc2823,304.37
Esquire Valet Ltd114,115.70
Event Promotion Supply Inc41050,791.21
Express Clnrs11484.20
Ez Clean Ii, Laundry And Dry Cleaning11726.30
Fabric Restoration Service Inc111,452.60
Fairmount Cemetery Company6233,580.00
Fairway Clnrs11968.40
Family Dry Cleaner & Laundromat111,573.65
Farm Crest Milk Store No 10288,176.73
Farm Crest Milk Store No 12286,851.14
Fashion Care Cleaner11484.20
Fast N Friendly Food Marts21026,768.59
Federal Express Corp610976.12
Fintech, Llc.61611,421.00
Fire House Car Wash28709.78
Firestone Building Products Co220.60
Firestone Retread3412,279.78
Flint Ink North America Corporation132,468.00
Ford Motor Co28460.41
Foreign Auto Body Ltd2710,080.17
Foreign Auto Body Of Sheridan Ltd4154,307.74
Four Seasons Clnrs/Coronet Leather Clnr1114,526.00
Fox Street Services2295.01
Frito Lay Inc645189,167.85
Fulton Denver Company127,460.20
G & S Service Co Dba East Colfax & Food2811,200.24
G&K Services Inc71246,812.56
G&S Svcs Co Conoco Food Store2815,326.65
Galaxie Auto Body3310,464.36
Gas 4 Less2811,436.04
Gas 4 Less2815,090.85
Gas 4 Less2810,191.57
Gates & Sons Inc51616,830.30
General Chemical Llc221,440.00
General Electric International, Inc.9163,835.60
General Iron & Steel Inc4411,954.00
General Motors Corp Den Vehicle Emissons14440.98
Gigantic Clnrs111,614.00
Gigantic Clnrs No 17113,147.30
Gigantic Clnrs No 2123,268.35
Go Dan Ind221,592.36
Goldberg Brothers Inc81214,919.68
Golden Bell Press1314,962.00
Green Brothers Oil Co255,353.55
Green Tie Cleaners11605.25
H & N Conoco2911,046.50
Hanneck Clnrs11726.30
Hanneck Clnrs11968.40
Hanneck Clnrs 6th Ave11726.30
Heggem Lundquist15762.99
Henry Company24248.71
Heritage Cleaners111,210.50
Hertz Rent A Car21023,671.67
Hertz Rent-A-Car (The Hertz Corporation)282,733.95
Hlewko Enterprises Dba Moore Cleaners111,506.40
Honda Menders142,712.03
Hospital Cooperative Laundry662,258.30
Hospital Shared Services182,083.37
Hotchkiss Inc7177,374.44
Houston'S Restaurant Inc612106,329.60
Image West Impressions4114,863.12
Industrial Services & Sales Corporation8812,295.80
Inland Technologies Intl Ltd - Dia61858,608.17
Interior Woodwork Inc41010,316.32
Intermountain Color Denver11217,897.39
Interstate Highway Construction28854.36
Inx International Ink Co336,697.08
J Wandel Press Inc143,042.90
Jaitire Ind Inc229,444.00
Jeld-Wen Dba Paxton-The Wood Source2215,600.00
Jh Brother Dba Plaza Cleaners11302.63
John-Phillip'S Printing Inc3108,854.07
Jsk Frame Specialist Inc152,538.64
Jvj, Inc. Dba Horan & Mcconaty Funeral S6123,200.20
K&G Store2814,409.67
K/D Auto Body- Repair113,000.04
Kaiser Permanente Franklin Medical Cente11202.00
Kbp Coil Coaters Inc122325,224.69
Kens Reproductions Inc172,858.99
Keyline Graphics Inc41418,695.52
Kik Corporation1159.89
Kimco Facilities Mgmt Corp7163,163.62
King Soopers Inc36100,638.01
King Soopers Print Shop11121.50
Kipling Square Clnrs11786.83
Ksy Inc. Dba New Master Clean11726.30
Kurtis Autobody & Sales Inc.31318,523.67
Kwal Howells Inc5590,027.05
La Nouvelle Fine Clnrs112,340.00
La Petite Clnrs111,513.13
Lafarge West, Inc.61079,524.92
Lange Graphics Inc2920,267.54
Lars Cdphe1155.00
Laundro Tech11605.25
Lazy Dog Ii666,306.07
Leonard G Custer & Custos Dba Reliable S2822,623.18
Leprino Foods Company6614,793.10
Level 3 Communications663,429.94
Lupe'S Auto Body442,807.08
M Cleaning11726.30
Maaco Auto Painting No 103261315,922.24
Mail-Well Envelope (Was American M-W)21713,055.14
Majestic Clnrs111,210.50
Manna Pro Partners Lp62071,306.81
Master Collision Specialists Inc1486.59
Matrix Auto Body3108,299.13
Mattocks Brothers Autobody Inc41518,203.72
Mayfair Cleaners11968.40
Mcmahan Clnrs (Andras Tailors Inc Dba)11242.10
Merchants Office Furniture253,075.88
Metro Taxi Inc254,278.94
Mid America Plating Inc662,766.00
Midwest Rubber & Supply Co245,501.21
Mike Shaw Buick Saab Chevrolet31115,838.96
Mike'S Auto Body Inc116,000.00
Mile High Mitsubishi1153.54
Miller Press Inc183,528.01
Modine Aftermarket Holdings Inc.121.10
Monarch Marble, Inc224,280.00
Montbello Dry Cleaners111,210.50
Mountain Cement Co26664.00
Mountain States Motors Co Inc154,297.55
Mountain West Printing & Publishing71743,047.10
National Car Rental2106,262.35
National Printing & Packaging Corp61412,731.52
Natl Linen Svc No 277199,825.59
Nestle Purina Petcare Company891200,453.23
North Denver Texaco Inc285,737.67
North Washington Sinclair2103,076.38
Offen Petroleum Inc.1265.66
Old Denver City Swds282831,413.10
Old Western Paint Co Inc. .Xp336,606.00
Packaging Systems International7710,581.70
Paint Shop154,244.01
Palermo Tire & Service Center2101,212.60
Paradise Clnrs1116,947.00
Paradise Unlimited Inc1114,385.38
Park Hill Clnrs111,682.50
Parkway Cleaners11847.35
Peace Of Mind Cremations/Best Friends Pe5101,368.00
Pearl Street Building Monarch Society55627.43
Penthouse Furniture Refinishing2328,288.00
Peoples Cleaners Llc11484.20
Pepsi Cola Bottling Co74455,718.50
Perky-Pet Products Co.221,190.00
Pester Marketing Co2821,955.10
Pester Marketing Company (Was Tcmi, Llc)2827,509.37
Petroleum Management Dba Get On The Go C2815,772.80
Pic Plastics1164.00
Pillow Kingdom Mfg38115,730.80
Pillow Kingdom Mfg3382,940.00
Pillow Kingdom/Big Sur Water Bed36237,280.00
Pilot Corp2823,147.17
Plastics Design & Mfg Inc33243.00
Polka Dot Clnrs11726.30
Pomeroy Ventures, Inc31310,566.61
Power Application & Mfg Co81519,239.80
Power Engineering91418,761.20
Premier Collision Center, Inc.11760.00
Premier Countertops Inc81131,223.50
Premier Graphics Dba Eagledirect.Com279,218.08
Presbyterian St Lukes678101,366.98
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 026523-_nw_-Batt1122,796.80
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 026523-Nene-Batt1119,138.90
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 026523-Nenw-Batt1117,933.30
Prima Oil & Gas Co - 026523-Nesw-Batt1117,494.90
Professional Printers163,321.61
Public Service Co 7th Ave Srv Ctr111,660.00
Public Service Co - Arapahoe7844323,034,920.06
Public Service Co - Valentia Srvc Cntr11300.00
Public Service Co Denver Steam Plt713438,743.01
Public Service Co Lipan Transp Ctr264,246.73
Public Service Co Zuni Plt38112249,161.15
Publication Printers Corp2239,140.50
Pynergy Llc (Was Conoco No 6326)2815,719.64
Pyramid Print & Graphics112,000.00
Quality Corporation143,332.97
Quality Linings Company, Inc.51513,884.80
Qwest Communications Int. - Denver Main61885,014.88
Qwest Communications International, Inc282,309.83
Ready Mixed Concrete2861,775.00
Recuperos, L.L.C.286,425.84
Recuperos, L.L.C.287,565.58
Recycled Materials Company, Inc.2880,703.04
Reddy Ice 368 Denver116,500.00
Redfield / Brown Group Retail Inc91515,386.47
Regional Transp District62035,276.39
Regional Transportation District112,568.00
Regional Transportation District11513.74
Regis 66281,440.97
Regis Square Discount Clnrs113,497.00
Reliance Electric/Rockwell Automation6133,527.90
Rex Oil Co222,560.35
Rickenbaugh Cadillac Volvo31028,562.67
Rio Grande Co Residential Prodcts Div375,109.54
Rjr Circuits Inc451,618.00
Roberts Drapery Clnrs11605.25
Robinson Brick Co2439681,367.27
Robinson Dairy Inc664,721.90
Rockustics Inc.346,717.60
Rocky Mountain Colby Pipe1116,875.00
Rocky Mountain Intl Truck Inc4113,897.89
Rocky Mountain News662,950.40
Rocky Mtn Dyeing & Finishing82113,691.18
Rocla Concrete Tie Inc2421,733.99
Rose Medical Ctr73121,936.83
Royal Crest Dairy Inc--Garage261,766.21
Royal Express Cleaners111,682.60
Royal Farm Dairy Inc No 132814,593.07
Rushton Cremation Services Inc.662,300.00
S&J Cooley Inc Acs Conoco288,606.50
Sachs Lawlor Co51513,890.48
Safeway Inc.2831,545.60
Safeway Inc.2831,761.60
Safeway Inc.284,211.59
Safeway Milk Plt787,202.00
Safeway, Inc. - Denver Bread Plant61397,192.35
Sam"S Club2897,791.36
Samsonite Corporation1477.80
Schafer Commercial Seating Inc88283,251.00
Scotts Abra Auto Body And Glass4158,729.50
Scotts Liquid Gold Inc5143,261.04
Service Oil Company28198.47
Shattuck Chemical Company28281,235.73
Shell Chemical Company28281,235.73
Siegel Oil Co231.97
Signal Graphics Printing6141,656.30
Silco Oil Co2812,402.90
Silco Oil Co281,987.36
Silco Oil Co2810,879.85
Silco Oil Co2811,238.05
Silco Oil Co282,659.24
Silco Oil Co2814,448.97
Silco Oil Co2812,431.62
Silco Oil Co21015,743.40
Silver Star Cleaners11726.30
Silverlace Dry Cleaners11968.40
Sinclair #05010288,672.00
Sinclair #050112812,907.41
Sinclair #05029287,859.82
Sinclair #50242811,527.29
Sinclair Sta No 050062820,557.22
Sinclair Station # 50072109,117.35
Sky Petroleum, Llc #063292819,649.55
Sky Petroleum, Llc #064082819,649.55
Sky Petroleum, Llc #064242822,269.49
Skyline Business Forms, Inc.1840,929.73
South Downing Conoco287,886.02
Southland 7 11 No 13194285,508.61
Southland 7 11 No 13197284,281.76
Southland 7 11 No 13198289,635.30
Southland 7 11 No 132032812,691.92
Southland 7 11 No 15754288,857.81
Southland 7 11 No 161472813,618.21
Southland 7 11 No 16593286,791.31
Southland 7 11 No 18630144,539.60
Southland 7 11 No 20333285,314.62
Southland 7 11 No 20702285,640.49
Southland 7 11 No 218992816,235.94
Southland 7 11 No 22537289,125.60
Southland 7 11 No 231722812,794.15
Southland 7 11 No 23293289,652.31
Southland 7 11 No 2360321041,689.21
Southland 7 11 No 23664144,521.10
Southland 7 11 No 23727287,260.16
Southland 7 11 No 23867286,574.22
Southland 7 11 No 23899289,031.35
Southland 7 11 No 23905289,230.21
Southland 7 11 No 24116286,180.11
Southland 7 11 No 243592810,423.18
Southland 7 11 No 24732288,431.15
Southland 7 11 No 250282812,642.53
Southland 7 11 No 25052287,647.70
Southland 7 11 No 25069289,073.41
Southland 7 11 No 25550285,336.73
Southland 7 11 No 25582286,207.02
Southland 7 11 No 259072814,655.96
Southland 7 11 No 27067288,379.16
Southland 7 11 No 27429284,859.69
Southland 7 11 No 27492286,764.65
Southland 7 11 No 27620286,063.75
Southland 7 11 No 29108284,890.21
Southland 7 11 No 291512810,895.14
Southland 7 11 No 292032813,608.29
Southland 7 11 No 294202813,636.89
Spectrographics, Inc184,508.83
Spectrum Screen Print & Design Inc494,479.21
Spring Cleaners11726.30
St Anthonys Central Hospital - Centura61540,091.00
St Joseph Hosp92443,526.30
Stark Lumber Co2222.04
Steamboat Springs Rental & Leasing Co28335.12
Stewart Axle & Frame Svc Inc111,748.98
Stone Container Corp6917,602.00
Stop & Go Printing #6 Dba Signal Graphic272,405.72
Suncor - 27061242819,688.85
Suncor - 27062092814,838.00
Suncor - 27062942819,800.26
Supreme Cleaner And Shirt Laundry111,452.60
Tewell Warren Printing1511,278.10
The Children Hospital61215,271.00
The Gates Rubber Company1285520,382.60
The Hanger Professional Cleaners111,210.50
The Turbo Press227,500.00
Thomas Garvin & Associates242,741.00
Thrifty Car Rental312763.72
Tiara Ent., Inc. D/B/A Payless Car Renta281,571.96
Tiffany Cleaners11363.15
Tillies Coin Op111,212.30
Tools For Bending Inc44751.44
Topperscot Inc101069,805.00
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #40752818,326.34
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #40762813,787.61
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #407821014,392.22
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #407982155,544.33
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #408021018,420.01
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #40812824,648.09
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #408221012,286.46
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #408321021,791.55
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #408421050,989.75
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #408521114,338.53
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #408621130,184.79
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #408921031,761.52
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #409021015,047.95
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #409121120,074.44
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #40932818,207.32
Tpi Petroleum Inc. #412821029,204.16
Troilo'S Phillips 66111,165.00
Txi Operations Lp222,376.00
U.S. Defense Finance And Accounting Svc61224,980.25
U.S. Veterans Affairs Medical Center72517,879.81
Union Chemical Div Union Oil Of Ca559,557.80
Union Pacific Railroad Co. -Burnham Shop61230,129.68
United Airlines - Dia7184,715.01
United Printing Corp185,754.03
United States Mint933217,944.86
Univ Of Colo - Health Sciences Center618387,628.99
University Of Denver62468,852.40
University Valet Clnrs11484.20
Upsher-Smith Laboratories1171,160.00
Us Mix Products Co2246,774.51
Usa Cleaners #711847.35
Vanguard Car Rental - 24530 E 78th Ave289,159.09
Varsity Formal Wear11968.40
Victors Auto Body4157,986.05
Vie De France Yamazaki Inc113,200.00
Vienna Clnrs2213,959.72
West Auto Body43016,240.99
West Tape & Label172,176.34
Western Electric Company28281,235.73
Western Gas & Convenience #1032815,582.21
Western Gas & Convenience #1092833,657.62
Western Gas & Convenience #1102817,374.12
Western Gas & Convenience #1142811,307.23
Western Mobile Inc115,020.02
Westin Hotel Tabor Center11847.35
Weyerhaeuser Company82445,651.23
Winter Majestic Clnrs Of Denver111,452.60
Wm Ohs Inc33253,498.59
Woden Woods Inc555,142.18
Wolf Industries Llc11605.25
Wolfes Barbecue56643.00
Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe - Denver6612,737.40
Woodcraft Unlimited Inc74660,851.68
Woodworkers Of Denver Inc44102,435.88
Wright & Mcgill Co71885,411.24
Yellow Cab Coop Assoc226,448.80
Young Elec Sign5128,116.80