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Polluters in Clear Creek County, Colorado
Aggregate Industries247,042.00
Albert Frei And Sons - Walstrum Quarry28498,038.98
Climax Molybdenum Company Henderson Mine924413,345.00
Empire Solid Waste Disposal Site Landfill2828198.56
Empire Swds28283,603.90
Harpel Oil Co Dba Idaho Springs Total2213,361.69
Hennigan Funeral Services661,199.88
Mint Lope Inc287,341.77
Mountain Aggregates, Inc. (With Camas)35155,799.31
Mt. Evans Trout Fishing Llc664.34
Open Pit With Filter Old28286,569.06
Petroleum Wholesale Inc287,414.43
Petroleum Wholesale Inc .288,894.70
Rex Oil Company21024,971.16
Salo Inc2815,614.84
Silver Plume2828324.45
Tpi Petroleum #4111 (Diamond Shamrock)21022,663.68
Wardrobe Cleaners11484.20